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Reel Screamers Guide Service / Grand Isle, LA

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I would like to say thanks to everyone that has called since the storm. We are alive and at least one of us is well in Baton Rouge.

I have not heard from Capt. JW Berry in several days now. Those of you that do not know, "J" is also employed as a fireman in Jefferson Parish. He has been working without a break since Sunday evening. The last that I heard from him, he was tired and wanting a few days off to get his head right. I will not go into details but the stuff that he is seeing and dealing with could have effects for years to come. I worry for his safety and ask for your thoughts. "J", if you get computer access, call me........

We lost our place on Grand Isle but the rental camp made it with only a few scratches. The bridge onto Grand Isle is messed up so the island will be out of service for a while.

We were able to get all of the important stuff out before the storm and we are working on arrangments for a temporary dock in the area so that we will be ready as soon as we are able to get a steady supply of bait and ice.

I want to complain as I continue to listen to the generators hum out the back door but I know that there are several out there that have lost everything. We pray that these people will find easier days to come and that they will quickly be able to put their lives back together.

God Bless