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Duck Hunting Venice, La.

Quick Hunting Report from earlier this week. We have finally gotten what we have been wanting for the past who knows how many years and that was for everything North of us to freeze. It happened and we've got a lot of ducks. The weather is extreme for sure. Earlier in the week it was the coldest I have felt it in Venice in a long time. First I will start with the Pintails. There are a bunch of them down here right now and they covered us up in two hunts earlier this week. Lots of Gray ducks, teal, widgeon, scaup, starting to see a few canvasbacks and saw about 10-12 buffleheads in the pond. We've still got open days left to hunt this season. It seems to be getting better and better as the season pushes on. If your still looking to get a good duck hunt in you've got until the 24th of Jan.

Damon Mcknight
We been having some pretty good hunts since middle of the first split.. Pintails are ridiculously over populated for only being able to shoot one... I think they should do something about that.. I cant wait for tomorrow to go hunting.. sitting in the class reading your report makes me more excited and anxious to get out there