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the last few weeks of deer season is here.If any of you guy's or girl's shot that last minute trophy and have any problem locating it please give us a call. Myself (scott hill) and kevin lang have started SOUTHERN BLOOD TRACKERS ASSOCIATION to help all of our fellow deer hunters out there. you can go to our web site to get phone # and information on joining if you have a tracking dog.WWW.SOUTHERNBLOODTRACKER.COM
So probly if i would have called you guys yall could have retrieved this deer? We deffinately needed a cold nose dog because the rain kind of messed our blood trail up. but thanks scott i wish i would have known about southern blood trackers earlier!
How do blood tracking dogs handle water? We hunt in low lying area and if I would have seen this post sooner you for sure would have gotten a couple calls from us.
my dog has done really well this year tracking where there has been alot of water I tracked one in mariquin where it was 8 inches of water the whole track then the deer crossed a 30 foot wide slough once i got him across we found the deer another 150 yards later very tough track but we found it. It was a young boys first buck so we worked extra hard to recover his animal. if you guys need any help please call that is why we started this orginazation. SOUTHERNBLOODTRACKER.COM my name is scott my #is 225-939-1132
Check the messages on your website. I left some questions for you.
Hi Scott
I met Randy at the LDWF meeting yesterday. Sorry I didn't get to meet you. Randy said you had work commitments.
I want you to know that I'm in favor of getting the "No Tracking Dog" policy changed on our wma system. If we could get everyone in favor for it to call and or email the commissioners with the LDWF, it would help the cause!
Lets help get this rule changed folks!
Here are the commission members info
Mr. Ronald Graham
P. O. Box 400
Ruston, LA** 71273
Phone: 318/232-7021
FAX: 318/232-7051
Mr. Patrick C. Morrow
P. O. Drawer 1787
Opelousas, LA 70571
Phone:* 337/948-4483
FAX:* 337/942-5234
Mr. Stephen J. Oats, Chairman
100 E. Vermilion Street, Suite 400
Lafayette, LA* 70501
Phone:* 337/233-1100
FAX:* 337/233-1178
Mr. Stephen W. Sagrera, Vice-Chairman
17801 Theall Road
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone:* 337/893-7709
FAX:* 337/893-7703
Ms. Ann L. Taylor
P. O. Box 1199
Boutte, LA* 70039
Phone:* 985/758-2795
FAX: 985/758-7000
Mr. Mike Voisin
P. O. Box 3916
Houma, LA** 70361-3916
Phone: 985/868-7191
FAX: 985/868-7472
Mr. Earl P. King, Jr.
P. O. Drawer 1100
Amelia, LA 70340
Phone:* 985/631-0526
FAX:* 985/631-3330