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Best Mapping Software

What is the best mapping software to download on my Eagle Fish Elite 502c iGPS. Thanks for any suggestions.


~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Bud Light ~

If you are asking for the type of maps you SHOULD use in your unit, I am a firm believer that the best type of internal mapping for a GPS unit for LOUISIANA COASTAL MARSH fishing is a type that is based on U.S.G.S. Topographical mapping.

Although there are preloaded memory cards available for most Lowrance ~ Eagle units, almost all are based on Marine type charts. While these charts are the best in the world for showing delineated MARINE channels that are marked with buoys, lights, cans, nuns and day markers, they are NOT the best for depicting land features in the areas away from these established waterways.

The HOTMAPS are based on marine type charts, and I believe that the HOTMAPS version of inland lakes are those that are on the bass circuit like Toledo Bend, not the bayous, lagoons and lakes in our marshes.

Just because you have a marine GPS unit, does NOT always mean that you need marine charts as the mapping software in the unit.

TOPO type maps are available from Lowrance as their MapCreate USA TOPO Series 7 program. I suggest that you consider the map package that they offer that contains the USA TOPO DVD, a Lowrance Card reader~writer and one memory card. The program is installed in your computer via the DVD disk. It allows you to then select maps to load to the memory card via the Lowrance card reader as well as to transfer DATA, such as waypoints, routes and tracks to the memory card and then into the allotted memory of the unit that is set aside for such data.

According to the Eagle web site:
“ MapCreate USA TOPO Series 7 is the newest Lowrance enhanced mapping software for all the U.S. and Hawaii…on a single DVD! bigger and better with the addition of over 3,000 inland U.S. lakes with depth contours, plus mapping coverage for the whole of Alaska! Also features topographic contour lines with elevations, enhanced shoreline detail for coastal and inland waters with nav aids, 2 million searchable Point-of-Interests, exclusive hunting databases (WMAs, WMUs GMUs, Public Lands, etc.) highways, roads, landmarks and more. MapCreate™ Series 7

Accessory Pack includes MapCreate™ Series 7 DVD, LEI MMC/SD card reader-writer, and a blank memory card It lets you create unlimited, custom, detailed maps on reusable digital media cards (MMC/SD)

The MapCreate system allows you to use up to FIVE different cards. You can use these cards over and over again, but only these five cards. I have a iFinder Hunt C and love it. The unit with five different cards, each having about 1 GB of memory, allows me to have maps for most of the southern US available at a moments notice.

Check out these units on the Lowrance ~ Eagle web site at

or at

Once you have the memory card with the necessary maps in your unit you will be able to view the maps on the various screens in the GPS unit.

Go to a stocking LOWRANCE DEALER and ask them to let you see the area that you are concerned about in the MapCreate USA TOPO Series 7 mapping software.

Doing this, will give you the information that you need to make an informative decision on your supplemental map purchase.

Keep safe and let me know how you make out.

~ Captain Paul ~

   Bud Light