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Stolen motor

Somebody stole my 2008 yamaha 25 hp, manual start, short shaft, 2 stroke motor off the back of my Tim's Flat. Boat was in my yard and motor was stolen during the day Tuesday or last night. I live off St. Joe road in Slidell. If you hear or see any deals too good to be true let me (Wayne) 504 578-7199 or my dad (Leonard who works at Napa in Pearl River) know.
Sorry to hear that. Did you have a lock on it? I have a lock on mine, goes across the handles. I am gonna drill the transom and bolt it also. But I am fortunate that I can keep it in the garage. That sure makes it easier to load it up and go.

I'll keep my eyes and ears open.
Had the slide lock across the T-handle bolts and a safety cable with padlock thru the transom handle. I assume they cut the lock on the cable and probably just cut bolts off the T-handles because you can't cut the slide lock off. I've got insurance so not worried about the money, just extremely mad that someone would come into my yard in a nice subdivision and do this right under my nose.
Well, when they really want it, locks won't stop them. At least you have insurance. Thief was prolly someone from the area. When I was keeping mine in the yard, I would get nervous about it when we would go off for a couple days. Finally the HOA said I had to either put in a wide gate or put it in the garage. Cleaned out garage, and wonder why I didn't put it in there before. Everything just stays in the boat. I keep the gas tank full so if I get a whim, 15 minutes I'm gone.
Before Katrina I had a 25 Evinrude stolen from me off my flat too. I live just North of Brownswitch. I called the Sheriff's office and they came by and fingerprinted the transom. It was never found but the Sheriff's office usually calls me once a year to confirm it's still gone and to let me know that the case is open.

I just recently purchased another flat boat. I'm kinda nervous right now thinking to myself what are the chances of someone cutting the tongue lock and driving off with the whole rig.

I hope they catch the thief!