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reel peace charters a hoax

Myself and few coworkers took a charter with capt devlin roussel of Reel Peace charters on January 27,2010. the weather was great sun shining a light breeze the seas were 3 to 5 feet only got a little ruff when we got out of the south pass for a few miles, but this was the worst fishing experiece i have ever had. to start with the capt was not prepared, he only brought with him one box of frozen fish to chum with and only had 3 replacement jigs which happened to be the only thing that we could get a fish to hit. the capt stated several times that the tuna were holding at about 100 feet and we were free lining without any weight to get the junks of bait down to thier level. the capt idea of chuming was to cut up two or three frozen fish and throw them into the water. once we had broken off three jigs he stated that he did not have nay more and we would have to use only one rod with a piece of a jig left. after we could not get any tuna to bite we suggested to the capt that we tie up to a rig and do some bottom fishing so we could at least have some fish to take home which he replied that he was not a bottom fisherman he was a sports fisherman. once we got back to marine he said we were in luck the gas pumps were closed so we would not have to wait for him to refuel but not to worry his guage was accurate a clear sign we were about to get took. then once he gave us the total and we paid him he was shocked that we did not give him a tip,i'll give him one now be prepared and work on your customer servide skills we paid to catch fish not go on a boat ride. so if you are looking to catch tuna look elsewhere dont take a charter with reel peace charters unless you want an expensive Boat ride.
Some strong words there. Don't know the man and have never fished with him but see him alot on the other website doing excellent fishing shows. First negative post against him so I will reserve judgement. Hopefully, more people will comment.
   Guy L
I'll be the first to say that a guide can't guarantee a fish will bite, but he sure better be able to provide me with ample lures, tackle, gear, help, advice, etc. I know I don't pay him to guarantee a fish in the box, but I do pay him to provide me with every opportunity to put one there and to work hard to find them. If I ask to catch hardheads, he should accomodate me, THE CUSTOMER. If your description is accurate, this guide was unprepared and gave you poor service. I would not have tipped in that case either.
Sue him.. I would have never paid him to begin with, breach of verbal and Im sure of advertised contract. Sounds like he did not live up to his end of the bargain..

We are in the process of letting the Capt. Know about this post.
Please keep the comments civil in the mean time.
As one poster has said,this is the first such report from this Capt. so we want to give him the opportunity to defend himself.
Thank you

bassproman, if you are accurate, why in the heck, did you pay this guy?????? i would have told him to sue me!!!! i would have given him a tip, go get another job, cause you sure ain't worth 2 cents at this one!! maybe he just wanted to get home early, or he had another charter later??
This is Capt. Peace Marvel. Many people are not aware of this but I no longer own Reel Peace Charters. I sold the company to Devlin in April of 2006 and I do not regularly fish for the company any longer. My no compete ran out last January and I have been operating as Peacekeeper Charters. (Peacekeeper has been the name of my boat for years) I am not beholding to answer for nor respond for Devlin. That being said, I will add that he is an honest, experienced and knowledgeable fisherman who is willing to work hard to put his customers on fish. I am certain that he would not overcharge you for fuel as you insinuated. The fact that the fuel docks were closed when you got in is a good indicator that he stayed late trying to catch some fish for yall. The floscans on the Yamaha Engines are generally accurate with in a gallon or two. It is common for us to charge what the floscan reads. Not to be argumentative, but you also wrote things about the way he was fishing- specifically not using weight while chumming and only throwing a few pieces of chum at a time- that indicate to me that you really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to tuna fishing. (I wrote an article on deep water chumming for the Louisiana Sportsman a few years ago and would be happy to send you a copy if you like.) I know it sucks when you don’t get along with your captain for any reason. Many good captains can get focused and frustrated when the fish aren't cooperating and may come across as gruff though not meaning to be. I suspect that may have happened. I have been there. We have all had tough days on the water and believe me it sucks for the captain just as much if not more. I am sorry you drew a bad day but I have every confidence in Devlin as a fisherman and a captain.
Sucks when you pay a bunch of money and dont catch any fish.
Also sucks when you dont see eye to eye with your guide,
But thats why they call if fishing and not catching.
Chalk it up to a bad day. At least you didnt break down on top of all that. Always look to the bright side.
Over the many years I have come to know Capt. Peace very well-----the good, the bad and the ugly, but always honest. I trust his word until the time that I see I can't, which is not in the very near future.
I do think he answered for himself here and was in NO WAY subject to what ever Capt. Devin did.

Check out Peacekeeper Charters next time
bassproman is the hoax! All you have to do is click on his profile page on this site (notice his name is underlined, click there). bassproman is from Montgomery, AL, just registered 18 hours ago to post bad stuff about a great captain. We ought to find out more about bassproman before he gets the right to post on this great site. Looks like Captain Devlin just got a lot of support from folks that know him. I'm glad people on here are smart enough not to pile on after some guy from bass pro from AL tries to go out and hurt someones business. We ought to post every time we find something wrong at Bass Pro! Try to get service there, what a joke. Captain Peace...your response was all class, obviously bassproman hasn't kept up with your world renown techniques you have been sharing over the years with us through Louisiana Sportsman. Captain Peace and Devlin, I also noticed thru the profile pages of this site that you guys have NEVER posted here before, what gives? I know that LAS has promoted you for a long time. Where is Captain Devlin's response, he can't be fishing today?
This all could have been avoided if customers of these type of charters would simply call around and get as much info on all charters of this nature. This type of fishing is never garanteed and you should know up front what the conditions are before you pay these people. My best advise is learn from the obvious and if you are blessed enough in this economy to afford all the equipment you need to go on these wonderfull fishing adventures like myself, then and only then you can kiss those uncomfortable charters with obnoctious so called seasoned captains who obviously look after their own interest and protecting the only thing they know, which in very few cases are actually good at. Otherwise, you might want to just hang ten in front of your tv and enjoy your favorite past time on your favorite sports channel.
   Dr. Spot
Don't bash bassproman, his story sound legit. I'd like to think that Capt. Devlin just had a bad day, though. It happens, and the charter business is a tough go. However, offshore fishing charters are so expensive, the moral here is that such charters need to be prepared on every trip. People need to also understand that offshore fishing catches are generally less consistent than inshore.
lets make one thing perfectly clear i now the risk of going fishing i have been fishing since i was big enough to hold a rod and reel and have gone many times and not caught a thing. the problem is the the capt was not prepared and would not even consider changing the type of fish we were going after. i will retract my statement on the gas after doing some research the flow meter is accurate to within 1 to 2 gallons. and as far as no service from bass pro shops you must nat have ever shopped the one's in alabama.
I generally do not respond to this kind of thing on the Internet but you statements are so agregious that I feel compelled to do so. Bo, you called me no less than five times between the time that you booked the trip and the day of the trip to tell me that Tuna was what you were after. That says one thing to me, we have to catch tuna. I left the dock that morning with a solid game plan to put you guys on some tuna similar to what I was catching the week prior. We departed the dock with 50 pounds of pogies and several other larger fish to use as chum and bait. This is the same setup that worked so well for me the prior week. We also had two jig rods and four brand new jigs. I also had two older jigs. That would normally be plenty of jigs for a day of chunking for tuna. I have been fishing this area with great sucess for several weeks and I felt well prepared.
We made a long run in rolling seas to give you guys a great chance of sucess. When we arrived, I noted to you that the conditions were very different and that the water Wes dirtier and colder than it had been. We were, however, marking good fish is the same area that they had been hanging. I proceded to try to figure out how to beat drift over them, as the wind and current were pushing us pretty fast. I actually found a bit of am eddy that slowed us down a bit and we proceded to chum and chunk as well as jig. This produced two blackfin but no yellowfin. We worked hard at this until 12:45 when in a last ditch effort, we set the diving baits and tried that. With no sucess, after one pm, we headed further southeast in search of tuna and cleaner water. We arrived at a rig 17 miles southeast to find the se conditions and with tuna marking as well. We chummed and jogged as well. We had no sucess but not for lack of trying. At 3:50, we headed back toward the pass. At no time did you ever ask me to bottom fish. On the way in, and with you guys asleep on the bean bags, I decided to stop at another rig on the way in. We stopped and marked fish. Once again, we had a few cut offs but no sucess. We stopped at the next rig and pulled wahoo baits. We stopped at the last two rigs near the pass and did the same. Was that effort? Again, still no request to bottomfish. With the sun setting, we entered the pass. We ran up the river, still no request to bottomfish. We pulled in the marina in the pitch dark with the marina closed for hours. I announced that the marina was closed and that I would have to fuel in the morning. Since you were driving back to the casinos, my floacan would aurfice for fuel numbers. You said nothing nor did you ask to bottomfish. I gave you the total and you seemed very surprised. The fact is that fuel coat what it cost and there is little that I can do about it. I took every step that I could to catch fish for you but it was flat out a difficult day. Just ask the clients of two other boats that got totaly skunked that day. I will not mention who that was but you can figure it out as there were only five boats out that day. We settled up and you told me that the remainder of what you owed me was all that you had. Was I upset about no tip? Yes, a bit because I felt that I had gone above and beyond and never quit until we ran out of water to fish. I did not, however, express that to you. Obviously, you knew that you had done something wrong.
I fueled the boat the following morning before my charter and as it turns out, my flowscan was 2 gallons off in your favor. Sorry that I undercharged you. I also found the one banana that must not have gotten thrown off when we found the bananas that you guys brought. I threw it away, I hope that you don't mind. In the end, I find just about everything that you have said to be false. That is except for the part about getting in late and not being able to fuel. I generally sorry that you did not enjoy your trip and I certanly would have altered out iteriary if you would have asked to do so but you simply did not. Gamefisher is a term used by
Myron, not me. I wish you the best in the future and I would be happy to furnish several other captain's contact info if you would like to fish Venice again.
devlin sounds like a stand up guy. would I be upset with those results that they had, yea prolly so. thats alot of money for a little bit of fish. but you know what thats fishing, and a guide can put you on places where fish are and if they wont bite, thats not his fault. all he can do is put you on them and hope for the best. thats why I couldnt be a guide, I would never make money because I'd feel bad if we didnt hammer the fish. but thats life.
I don't know Devlin from Adam but he has a good reputation.
I have been on multiple Tuna trips with a friend and we stricke out. Tuna has not been that great the last 2 years or so
And thats the rest of the story. Seems like the guide did the best that he could do to put fish in boat. Definitely sounds like someone I would book if I wanted to go out in blue water.
Have to agree with the Capt on this one. If you got home after the fuel dock is closed then that does tell me that the Captain tried his butt off. 50 lbs of pogies is a standard amount and plenty for what he was doing. Maybe the Capt could buy more jigs in the future. Might want to try and charter a boat out of Orange Beach in the future.
I felt I must post that I have fished with the captain several times. He is ALWAYS hard working and knows how to catch fish. A few times Ive been and we didnt catch a ton but we still managed to have a great time. Other times we caught more tuna then you would want thats why its fishing. As far as free lining with no weight it just shows that this crew has no clue how to catch tuna. Well all I can say I would recomend the captain anyday.
Been out with Devlin, Peace, Brett, just about all those young guys, (course except Peace LOL)
ALL of them are hard core fisherman.
You will get a hard day for fishing period. That's the guarantee.

Sorry Bassproman....Devlin is first class ........
I just returned from Venice with my Father, Brother in Law, Father in Law and another good pal. Our first trip to Venice, and my first "offshore" fishing trip leaving from Louisiana.

Our plan was to go there to "try" and catch a big tuna as we'd heard that the big ones are caught during the winter months. We also hoped to maybe get into some wahoo and maybe a couple of nice redfish as well.

Before we left from TN we tracked the weather for two weeks, straight only to see a huge front mounting and forecasted to hit Venice during our trip. We knew before going to Venice that there'd be a chance that we'd get Blown Out. We went anyway as we knew that a big part of the trip for us would be the fellowship and spending time together.

We knew before we stepped on Devlin's Boat the first morning that we would be covering the fuel cost's when we returned at the end of each day. That had been explained at the beginning of this process. No surprise. we'd also been given a range of about what the fuel cost's might run while Tuna fishing. No surprises in that, we knew enough to ask the question before getting on the boat. Whether we caught fish or not, we knew that fuel was on us.

Devlin got us on the Water and worked hard to find the fish, but the front had just messed up the plan. Water clarity wasnt great, fish werent there, Front coming in. we still had a great time and the guy worked all day.

I dont know what happened to Bassproman and his buddies, and can only speak to what i saw while we fished with Devlin on the "Reel Job," but Fishing is Fishing.. and if he's fished since he was a kid, then surely he's has more than one or two "tough days" while trying to put fish in the boat. Being that we just fished with Devlin right behind Bassproman.. I felt the need to weigh in.
Maybe he had a bad time, and was upset about not catching Tuna. But making a really crappy comment about "dont go unless you want a really expensive boat" seemed a bit un called for.

Maybe they should take their money to a casino or a Horse guarantee in that either.

We felt like Devlin worked really hard to put us on the Tuna. Just wasnt in the cards this trip... to many factors that prevented it, like a huge weather front.

But certainly had nothing to do with lack of effort on the Captains part.

Ok well im only 20 but been fishing since i would crawl. I was born and raised on the water from fishing to shrimping to crabbing. No matter how old you or if you are a hardcore fisherman you will do what ever it takes to put fish in the boat. Some days no matter what you throw out there the fish will pass it up. From the way it sounds you expected to catch fish because you paid all that money to catch fish. Thats like betting on your favorite sports team to win. Sometimes you strike out no matter how good you are. I'm in a family where fishing isn't a hobby is a must. You caught the capt. on a bad day and i'm sure if you booked another trip with him you could go out there and catch all the fish you want. Its not right bashing the capt. because of one bad trip. His business relies on his customers. If one of his customers get mad because of one bad they that can drive a lot more people away. This is unsportsman of you to do a such thing and i can't believe scumbags like you would even post something on this website. Also you're not even a member but what 1 day? So go back to your lil other site and cry and stop bashing this capt.
Well folks,seems the truth has been weeded out.
To all of you who have kept the opinions civil,thank you.

Capt. Devlin has spoke his peace and the readers have voiced their opinions.

I've only fished offshore one time in my life and would love to go again but the cost for me is just too much.
I would be disappointed if one day I finally got enough money saved to go out again and come bak empty handed.

Notice I said "disappointed"

I would not be furious since I know the nature of fish.
Heck,I've had all too many unproductive days fishing the marshes and bays to know.

I couldn't imagine the pressure of being an offshore fishing guide.
No "hot spots" like in the marsh just open water.

Anyway,glad both got to have their say in this matter and for the Capt.,looks like there is alot of love for you from the posters on your site.

Tell ya what.
I'll try to save up enough money to go offshore this year and from what it sounds like,Capt. Devlin would be hard money well spent.

I'm glad this got sorted out. I don't know Devlin, never met him, but he has a good reputation. I figured this was just a case of too-high expectations. Hiring a guide doesn't guarantee success, it just ups your odds.

I'm fortunate enough to have a friend that has a large offshore boat, and we can split costs to be able to afford to go. I have made 3 tuna trips with him, haven't seen a Tuna yet. First trip, weather was so bad, should have scratched it. Next 2 trips, bunch of Tiger Sharks, Red Snapper, and Almaco Jacks. We haven't done good on the Tuna. Red Snapper on the other hand, we made 2 trips last summer and caught 9 person limit on each trip, plus the added Bearded Brotula, and Groupers.

When the Tuna are not on, they just aren't.
'Hopper, that reminds me of one of my most-memorable tuna trips - we never caught a single fish despite being with one of the tuna masters (Capt. Peace).

However, we had a blast because there were fish everywhere. This was in the late summer, and they were schooling hard. I can still remember all of us stanidng around watching and cheering as triple-digit fish rocketed out of the water chasing flying fish. We simply couldn't get them to fall for our baits.

Not making any assumptions on this particular incident, but expectations can have a lot to do with perception.
Yep Hopper.
I was at the JLT lodge for that one trip Y'all took.
Weather wasn't good at all and I was wondering how the hell y'all were going to get out there.
We scratched up a few reds and trout that day in the marsh.

Being as you've tried 3 times with little tuna success kind of puts this whole offshore fishing in perspective.
   Capt Bob
I don't know Capt Devlin, in fact, I know none of the guides in Venice or Grand isle. But having been a West Coast "guide"(we don't call ourselves that out there)for over 30 yrs, I feel qualified to comment on this subject ! sounds to me that if the Capt had gear in the water that many hrs, and worked that much water, and put in that many hrs, He more than did his job !! everyone should remember, it's fishing not catching ! thats why the mans a fishin guide not a catching guide !! When I get the money to fish off shore down here! I will sure contact this Guide Service,cus I know HE WORKS FOR HIS FOLKS Just my 2 cents Capt Bob
Devlin and crew are the most knowledgebale and hard working crew i have ever fished with period.(next to MGFC of course.) Sounds like bassman39 is a novice. Sometimes you have days like that, or didn't you know that bassman.
I have fished 2 different times with reel peace once before katrina when peace marvel still owned it had a young captain don't remember his name.but that was a good trip with my daughter .the 2 nd time I fished with reel peace I set up a 2 day fishing trip with reel peace with capt mike Ellis it was horrible I have been fishing alot of years the first day he talked us into trying day time sword fishing we made bait 2 small black fin and waisted most of day drifting for swords when he brought line in from the depths it was a tangled mess he didnt look skilled at this type fishing thats my opinion 0 fish first day 2 nd day we ran out to rig where the tuna where drifting 2 lines hooked up twice and landed 2 small yellow fin 25 lb while he was setting line back in he got the line caught in the prop of the port engine and we spent the next 3+ hours him bobing in the water with no tools ! luckily a boat near by had tools to borrow for him to remove prop to get line out. after that fishing was over and no apology no discount no offer of discount on next trip booking nothing talked with devlin at the dock cause they had a guarantee back then from first day trip no fish he made a bunch excuses Ive never been back .I have fished with alot of captains and I will never fish with mike ellis again horrible experience I love venice but my opinion reel peace is not the same since peace marvel sold it
In short, I first want to apologize for the mate that had an unfortunate experience with Devlin himself! in response, I concur as to what the fisherman above experienced. Unfortunately, I had the same experience with him, to the TEE as explained above. He even quoted 'I don't bottom fish. I'm a sport
fisherman!' HHMMMMMM.... Just to let the mate above know and others as well, we came in with a big GOOSE EGG...!!! He left the fishing area at 12:30 and said, 'Well, lets go North'... HUMMM, OK! Maybe he knew something, however, we never stopped and just kept on all the way to the Marina, Cypress Cove.
and, by the way, we arrived at the fishing grounds at 09:00. So that was a nice three hour fishing trip with nothing to show and a very expensive boat ride. Moreover, he was not prepared at all to catch tuna. it was calm with a nice slight breeze with some drizzling now and then. Other boats all around us were pulling in tuna, but Devlin.... Nothing...not prepared, not in a good mood and too much more to mention. But, I'll stop here. And the guy above absolutely experienced the exact same experience as we had. I would caution any one who is considering chartering him. I'll say this, there are many other much better, more prepared and positive fisherman in Venice. No reason to take that expensive boat ride.........!!!
That being said, I will add that he is an honest, experienced and knowledgeable fisherman who is willing to work hard to put his customers on fish. I am certain that he would not overcharge you for fuel as you insinuated.

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