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Atchafalaya Delta buck lost antler before season was over

Well the mystery has been solved. This past weekend, I personally saw a spike killed at the Delta that one antler had fallen off. A few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I saw a nice buck that had no antlers. I posed the question to everyone I knew and nobody could tell me they had ever seen a buck lose an antler before the season was over at the Delta. The guy that shot this spike said both antlers were on at the shot, but while dragging the buck out, one antler came off. You can see it in the above photos.
not unusual
Along the miss river in north LA, and in another area I am accustomed to hunting in the central portion of the state, we begin to see bucks lose their antlers around mid to late january. Its not uncommon in a given year, on the last weekend of bow season, to see at least half of the bucks carry less than 2 beams.
I saw a 4 yesterday on the way home from work that used to be an 8. I also saw a youngin feeding on her mom about a week ago.
I found 3 shed antlers near Leesville, Sunday, and my friend shot a "big doe" that turned out to be a buck that had lost it's antlers(near Shreveport). Talked to a friend who lives near Murfreesboro, AR, and he found a fresh shed on Dec 26, 2009, and has found 6 more since then.

The buck my friend shot was recovering from possible being hit by a car, or really getting beat up by another buck.

A buddy of mine shot what he thought was a doe but turned out to be a 140lb buck that dropped his antlers on Jan 15th.We hunt in Meadville Miss.Called the wardens and they said that was the third call that week,Strange.