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hunters education classes

Does anyone know if there is a hunters education class you can take over the internet and then go take a field test? i kind of remember someone talking about it but just don't remember. thanks for your help!
Yes! I did it last year with my son. Call the LDWF and they will mail you the CD ROM of the course. You have to get online when you get it and go through the motions of registering and passwords for each person. YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE THING FOR EACH PERSON. You take several test and have to print out a report at the end. I didn't need it but my son did. We went through it together online in about 2 hours or so, he took the test and then I did it again by myself in about a hour or so. Never know I might go to Colorado some day. We went to Shurburne for the field day, which the dates are also on LWDF website. Long story short is Yes.
thanks for the info because my wife is maybe thinking of going on a few hunts with me and if something comes out i want her to be legal to take a shot. do you remember how much i cost of hand if not thanks for the info. good luck in the coming weeks ahead.
Class on line
Trapper.....I think you can take the class by going to the LDWF web site.

Then after completing (as already posted)take the field Test.

Classes are FREE.
Unless they changed it from last year you need the program disc But it's all free!