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Does anyone know where I can find pea-gravel around the Meadville area of Mississippi. Looking to make driveway at camp. We have dump truck to haul it. Thanks!
You don't want pea gravel for driveways. Get the bigger stuff, as it "locks in" instead of pushing awaywhen you drive over it. I used crushed concrete and saved about $100 a load.
Just my thoughts.
I dont typically like to tell a man his business, but the other guy is right.

Take it from me, I've dump over 15,000 yards of every kind of rock and aggregate you can think of on a big truck parking lot.

The bigger stuff works better, IMO.
Coop and no pea!
Call the COOP up there and they should know. There is a place about halfway between Woodville and Centreville on hwy. 24 that has gravel, limestone etc. A little far though.
I'm with the others, pea gravel is not your best bet. The crushed concrete is better. Pea gravel gets into the threads of the tire and sticks to your shoes and boots. You'll be carrying it into your camp. Use the large washed gravel or crushed concrete. I've used the concrete. It sets up hard and does wash away. Good luck.
Go down 84 to State Park rd, turn right and there's a huge gravel processing plant right there on the left. Not real far from you and I'm sure they can hook you up. The gravel with the red dirt in it is not real expensive if you have your own truck. You want the red dirt in it not just gravel. The red dirt gets in between and locks up when it gets dry and gets like concrete. We have a pit on our place but it's sixty miles from you, you can find much closer. Get it with the red dirt in it if possible, ten times more solid and alot cheaper.
Gravel pit
Bigjim would you know the name of this place. Not a big deal if you don't just wanted to call them before we haul dozer and truck up there.
Make sure you have the Mineral Rights before you buy gravel because you might be wasting your money because if the OIL FIELD wants to put a location there THEY CAN AND YOU CAN'T STOP THEM if YOU don't own the MINERAL RIGHTS>Just trying to help out a land owner not Mineral Rights owner.