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Where to Find Shiners around Port Allen or Central

I'm looking for a place to buy shiners around Port Allen or Central. I'm fishing a private pond in the morning and would like to fish it with shiners if I can find any.
Take Airline highway over the old bridge and on the right just pass the Circle K there is a bait shop. Not exactly sure if they have shiners but that is about the only place in that area to get them. Next closest place from there is in Brusly.

No place in Central that I am aware of and I live there. There is a bait shop in Baker on Hwy 19 on the right as you head towards Zachary that might have them.
Port Allen, Bubba's.

If all goes as planned, I will be selling shiners at the truckstop this coming Thursday.

Getting the stuff set up right now.. :)
spillway sportsman
we always bought them in brusly at the spillway sportsman. I havent bought any from there in years but im sure theyd still sell em
dickies 2 locations on la 1
Missing the point
Guys, I think ya'll are missing the point here. He asked about the Port Allen and Central area.

Dickies is in Addis and Plaquemine and Spillway Sportsman is in Brusly. Quite a bit away from where he asked.

But thanks anyway! Maybe he or someone else can use the info later...if they can find the post.