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Question for you turkey hunters

The question is why would I want to buy a turkey gun that has a 20"-24" barrel and then turn around and put an extra full turkey choke on it??? This seems to be counter productive. I know that it would be a little easier to carry and a little easier to turn to get on a tom, but still do not see the point.

I've never really paid attention to this, but recently got rid of my Mossberg 935 because it was a big P. O. S. (jammed almost every shot from day one, sent it back to Mossberg, same crap when it came back, tried for about a month to get ahold of someone at Mossberg to let them know the problem was not fixed and never got a response email or an answer to my phone calls, So I let the pawn shop be the new proud owner) "OK thats another story"

Anyway started looking for a new gun and of course its close to turkey season and there are a whole bunch of turkey guns out on the shelves right now, so this question just automatically caught me.

I ended up buying a Benelli Super Nova because I hunt doves, ducks, deer and turkeys with my shotgun so I need an all around gun. Have a Mossberg 835 that is a workhorse, but wanted something that didnt kick the crap out of you so that my dad would shoot it too. The 935 didnt kick as bad as the 835 does, but you never knew when it would go "BOOM" either, so that didnt work.

Anyway the question remains, why the short barrel if you want a super tight patter??
either or
the shorter barrel is better for the movement....which is critical when turkey will also get FIXED iron rifle sights in most cases with the shorter "turkey" barrel and not have to buy after market sights.....BUT....a longer barrel with turkey tube will shoot better.....I have both barrels in an 870.... I use the shorter turkey barrel because it was so much easier to sight in with iron sights, and much easier to move with..(critical) and only sacrificed a few BB's in it's pattern..BUT .... I shoot 3 1/2" mag winchester X-tends turkey load which when using those shell...your barrel lenght isn't going to matter much...
save your money
wouldn't do it. seriously, it'd be just waste of money. i use the same 1187 for ducks and turkeys, and i've never had a problem. save yourself the money.
No I bought the Super Nova with a 28" barrel. I do too much other stuff to buy a short barreled gun. I was just wondering if there was a better reason than what I came up with and figured I would get opinions.
Barrel length is not important
In the olden days, barrel length made a difference, but now a days, with choke tubes and shells with wads being what they are, it makes no significant difference what the barrel length is.
I choose to shoot 26" barrels on both a Benelli SBE and an Extrema II Beretta. Open choke for doves and ducks, modified for geese, xfull for turkey. The shorter makes a better swing and quicker to the target for pass shooting. It's only drawback is noticed by your fellow hunter in the blind with you! JMHO
barrel lenght
this is what i got from an old DU magazine. Barrel length has very little to do with performance anymore. The newer powders will burn fast enough to be complete in just about any legal length barrel. And patterns have more to do with the CHOKE than the barrel length. The only thing a longer barrel will do is help the barrel swing better if you have a problem with follow thru. Hopethis helps.
not needed
I know there is an old adage about a 30" barrel needed for tight patterns. I am curious as to why you think the longer barrel is needed or why you think the shorter barrel causes you to lose pattern density?

Actual black powder burns much slower than today's gun powder so a longer length barrel was needed to ensure all the energy from the powder charge was used to propel the load. However, only 19" of barrel are needed. Add 2" to the end of that for a choke and maybe a couple for a forcing cone and you only really need 21".

Beyond that, the forcing cone and choke are what determine pattern density mainly. So I say, why carry the extra weight and losemobility?
Turkey guns
If you ever seriouslyturkey hunted you would understand why you need a compact gun(short barrel). Many times when your trolling and a bird sounds off just over the hill or around the briar patch 60 yards away you immediately rush to the closest tree available. Many times they will have other trees right in front of that tree or saplings real close that will prevent swing of your gun. The short gun is much more manueverable than a long one. I have two turkey guns, a Remington with shortened stock and 21 inch barrel that is the sweetest in the woods gun and has killed tons of birds and is my all time favorite. I also have a Beretta with a 24" barrel and really love this gun too because it has a little more range and it is the ultralight. I find the Beretta with it's 24 inch barrel and full length stock which makes it 5 inches longer is alot harder to turkey hunt with. I've kille two different gobblers where the only place I had to set up was an old grown up fence row crossing a hay field and the first one I was calling to a bird strutting in the hay field 90 yards in front of me and something told me to peak over my shoulder and this old bird was sneaking around in the back hay field 20 yards from me and I was able to turn the little gun around in my lap and slide the barrel up over my right shoulder a little at a time till I could get recoil pad to bend in my left arm and dust him. One bit of seen movement and he would of been gone. Other situation was very similar where the little gun made it possible. People try to get these guns to shoot real far but reality is if you understand how to set up you can make the turkey appear at whatever range you want based on your setup except open fields, thats a totally different game. A gun that shooks a fantastic even pattern at 30 yards and is effective to 40 is all you need.
Nuff said
"If you ever seriously turkey hunted you would understand why you need a compact gun".....You should have stopped right there Jim....Good luck this year.
I hunt in southern sabine parish in the sand hills and there are a decent number of turkeys on our lease. Ive only killed a couple, but really enjoy hunting them, calling and getting an answer is exciting. I know my main problem is not having enough patience to sit still long enough for one to get to me. I killed a nice one last year that weighed 23 pounds and had a 10.5 inch beard and shot at another one that was a really nice bird. Am planning on trying to go to missouri this year to give them a try, my dad has a friend that lives in southcentral missouri and has about 1000 acres leased for cattle that we can hunt on, hopefully we will get to head up that way this year and see what its like to hunt in a place that has a lot of turkeys.
Field and Stream
The new field and stream has a few different ideas about the best barrel length for turkeys. Seems they prefer 26".