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This is a request for the guides. How about a few tips or brief location when you post a report. You know, incoming,falling tide. Upcurrent side of structure, in the vicinity of ...??? You guys have all the knowledge how about sharing some of that info. It gets boring hearing the same story. We are not going to "your spot". Most fishermen know you can't replicate the same bite in the same spot at a different time, Besides most fisherman have more than a few spots to try on an average trip. Kudos to Bob Georgues, that guy gives a detailed report and answers the phone. I am not affiliated with him, he's just talkative. It looks like the staff here is trying to make some good changes to the site. Fresh ideas and reinvention always lead to new thoughts and different views. Just my 2$.......
A few things I have learned from numerous folks, including a couple of guides that are now good friends with me.

1. Specifics on a trip such as:
a: upcurrent or downcurrent of platform? Doesn't matter, that can change hourly. A good guide will pull up to the structure, pick a side and work it, if nothing, he will work around it and either find fish, or move. Doesn't matter where Capt Caveman caught them yesterday.

b: Rising or falling tide. Learn your area, and keep a log of what YOU caught and the conditions: tide, wind, weather, water clarity,etc. That's what the guides do until it is second nature.

2. When you see a guide's report, respond to it with some complimentary words, and maybe a question or 2. A little buttering up and bumping his report btt never hurts! Some guides are web savvy and enjoy the interaction on the forums, but some don't mess with the web. In fact, a lot of the guides write their report, and then have a wife or one of their kids post it up on all the outdoors sites.

I lost my train of thought here, but I've been active on these outdoors forums/sites for over 10 years. I have made about a dozen or so friends from the web to fish with. You can learn a lot, but you need to get to "know" a few folks and guides, and give reports yourself.

Hopedale is my area, so if I see you post a question, I will give you some advice, but you gotta do like we all did. Work for it. I can't count the number of times I've gone to the EXACT SPOT IN THE SAME CONDITIONS a day after a friend caught a limit, and the fish are GONE!!

Don't sweat specifics so much as learn where to try in what conditions. Hope this helps.
Click on the link at the bottom of my post here to see my past reports. Quite a few reports giving loads of info.
Bluewave, I highly recommend you take the time to read Capt Carters previous posts as he suggested, he basically wrote a book about how to catch Redfish and Trout at different times of year with different conditions for the Venice area, very very good info in his posts.

I have never met Capt Brandon, but his posts are some of the most detailed you will find. He is one of the most responsive guides on this site.
The guides pay to support this site and make it free for all to post. Some guides post reports as advertisements for more business and some guides post reports that have very useful infomation in them. I try to give information that will be helpful on your next trip to my area. The information typically does not give specific spots, but it does give general areas to try. If you have not fished in a while it is good to know if the fish are inside the marsh, on the edge of the marsh or on the outside. This can save you alot of time and gas$. Sometimes you have to read in between the lines. I have always responded to requests for more specific information upon request. Posting on these sites opens guides up to criticism and web bashing, ie. I did not catch yesterday so the guides must be lying, etc.I would suggest that you request more info from the guides in your particular area. You may be surprised at the info you will receive.