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Fish are waking up Leeville

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Fisherman fishing out of Bobby Lynn's Marina caught limits of reds & several trout today. The pattern is to fish the deeper canals on the oyster reefs or clam shell banks. Fish on the bottom with live minnows or dark plastics slow. With the water warming up things are getting ready to explode.
Capt. Bobby Gros
Was imnpressed to talk to you for an hour or more at the sportsmans show. Will definantly be coming to see y'all this spring.
hope our lomg conversation didn't piss off the rest at the okuma booth.
Folks if y'all need a place to stay in leeville ,capt. Bobby has got you the hook up. Freshley remodeled cabins w/ a boat slip for each cabin , Good security w/ cameras to keep your stuff safe and a nice launch.
Give Bobby Lynns a try next time you are in the Leeville area.
And no i don't work for Bobby LOL. Eman
Mouth of belle pass
Got to see some very nice specs come from mouth of belle pass. They caught on bottom also on dark baits. Most about 16-18. Gotta pick you mornin when its not windy though.
Lol I also don't work for Bobby,but I can say this I have been working in Fouchorn for a while now and a good while to camper is parked in his campground and would not have it anywhere else. He is a great and friendly guy. I have not exactly been tearing up the fish until we talked tuesday. He gave me and my girlfriend a couple of tips and spots. I went yesterday afternoon and it was on. Got there @ 6:30pm after work we caught some really nice trout 2 well over 20" and 3 reds one over 27" not bad for a hour of fishing. Thanks for the help! Oh yeah and the guy that posted a while back guides don't give enough info. He just never meet that right ones.I will post the pictures soon
Bobby Lynn's
I met Bobby around 1995 or so, before I bought my first boat (as an adult) in 1996. I hadn't fished in a few years, too busy with young kids and such. Well, Bobby was at the dealership I worked at then buying a truck from another salesman. He was talking about Grand Isle and fishing and stuff, and we talked about how I hadn't fished in a few years, had no boat etc. Well, Bobby told me and another guy that we should get our fishing gear out of the closet and drive down. He'd have one of his employees lead us to Grand Isle and put us on a real hot spot in the surf. About a week later, we called and went down the next day. We bought our bait and stuff, and he had one of his guys get in a truck, and we followed him down to the island where he showed us where and how to fish it. 3 of us caught 45 nice Specks right there in a few hours.

Capt Bobby is a real classy guy.
I believe everything you said about Bobby.
Just one question ,When did you grow up and become an adult???
J/K My friend and hope to hear a great report from the secret world and the red fish corner.
Well, you know..............sometimes............growing up is a relative thing.