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Kayak Nubie

OK, guys; thinking about getting a fishing kayak. I want to keep it small enough to hang out the back of my Explorer or strap up top. I was looking at Academy and I think I like the Old Town Vapor Angler 10'. It is pretty sturdy compared to the Pelican Getaway 100. It is a "sit in" model; which appears to be more stable and dry over a "sit on" model. So what do you guys reccomend: sit in/on? Any advice would be appreciated.
sit on top
i dont own one...but the research i have done, and the one or 2 that i have tried-----in my opinion the sit in kind are more tippy and harder to get in and out of...depending on your type of fishing, you probably should consider a sit on top (SOT)...easier just to hop off, easier access to your fishing gear.. others will chime in...there is a great message board forum with a bunch of local guys, but i hate to post a link here...try 2 google fishing kayak forum louisiana and poke around on there...
First off welcome to the world of kayak fishing. Every person will have their own opinion of what type of kayak is better. Probably the main thing to consider would be what type of fishing you will be doing the most. A sit in is ok for calm water, but in rough water there is no way for water to get out if any were to get in. With a sit on top you have scupper holes that will allow for the water to get out. I would suggest doing your research before making a decision. Look at consumer reviews to see what owners are saying about their yaks. Joining one of the local kayak fishing clubs would definitely be a good idea as well, those guys have a ton of knowledge about the sport and always willing to help. Hope this is helpful you can PM me if you need any more information.
come on over to the Bayou Coastal Kayak Club site and the guys there will give you all the advise you need. The most important thing you can do is to go to several Demo Days and test as many boats as you can to make sure you purchase the right one. You can also pick up some great buys from club menbers moving to new boats. Consider a 12 foot boat, it will track better and offer you more room.
Thanks guys for the help so far. But I forgot to mention that it would be helpful to know if any particular model would be suitable for standing and fishing. I have read that the Native Untimate 12 can be fished while standing. My only experience is fishing from a pirouge and it is tough to fish standing in any that I have used.

What about getting the really skinnt water: are kayaks easy to pushpole through mud like a pirouge if you get in a tight spot? i assume it would depend on hull bottom (Ultimate 12 has tunnel).
go for it but go right
Kayaks are awesome. Forget the sit inside, nobody I know stays in one long down here.

Kayaks can get through skinny water often it is better to stay seated and paddle the mud - most yaks will go through 3inches of water you won't get that ability to skim over 1' spots like a pirogue but its still pretty amazing what you can get into.

From there the conversation does get real sticky. The Ultimate is a great kayak for up in the marsh it will feel familiar to your pirogue while being more stable and the seat is outstanding. If you expand from there and want to fish open water you have to keep a pump handy to clear incoming water.

Your height weight and size will play a role in what you like/want then its a matter of money.

There are many smaller kayaks that will fit neatly in the back of a truck but most of those you will not be able to stand and fish in. However you can either strap it down well or buy a bed extender to handle whatever you want.

Bobby Lynn's marina will be renting a variety in may, and Calmwater Charters in GI has the ultimates for rent right now. Shoot hire Capt Danny for a guided trip and he will show you all you need to know about kayak fishing, he also has 3 types of Kayaks made by native and heritage that you could try out.

We send plenty of folks this way so I have no trouble inviting you over to to check out the kayaking forum.

Hope to see you on the water
I have 2 kayaks both Ocean kayaks sit on top models. The thing about a sit in model is if you are in deeper water and fall out/flip you wont get back in unless you can get to the shore a sandbar etc. As far as staying dry you can use wders when its cold and the sit on top boats self bail through the scupper holes. A little longer boat is easier to track. My boats you can stand in but I rarely do it unless Im trying to see over marsh etc. If you want to try one out before you buy I'll take you with me just email me. I have a buddy thaT bought one from academy and it was a little cheaper but its also narrower and more tippy then the boats I have so he is less likely to want to use it in adverse or higher boat traffic conditions. Like most things spending a little extra upfront can save you money in the long run, If you buy one that is uncomfortable or less stable you eventually will want a wider more stable boat.I love my kayaks there is no funner way to catch redfish! The other thing I would advise is the KISS method(Keep it simple Stupid) To much gear and lines etc can be a hassle especially if dealing with wind. good luck with your decision and let me know if I can help, Be cool,
good advice
Thanks again guys. It sounds like the sit on top is the way to go. Never thought about the getting rid of water if it gets in. I was more concerned about getting wet with the sit on tops; but I suppose thats to be expected.

I did like the stand up stability on the Native video I saw. It really appears to more like a cross between a pirouge and a canoe; a lot more open space for "stuff" Sounds like I need to try a few styles to pull the trigger. Keep the info coming.
If you have the fund$, check out the flatstalker. do a search on the web. Fished out of a yak for a little over a year, came across the Flatstalker, and that was it. Not as fast as a yak, but you can stand up, sit down,and even walk around on this. Plenty room for gear, and the ability to use a troll motor if you want.
try them out
Best thing to do is try them out. Personally would not do a flatstalker - very limited use. To each their own. Demo days by Pack N Paddle and Back Packer are great opportunities to get in a variety of boats.
i have a wilderness system ride 135 and its a sot kayak and i can stand in it perfectly well. like most of the other guys said you deffantly should try a few of them out before you buy them. im also a member of and you should prolly go on there and ask a few questions as well there full of knowlege there. also you shouldent be to worried about lenght my yak is 13.5 feet and i can put it on my car with no problem so your expoler should have no problem with something that size. go check out a freedom hawk 12 its a pretty cool kayak and from what i hear there great for polling
Go with a SOT Kayak
All in all everyone has their own preference but I agree with Rev that a flatstalker has very limited use. A nice sit on top kayak will give you a lot more fishing options and depending on the one you get, you will still be able to stand in it. I am also a member of BCKFC and like everyone has said there is a lot of information on there, and lots of helpful people. I, along with others have an extra kayak and if you ever want to come along and try either of mine you are welcome to.
Newbie too
Not qualified to offer expert opinon, However I am an old sailor, fisherman and owned several canoes over the years. I just bought a used 15' kayak and have yet to try it out. I'm not even sure I am healthy enough to even do this.
Last summer my nephew invited me to go kayaking down some creek in Mississippi and I had a soaked awakeing but I survived without a trip to the emergency room. U-tube got me when I started looking at the fishing video 'Game-on' stuff.
All I want to do is fish in and around Lake Pontchartrain and try to get some exercise too. I searched the internet and read all the specs on almost every kayak and looked closely at the design of each. I got the 15 ft kayak because of the price and it fit the bill for my size and weight. I like the idea of a long hull for speed and tracking, The 5 artificial reefs in the lake are all about 4 or 5 miles from shore, so the speed between point 'A' and 'B' is important to me.
Hopefully I will be able to submit some pics of my catch and my hull.
Sincerly MartyD4u