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Letter concerning Senate Bill No. 573

I will be sending a letter to all members of the LA legislature regarding the proposed redfish bow fishing ban. The signatures on the letter are already stacking up. If you agree with this letter and would like to be included, simply post or email me your name and location and I'll do all the work. This is a copy of the letter, minus some proofreading. Thanks, Mike Harvey, Berwick, LA.


This letter is in regards to the proposed Louisiana Senate bill No. 573, concerning the removal of bow and arrow as legal means of taking red drum. Taking of red drum with bow and arrow has been a very heated topic over the last few years. Those who are opposed to bow fishing for red drum have made different claims in an attempt to bring this exciting and challenging sport to a halt.

We, as avid outdoorsmen, are concerned that these allegations are based on emotions and hearsay, in many cases by individuals with no actual bow fishing experience, or without any factual evidence behind their claims.

Many Louisiana outdoorsmen enjoy the sport of bow fishing for red drum, as well as many out of state bow fishermen, who travel to Louisiana exclusively for the opportunity to take red drum with bow and arrow. The bow fishermen who target red drum purchase the same licenses and follow the same rules, regulations, size and possession limits as conventional rod and reel anglers.

To our knowledge, there has been no research that confirms bow fishing for red drum is adversely affecting the fishery. If proper research does link bow fishing to negative effects on the fishery, we agree that steps should be taken to protect the red drum population. However, regulations should not be put into place simply because certain individuals or organizations do not have a positive opinion of bow fishing.

We ask you to consider our opinion when making your decision. Please demand that proper research be completed before allowing regulations regarding bow fishing for red drum to be put in place.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this. You can put me on there. Corbert Barrios Cut Off, La.
Put me down, Robert Sharon.
Sign me up.

Jim Ferrell
Sign me up too brad burnaman out of prairieville la
Zack Bagwell

Andrew Dore'

St. Martinville, LA
I don't bowfish but see no reason why they want to stop those that do. The rulesand limits are the same for all, so why not. Calvin 'SKIP' Mullen, Slidell, La.
Mike: You can put myself, Jeanna Smith and my husband, Tate Smith down. My husband is a guide for MarshMasters Bowfishing out of Leesville, LA. We are both enraged about this. I have contacted our Senator and we have friends doing the same with their Senators. Since 1998, when my husband starting doing guides, they have not seen a decline in redfish. I, too, love to bowfish and it is great sport. We have people from all over the US come and bowfish. It brings money to LA as you know. Sign us up please.
Put my name down too,

Jared LaVergne from Lafayette.
Count me in too! Jason Horzelski Walker, LA
Keep 'em coming guys and gals! The letter is really gaining steam. Every signature counts! It only takes a minute, just post here or email me your name and location. Let the legislature know you feel!
please include an amendment in your letter allowing fisherman to take game animals with rods and reels.
Blake Caballero, Chalmette, la
Philip Mones

Saint Bernard
Teddy Mumme count me in to
I currently have over ten pages of signatures, but that's not enough. If you want to be included in the letter, please take one minute of your time and post or email me your name and location. Thanks.
Darrel Walsh Meraux LA
Ryan Swan Luling,LA
This bill is going to come to a committee vote next week, if at all possible please call the following senators tomorrow or Monday. Keep their lines ringing with voices against this garbage. Get your wive, relatives and friends to call. If a secretary says a senator is supporting this bill ask why and ask for the senator to call you directly to discuss it be polite but explain to them reds in the light are a long way from "fish in a barrel".

Natural Resources Committee

Committee Members

Senator "Nick" Gautreaux (Chairman)
209 E. St. Victor Street
Abbeville, LA 70510
(337) 740-NICK

Senator Dan "Blade" Morrish (Vice-Chairman)
119 W. Nezpique Street
Jennings, LA 70546
(337) 824-3979

Senator "Jody" Amedee
2109 S. Burnside Ave.
Suite A
Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 644-1526

Senator Norby Chabert
P.O. Box 2417
Houma, LA 70361
(985) 858-2927

Senator Troy Hebert
800 S. Lewis St.
Suite 203
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 365-8484

Senator Michael J. "Mike" Michot
P.O. Box 80372
Lafayette, LA 70598
(337) 262-1332

Senator John R. Smith
611-B South 5th Street
Leesville, LA 71446
(800) 259-2709

Senator A.G. Crowe (Interim Member)
195 Strawberry St.
Slidell, LA 70460
(985) 643-3600
Thanks for all the help guys. The letter should be hard to ignore. The 2010 Senate session commences on March 29th, so I need to get the letters out by Sunday evening. So if anyone else wants to be included, please don't delay.
Whistlingwings, put me down too.
David Jones
Baton Rouge, LA
Brad Rollins Montegut LA
Derrick Rollins Montegut LA
Ronnie Bonnette, Bush,LA
Chad Gauthier
Watson, La
Kevin Fontenot, Port Allen, la
patrick wright amita la
Eric Babin & Cheri Babin
Terrytown , La

Chris Babin
Gretna , La
Bob Lemings
baton Rouge , La.
The way I look at it when we get a right taken away it is real hard to ever get it back. people asking for this kind of legislature should be very carefull what they ask for and remember what happened when tighter restrictions were asked for for Red Snapper in the conflict between recreational and commercial fishing (not to say that fisheries do not need to be regulated within reason). Boy did we ever get them, and look how stupid that has gotten. Keep passing legislation and we could end up with a 2 fish limit and a 50 day season on red drum across the board.I have fished most every legal means possible. This attempt to do away with Bow fishing for red drum is nothing more than greed from one sector of the fishing community. we see this all across our country in all waters. All fishermen support the industry in some way or another, and that is the way it needs to stay. Add me to the list. Bradley Smith, Marion LA.
Also there should be no LAA on game reserve's.
Thanks for all you guys support but please don't for get that this issue and any other rights thatbwe have lost and will have to fight for again is all caused by the CCA!

Please guys realiaze snapper, gill nets, Bowfishing, and other things that will come up for issues are
because the CCA! If you support the CCA your money is going straight to the pockets of guys like Dan Claitor, Jimmy Jenkins, Sam Barberra, and others who ban an take away our rights as sportsmen!

Please stop supporting The CCA
Just to be clear, I agree with you. We have enough law as it is, and too many lawmakers. Something that works does not need to be fixed. When we have as many people making laws as we do, they seem to get bored sometimes, and don't need any new ideas just to make it look like they are doing their jobs.
And just for the record I have never, and will never support organizations that try to take rights away from any sportsmen. As I was saying, they take enough as it is, with out help from us.
Please add me to the list

Jake Jacob
Gonzales ,la
Please add me to your list

Wayne Billings
Please add me to your list.
Wayne Billings Plaquemine, La.

Please add me to your list, Casey Louis, Port Allen, Louisiana
Fifteen pages of signatures and growing. Keep 'em coming.