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Down With CCA! Help Bowfishing

As many know the CCA has came out and is backing to ban Bowfish saying we are destroying redfishing in La.

Then as cowards only lie and come up with excusses that the redfish are there's!

Already knowing CCA supports funds for
Jimmy Jenkins and Sen Dan Claitor to ban Bowfishing there are two others who the are supporting and funding to ban Bowfishing!!!

Sen. Dan Morrish Jennings, la Vice Charmain for the ban of Bowfishing for CCA 337-824-3979

Sen. Mike Michot Lafayette, la 337-262-1332

Sportsmen please stand together and help fight
against CCA taking your money and supporting people like these Senators and WLF commisioner to ban Bowfishing!!

It has to stop! They are taking our rights because they believe it's there redfish! Stand together and stop supporting CCA
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The accusation continues to surface that threads on the bowfishing issue have been removed by the administration of this site. That is untrue. There are several live threads in which the issue currently is being debated. They might not be appear on the front page, but the fact is that there are other topics being discussed and that means threads often move from the front page of the forum until new interaction moves them to the top.

As we have said repeatedly, issue debates are welcomed and encourage as long as the rhetoric remains productive, civil and respectful.

Some comments HAVE had to be edited to remove profanity (which isn't allowed in ANY form). There also ahve been instances when personal attacks have been edited or removed.

But is not trying to stymie the debate. Just keeping it clean and productive. We appreciate all those who are showing restraint and proving that differences of opinions can be discusses respectfully.
I got out of the CCA years ago when they would not help fight the gated waterways of Louisiana. Like I said back then, if there is now place to fish, then who needs the CCA. Big money has them now, and they do not work for their members any more.
It don't make sense to have a 5 fish limit on redfish and let a bowhunter kill them with a stick. You can't hunt black bass with a bow and arrow and in most places the limit is higher than 5 fish. In Mississippi where I live, you can hunt freshwater fish with a bow, but trash fish only (gar,carp etc.). I hope the CCA and law makers stay on track.
What difference does it make how you take the fish? If I take 5 w/ a bow & you take 5 w/ rod n reel, its still a limit! Your argument is MUTE. HOLDS NO WATER.
   pass time
your right... not every redfish you see is going to bite on rod n reel, just like your not gonna hit every single redfish you shoot at, and you also dont see every redfish thats out there. I would like for someone to give the exact redfish population of this state or even a rough estimate. The truth is you cant... unlike duck and deer that you can get a rough count on, since no one is commercially harvesting redfish theres no estimate on the numbers being taken, and since theres no more gill nets there should be more redfish right? So whats the point to ban bowfishing? Do ppl really think that Bowfishing is putting a serious hurt on the vast population of Reds? No chance...

One issue at a time!

Lets not get into other issues at this moment. Not saying anything about the argument for high/low fence but come on this is dealing with CCA and what they are trying to do to sportsmen.

It has not only to do with bowfishing but CCA is also arguing bowfishermen takes more fish with a bow then a rod n reel boat!!! Come on now what joke!!!!

The fact is the will argue that we shoot more fish then a rod n reel boat! Well if that is the case the CCA is bringing in 1,000 of saltwater Captains who fish rod n reel which there are 990 more saltwater rodnreel charters then bowfishing charters. Meaning rodnreel charters will also have to suffer if they say bowfishing has regulations on shooting a limit. Way to many charter captains on this website that post hundreds of post each month with 4-5 clients limiting out on reds with rodnreel compared to the number of limits bowfishermen take. So Charter captains for rodnreel fishing are also going to get hurt by this if bowfishing gets ban.

CCA is playing with not only bowfishing charters and sportsmen but all so rodnreel captains and sportsmen. Because the CCA is saying THEY are trying to protect THEIR (the CCA's) redfish.

Stop supporting CCA from taking our rights!!!!!!

drew, I've been bowfishing for 5 years now. I claim to be a fairly good shot w/ a bow wether its at a target, animal or fish, and beleive me, I miss way more fish in a trip than I hit. It's nothing like shooting fish in a barrel. It is hard. The boat is moving, the fish is moving, no peep sights etc etc. It's a real challenge. All you need to do is go on 1 (one) trip, guided or w/ a friend and you would understand. Another way to look at it is; anyone can jerk a rod tip up when the cork goes down and hook that fish, but could they have stuck it with a stick ?
I wonder how long this post will stay up? Some other posts on this topic have dissapeared. It's obviously a topic that more than just a few people are interested in. What gives?
it has been classified by many that bowfishing is not easier. Rodnreel is easier and catch way more reds and do a lot more damage then bowfishermen.
That is the argument! CCA is saying bowfishermen take more fish then rodnreel. That is not true look at the many Captains that have posted here in the last month over I believe 2500 reds stated caught? Bowfishing has know where near that. So how are bowfishermen doing more damage to redfish then rodnreel fishermen? That is what my question is? Its a fact that if the CCA is trying to ban bowfishing then it will also result in the rodnreel sportsmen and charters to have regulations on catching reds.
You have high up CCA members and the senators they are funding and backing to ban bowfishing who have NEVER even been bowfishing. How in the heck do you make a argument on something you know NOTHING ABOUT?
Let me first state I have never bow fished before. But think your argument about method of catch is pretty lame. I know you are playing Devil's Advocate so I will take the other side.

If CCA arguement is that it should be made illegal because it increases your chance of catching your limit. Every sportsman needs to worry. Now I am not sure if that is their argument but if it is..... What would they go after next? Night fishing? Fishing during certain lunar phases? How about the use of live bait?

My personal opion is as long as it is not harming other species and they only bag their limit. Have fun.
I'm pretty sure the heads of CCA are reading these posts and comments. Why aren't they commenting also? Why hide? If they had any real proof that bowfishing is harming the populations, don't you think they'd have said so? I think this bill is only to satisfy a few ppl in high places at the expence of the rest of the population. Maybe a "test" to see how easy it will be to take away something else later. If bowfishing is hurting the redfish populations as a whole, then I will quit voluntarily. Untill then, I say leave us alone untill you have proof!
I spoke to the CCA today for about 20 minutes. They acknowledged that there is no biological or ethical reason to ban bowfishing. The spokesperson said that they just felt that because redfish are considered gamefish they felt that they should be afforded the same protections as other game fish. When I pointed out that the biology of redfish was totally different from say bass or crappie he agreed. He said they had spoken to the WLF, who said bowfisherman did not catch more or violate the law more. They are simply fixated on the phrase game fish status. It has some mythical connotation to them. I asked if they felt that having the bowfishing exemption on reds could be used in a suit to change the gamefish status and he said no they were not worried about this. He simply reiterated that since redfish were gamefish they felt bowfishing them should be illegal. The discussion was both semantic and circular. Please see my post and call the senators on the natural resource committee and tell them to vote against this.
The reason CCA wants to ban bowfishing for red fish is that they have no controll over bowfishing.
And God Forbid that someone shoots one of their tagged redfish (Gimme my Star Boat).
CCA get w/ the times and start a bowfishing division in the star.After all Isn't it all about the allmighty Dollar
I really appreciate what you all have done to promote the resources that LA has to offer......There are plenty of reds for everyone but the people who are backing this bill have lost the fact that LA is the sportsmans state....They want to push their agenda which is self promoting...Why divide sportsman when you can unite them. LA is THE redfish destination whether you bowfish or rod and reel fish......It will continue to be a rod and reel destination but bowfisherman will go elsewhere if this law passes. At least I know I will.....Whether it is reds, deer, ducks, crawfish, or crabs LA is doin great. Why divide everyone. When it is all said and done we all need to stick together...I hope to continue to see you all for yrs to come.
I have never heard of a tagged red being shot.....But for the arguement...Lets just say one is.....How about we start up a seperate charity fund where the funds from every bowshot reds contributions goes too...If the guides would accept this then the funds would be even greater than those of rod and reel caught reds per fish right? I doubt many of the bowfishing guides would object to waiving the individual angler/bowfishers individuals costs to add them to the redfish fund...Well, at least as long as it didn't benefit the'mon guy...We are all sportsman...Why divide ourselves? What is next? Lower red limits? Mlost other states only allow 1 or 2 slot fish and 0 overslot fish....
my can you tell that the redfish you're permenantly harvesting is 16"?.....same rules as rodnreel, right?
Truly I talked to the spokesman for CCA LA for a long time. I think by the end I even had him very curious about trying bowfishing himself but this word GAMEFISH holds a magical significance to the organization and they feel that if redfish are not treated EXACTLY the same as freshwater gamefish (there are no other inshore saltwater gamefish) that then the spacial status is somehow damaged. They gave me no scientific or even sentimental excuse beyond this. I think the old guard fought so hard to achieve gamefish status for reds that it has become a kind of religion for them. Again they freely admit that we DO NOT HARM THE RESOURCE IN ANY WAY and that we are fair chase sportsman. They just have a fixation one the word gamefish in the law.
In my boat there has never, ever been a redfish under 16" shot...We have shot over slot reds but never over our limit of 1 per person...a 16" red looks pretty small under the lights and is easily passed up.If there is any question of size it should be passed up.SWe have the chioce to be selective in our harvest....If it is hard to understand I would ask....Have you even bowfished? The biggest difference tween bowfishing and rod and reel is we are selective when it comes to slots and we STOP when our limit is reached....We all love reds..and we all would do anything to protect them if we thought the population was in danger. But it isn't....The resource is there...We might as well all share it instead of promoting out fo state redfish tournys which promote 2 fish per team...That may be fine in states such as Fla, Tx, Ga, and NC which need to offer that protection to reds but LA is the premier redfish state and should offer regs to promote that.

I was poised to renew the CCA memberships for my family (six of us) when I read the distressing news that CCA has opted to support legislation to outlaw the sport of bow fishing for red fish. Sad to say, you've lost another six members.

Jimmy Jenkins' recent 'Letter To The Editor' posted in the Baton Rouge Advocate made me groan out loud in response to the misinformation and/or lies, that spilled forth from his pen (or keyboard). It was painfully obvious that Mr. Jenkins knows virtually nothing about bow fishing for red fish. Red drum and other fish DO NOT "freeze" when hit with a light at night. Never have. Never will. Au contraire', they quickly swim away. The evidence is posted all over U-Tube for anyone who wants to do a minuscule amount of research to find the truth. Mr. Jenkins should be embarrassed. Apparently CCA has become a puppet for folks like Mr. Jenkins. I don't support puppets.

CCA, to their credit, was smart enough not to repeat Jenkins' misinformation when they posted their support of the politically motivated legislation that seeks to outlaw bow fishing for red drum. Instead, CCA seems to focus on the word "game fish" when making their anemic argument in favor of banning the practice.

Let's make a quick examination of their "game fish" fixation. Red drum, various species of bass, crappie and bream enjoy game fish status in Louisiana. (Side note: spotted sea trout, aka: speckled trout DO NOT enjoy game fish status in Louisiana.) Of the "game fish" in Louisiana, only red drum and bass could, in my humble opinion, be reasonably taken by a bow fisherman. The various bass species, can only reasonably be taken seasonally when they're guarding their beds/eggs in the spring time. Disallowing the take of bedded bass makes perfect biological sense. No such situation exists with red drum and no marine biologist has ever come forth with any smidgen of biological data that indicates bow fishing harms the populations of red drum. Their argument holds water as well as a busted water balloon.

It saddened me to see obvious misinformation posted on CCA's website. I don't know who was quoted here: "We feel Sen. Claitor’s legislation is a solid conservation measure, which will benefit the species.” but he (or she) is misspeaking the truth. "Solid conservation" measures are backed by biological data. This isn't a solid conservation measure, it's political prostitution. I don't support prostitutes either.

Perhaps the next method of fishing to meet CCA's not-so-rigorous "solid conservation" status and subsequent chopping block might be fishing for trout under "blinding lights" at night. Many people have wonderful success fishing for trout under lights at night. Any method of fishing that makes success so simple must be contrary to good conservation, right?

CCA has been bought by undereducated fat cats. I'm out.

For the record... I've bow fishing less than ten times in the past decade. No one exceeded a limit and no one shot a single undersized red fish. Not one. It's not my sport of choice but right is right and CCA is, in my opinion, WRONG on this issue. I'll vote with my dollars. My dollars won't go to political prostitutes who bow down to under-educated fat cats.
I also have never seen an undersized fish shot. The fish are not that far away and you just look for the deeper bodied fish. Fish under 18 inches are built almost like a trout, cylindrical, fish 18 inches and over get deep bodied. Most bow fished reds are between 18 and 24 inches. I've shot a few big ones but never more than 1 over 27 in a boat in a night. Again the WLF told the CCA there is NO biological reason to do this.
The reports that say they see small dead red fish with holes in them are wrong. I have been on bow fishing trips and fished the same ponds the next day and never saw a small red fish with a hole in it.
The CCA just wants to stop bow fishing because they aren't making any money from it.
They try to make it sound like it is so easy to go out and shoot 30 or 40 fish, I have been on a few trips and there were trips where we shot a 5 man limit with 6 guys on the boat and then trips where we only shot 8 fish between 6 guys. I don't think that bow fishing is doing any harm to the fish population, to me it is just about the CCA not getting any money from bowfishing.
Kyle 10,
You have asked a very good question.
When bowfishing ,If you are not experianced in judging the size of fish the capitan or one of the deck hands will make the call on shoot or don't shoot.
Once you'vf seen a bunch of reds under the water in the light ,You will learn to judge them yourself.
Most boats i know of don't shoot if it's even close.
We are working on a organization as we speak today that will have tournaments and also raise money to help our Coastal Conservation and Restoration. Which we have talked to a few top officials that have said it will
not be a money hungry joke like the CCA! We are also
having a website built for people to suggest what they would like to see there money given to the Conservation used for!

It is not hard guys to put a tournamet on to win great priZes! We talked to big company's in the last few days that would support us instead of CCA to benefit
all sportsmen and we have signatures of many who are for this.

CCA are worried about nothing buy filling there pockets up they have lost the sight of what they originally started for!

CCA claims they are trying to protect redfish because they are a GAMEFISH when NONE who are against bowfishing have ever been! They are idiots and they can not make claims when they have never been!
Guys, I don't bow fish but see this as something we need to come together on. This is just a way to get us to bicker amongst ourselves so this can pass. Then the next thing you know they will be taking away another part of hunting or fishing and eventually get all of our favorite past times taken from us because we can't come together and fight this one thing. We need to step back and look at the big picture, our kids will never be able to experience the things we do now if we don't stand together and fight tooth and nail for any of our freedoms that we are loosing all too fast.

I've bowfished a lot, and like many posters here, have never seen an undersized fish shot. I can also say with confidence that it's WAY easier to catch 'em on rod and reel than it is to stick 'em with an arrow, from a moving boat, while the fish is moving, while considering water depth and light refraction. I sent emails to all the lawmakers on the fisheries committee, and I hope y'all do the same. It's just one more example of gov't taking our freedoms. One more thing to consider: We bowfish at night, and for many of us, that's the only time we have available, between raising our kids and attending their sporting events, etc..., and working to support our families (and now, the families of illegal aliens and lazy, non-working, sag-dropping, entitlement-seeking, gov't-cheese-eating, no good scumbags).
maybe some of CCA sponsers are willing to donate their money/prizes to another tournment.
If you want to send money to an organization that fights for all fishing rights including rod and reel, spear, or bow....I'd suggest the FRA(fishing rights alliance).
CCA is still trying to beat their chests over the gill net ban...but their current agenda doesn't seem to be beneficial to fisherman of Louisiana. We need to unite...not support an organization that supports catch shares for snapper or proposes rules to segregate us such as the bowfishing ban on redfish. They are beginning to sound like our administration on the federal level...implementing measures without the sound science to support it.
I honestly think what's holding them together is the STAR tournament every many people see the opportunity to win a boat or truck and just send their money without any worries. I for one could care less about catching a tagged redfish and not winning that hard earned money is going to an organization that stands up for me and all fisherman.
Great post Bullnutz Thanks for your suport!!
Great post! I hope everyone here see's CCA is a joke and the only reason they are still here is because of this S.T.A.R tournment!

I hope all sportsmen realize its not just bowfishing CCA has a problem with its anything that has to do with the TRUE Sportsmen catching fish in anyway that might affend the CCA. 99.9% of what CCA is and will try to ban NONE of the so called Great employees OR workers of CCA have ever tried or gone and actually bowfished but they will come up with third grade reasons why they should ban it. Then once called out they back up like cowards and try to say " they are JUST trying to protect their game fish". Can't ban something you know NOTHING about.

The CCA is a joke, I and everyone I know will make sure we do our best to keep others from joining CCA. The guys who stay in get kick backs for sure as we all know now but I am glad they have shown all here they care nothing for sportsmen and only care for them selves.

I will do everything I can to help other oganizations raise money to actually use for the true sportsmen and also make a tournament bigger and better then the S.T.A.R

For anyone who does not understand how easy it is to tell a legal fish from an undersized one think about this. During teal season sportsman do just the opposite, we sort through moving targets and pick out the small ones (teal). There are several studies done on this that show hunters are extremely efficient at making this distionction. In the same way bowfisherman sort through targets and pick those that are clearly legal size and let the rest pass. No one wants to shoot an undersized fish so we are careful not to do so.
I am to a CCA member and a Old Bow Hunter. The CCA is a Key Reason we have that we have the costal fisheries in this state that we all enjoy now. I went bow fishing long before it ever became the sport it is today. That said, it is hard to practice catch and release with arrow in the fish. Now, don't blow back at me. I know the fisherman can hurt fish with a deep throated hook but at least there is a chance to release the fish back into the water. To compare it to hunting ducks. Your knowlege is needed only to be able to able to tell what kind of duck it not how long it is.

I feel that bowfishing is a great sport. I just feel that maybe we should work together on this.
Wild bill,
if you have bow fished alot then you know how easy it is to judge the size of a fish b4 shooting.
A 16" red doesn't look like a 16 " red in the water. looks about 12' long (at least to me )
I have more trouble judging the top end . Staying under 27' can be tough.
The point being that distinctions can be made on the fly. Bow fisherman take their 5 and then go home. Catch and release represents maybe 10% of the fishing effort in this state. We fish to eat for the most part. If I take my 5 and call it a night and you take your 5 than catch and release 29 more with 5-10% mortality who is having a greater impact on the resource? There is no biological reason for this ban Cresson stated this to me clearly. This is a semantic argument for some and an issue of elitism for others. Sad.
Obviously this topic has generated a ton of discussion. Why not set up a comment section similar to the one for hunting season changes and forward the comments to the members of the pertinent committees and the sponsors of the bill?
Isn't it funny that not a single rod n reel charter captain has anything to say about this? They were very outspoken about the gill net ban, and also the reduction in limits? Also no word from the staff members of the sportsman. What gives?
I just want to give my 2 cents
Do they know how much money that people have invested in bow fishing?I have 3,000 dollars invested just in bows. I don't know how much money I have invested in the deck & lights but it is not cheap. The boat I had built for it was almost 30,000 dollars. The bad thing is I do it for fun & I don't charter. I bought my wife a 350 dollar okuma fishing rod and reel that she only used about four times. After I brought her bow fishing she dose not want to go with a fishing pole anymore. When I take her if she shoots one fish ( which is only about 75% of the time because she is not fast enough. )
She is happy and the next day she is calling all of her friends and telling them she shoot fish. My two young kids also like it. My 7 year old still has never shoot a fish but he try's. My 5 year old is still to little to use the bow but she likes to be on the deck and see all of the other fish, crabs, etc. So they need to think about how much money people have invested in this sport just to have fun.
   Capt Bob
My wife and I have not bow fished, Yet! but we do red fish the same areas as at least 2 of the better bow fishing guides. I have even shared the areas, that I have been catching Reds in my area( Montegut) and have fished that same area the day after one of these guides fished the night before! and saw No Dead Fish, or wounded fish antwhere in the area !! I hope everyone gets involved in getting this change in the law Stopped !! Im only 71 and want a chance to try this style of fishing before Im done !! Just my 2 cents Capt Bob

Let me tell you what I would do if I was gonna take on CCA. CCA is nothing more than a collection of people. What you do is, go out and make yourself an even bigger collection of people.

As far as banning, this is bad. Anytime "ban" and "hunt" or "fish" are in the same sentence, get ready, this is just the groundwork for further bans. Whether you support bowfishing or not, DO NOT SUPPORT THE BAN, sooner or later, your number will come up, and some tree hugger will be wanting to ban something you do....

If anyone of you are not bright enough to realize this is how the system works, worked, going to work, and work again, I cannot help you. Teach your kids, "Bans are bad" :)
Ok guys just to let you know the CCA is again pushing
hard for ban of bowfishing saying we detroy
the population of redfish.

When in fact rodnreel captains and
fishermen will be brought into on this because it has been proven that charter captains catch 4 times as many reds as a bowfishermen does. Being this going to go to session and since the CCA is trying to say now all they want to do is protect their redfish we most likely will
lose our 5 redfish limit for rodnreel and bowfishermen.

Yes the CCA has a bunch of cowards here in Louisiana. Lies upon lies have been told to protect a few of them. They use money that hard working louisianians work all year long for and join a organization which says they are fr helping all sportsmen when in fact they are taking
bowfishermen and rodnreel fishermen rights away! They will and can not do anything themselves they have to hire people that have no clue what they are talking about!!

The CCA will do everything possible they can to lie
and make memebers believe they are doing good
for the outdoors.!

Stop supportting the CcA they only are doing this because by you joining the CCA helps them pay for senators and lobbiest to take away our rights.

The sad point to all this is not just bowfishermen but the fact CCA had stated " we are just wanting to protect the numbers of reds being taken" well guess what all rodnreel guide services this will also concern you!! Because everyone knows charter captians versus bowfihing
captains there are 1000 for rodnreel and only 10
for bowfishing. And the numbers you rodnreel captains catch are 5 times the amount bowfishermen take!

So hope everyone knows the CCA is against everyone taking redfish and we prob going to lose our 5 man limit!

Stop supporting CCA and giving money to pay senators to take away your rights
Bada Bing.

Could not have said it any better.