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Bow fishing-Muddy Water

I've gone out bow fishing a few times over the past 2 weeks, and I can't find any clear water. My favorite place to bowfish is Manchac, but the water has just been way too dirty to see any fish. Plenty of small gar of course, but not worth shooting.
Also tried bowfishing Blood River the past 2 nights.. Again, muddy water..
Anyone else been bowfishing lately? Where's the clear water???
Me and my father have dreemed of takeing a monster gar....manchac ....everyone tells us is the place. Can anyone one point us in the right directions on this delima we have come upon please
Manchac has always been my first choice for bowfishing and catfishing. Probably because it's only a 15 minute drive from my house.. But that also allows me to spend a lot of time out there searching around and scouting out the area, which i've done for the past 8 years.
The gar out there are plentiful, but it's certainly not the place to go with huge expectations of sticking a giant. I've caught several gar that were close, and a few over 100 pounds out there on rod and reel, but as for bow fishing, I've only saw and shot one that was I'd guess right over 100 pounds. I've seen probably a dozen 50+ pounders, but I don't really go for the gar. I go bowfishing for the catfish and the carp. When the water is clear, Manchac is definitely the place to go for catfish and carp. The problem is the water clarity out there can change from one day to the next so you just have to load up and go see for yourself what the water looks like.
The last few times I went, the water was really low, and I'm guessing that may have something to do with the water being muddy. I'm going to head out there tonight and try it out.
If you have a flatboat, then IMO you're best bet at shooting a large gar at manchac is launching at the manchac launch, going under the interstate, and instead of going left down the main canal towards maurepas, just continue strait across and follow the curve to the right, and start looking for the opening on the left that will bring you out to the lake. Once you get to the point where it opens up into the lake, stay to the left and follow the shoreline. Go down until you see a dead cypress tree that's just a few feet from the water line. It sort of stands out since theres nothing else around it. You dont need a generator or anything like that. Just two bright spotlights will do the job. I have shot LOTS of fish in that area. Big catfish, and Big carp! The carp are really fun to shoot because they fight hard. Anyway, You can start there, and work your way down the shoreline until you get to the point that you have to go left *back towards the bridge*. After that point, I have seen almost no fish.
There are two major issues that will determine whether you have a good night, or a horrible night. One is the water clarity. If the water is muddy, you might as well head back to the lauch. And the other is WIND! If it's windy, don't even attempt to bowfish in that area. You will spend more time rocking the boat off of stumps, banging into stumps with the trolling motor, and fighting the wind with the trolling motor than you will bowfishing. It's NO FUN! TRUST ME
Now if you do get out there and the water is clear, but the wind is blowing too strong to fish that area, you can go back and bowfish the main canal going towards lake maurepas. I've had the best luck fishing the right side. I have never seen any large gar in the canal, but you will see lots of catfish and a few nice carp. Lots of gar, but mostly runts that aren't worth shooting at.

One very important tip- DONT USE THE ARROW TIPS THAT COME ON THE FISHING ARROWS. Stick one of those deep into a stump or root bed, and you're going to be there ten minutes just trying to get your arrow back. And they are a real pain to remove from the fish too.
Get Muzzy Stingray Arrow Tips. They cost between $15-$18, but they will prove to be well worth the money. Especially when you miss and get stuck in a root bed or bury the arrow in an old rotten log. You simply twist the arrow counter clockwise, and the blades fold foward allowing you to pull the arrow out with no trouble.
GOOD LUCK! I'm about to head out there not so I will update tomorrow.