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3 AND 4

Well went back to Alabama too try to get my 3rd turkey.But ended up with a real good weekend.With killing 2 long beards.
The first was killed at 9:30 after missing one at 7:15.
Well at about 6:15 the turkeys started gobbling.I knew that
their was at least 2 birds gobbling.So I stared calling and like book work he came down the road in and out of strut for about 50yds and when he got at 30 yds I shot,waiting for him to fall,but instead he ran off. Kick myself in the butt,got my stuff together and moved to another spot about a mile away.Did some calling and not a sound.Buy now it's about 8:30 or so.Well at about 9:00
they had some crows messing with a hawk and the hawk squell
and a turkey gobbled about 100 - 200 yds away so I call to him and he gobbled again,yelp to him 3 more times and he gobble every time.So I move to him.Got set up and called again and gobble again so I got aggressive and he kept gobbling and came right in at 30yds BOOM.
11" BEARD 1 1/4" SPURS 18LBS.

Well the 2ND one was like book work.He gobbled on the roast
about 3-4 times and at about 7:30 he came in,in full strut
looking for a mate.The only mate he found was my 31/2 #5's
BOOM #2 down for the week end.
10 1/2" BEARD 1 1/8" SPURS 17LBS
Great Weekend
Wow, can't get much better then that!