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Springtime Tuna Fishing...Venice, La.

The fishing continues to improve as we move into a very welcome and warmer springtime fishing pattern. Like most years the Yellowfin tuna have shown up again in their usual places and the avg. size has been about 35-50lbs. Most of the action has been on topwater plugs so if you like fighting tuna on light tackle this is the time of year to go. The good thing about Tuna this size is once they start feeding it doesn't take long to fill the box. There are also some bigger fish out there as well to test your stamina on and they usually catch you by surprise in the middle of the smaller ones. It could be anyday that the Dolphin start to show up but most show up about mid-May-July. The amberjack and grouper (Scamps and Gags) are plentiful around the rigs to catch as well, so there is plenty of action offshore right now. Yesterday Capt. Will Bradford fished the Parmese/Webster crew from Galveston, Tx. and I fishing the Dr. Vadei crew from New Orleans. We caught them at different locations (50 miles apart) and both ended the day with 10 Yellowfin tuna in the 30-50lb. range. Not too often can you do that, the tuna are thick out there right now. We've got open days this week and into April and May. This is a great time of the year to get offshore to experience some incredible fishing. Our latest video is up at Check out what catching tuna is all about.

Capt.Damon Mcknight
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Hey, Damon, that's a beautiful grouper. I know you guys were on a tuna trip, so I'll be happy to take that nasty grouper off your hand. Shoot me an email and I'll give you my shipping address. LOL