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New features

OK, folks, as you all have seen our new system is in place, and it's a far cry from what you used yesterday. Certainly it will take some time to adjust to the new look and feel, but we know you'll enjoy all of the new features.

A story on the new upgrade is at

But here are the highlights:

• User profile photos now appear with each post or comment (be sure and add one to your profile if you haven't already).

• Users can decide if they want to view the forum in the Classic View (old bulletin board style) or in a modern forum by making the appropriate selection under the 'Change Account Settings' of the account section.

• Photos can be added throughout a thread (not just the main post).

• Videos from sites like YouTube and Daily Motioncan be embedded throughout threads.

• Live html linking has been activated, but please don't promote or even mention sites that directly compete with (you all know which ones we're talking about).

• You can now easily send an email to a buddy recommending a thread, making it easier to spread the word about active discussions.

• New admin functions, allowing for stickies and for locking of threads.

And more functions will be added over the next month or so, making the site even more powerful and user friendly.

Of course, we're still in the beta-testing stage, so there could be some glitches here and there. So please post any problems you have in this thread so our Webmaster can address them.

It's a new day at, and we're looking forward to seeing you all take advantage of the new features.
I'm logged in. Whenever I click any link in my profile to take me to one of my posts or responses, it takes me to the 'view all' page....

Great job Andy,site really looks great.JD
I like it. Only problem I've found is with the pictures in the classifieds. When you click on an add, the pictures are shown side by side and somewhat crammed together. Other than that, I havn't found anything wrong. The page seems to be faster than before. Good job fellas.
Why when I click on 'inshore' does it take me to all reports from all categories?
There do seem to be some link issues (which we expected) cropping up. So some of the links are directing users who are in the Classic Style to the 'View All' view instead of the specific categories.

However, it seems that the forum view is working properly (you can change to the forum view in your account settings).

And, DownShift, I saw the photo issue with classifieds (there shouldn't have been any changes on that side of things, so go figure). I've already let the IT guys know.

We appreciate all the positive input and the patience as we work through the transition. We tested the system thoroughly before release, but subjecting it to the 23,000 or so visits a day is putting stress on it (that's a good thing) and finding the cracks.

These problems will be resolved as quickly as possible, and then we'll turn to enhancing the features even more.
Like the feature that has made links clickable.
Incase you didn't know When I go to my PROFILE and click on REPORTS and then click on VIEW 5 REPORTS BY BASSKING35 it brings me to all reports. I use to do this to see if anyone commented on my report. Will this be fixed. Also why cant you pick a area of the state. Will this be fixed.
When I am on the main report screen the header is blank. You can't see the original poster or location.
B4 the change, When i logged in i was in the fishing section ( which is what i am interested in )
Now when i log in i am in veiw all (which i am not interested in).
How do i fix this ???
Just wanted everyone to know that the webmaster is monitoring htis thread and will be working through the bugs. So we appreciate your help by posting any issues you find here.
I think the user's image could be a little bigger so it could be easily seen while reading the report. Everything looks great
The specific reason why the profile image is the size that it is has to do with the overall look of the page. The classic sportsman reports view obviously has worked very well in the past, and we didn't want to mess around with that too much.

I tested the image at 100px and 80px, and we ultimately decided that the best size to avoid eating up too much screen real estate but showing the photo anyway was 75px for the posts and 50 for the comments.

Facebook actually has theirs set at 50 for posts and 35 for comments.

eman: I will look into that issue. I think I goofed a bit... there is a checkbox when you log in that will take you back to where you were if you check it. The new reports are a part of a larger system that also includes user management, and it was just an oversight on my part that the checkbox is not checked by default.

What browser are you using? There may be some older browsers like AOL or IE 6 that may have page rendering issues. My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version, not just because of this site, but because it is a major undertaking to get web pages to render consistently across current browsers as well as the older browsers. Because we do not have unlimited resources, I have chosen to focus on browsers 2 years old and newer.

The internet is a continuously changing beast, and we're trying to hit the sweet spot of the browser market to maximize our ability to deliver content to you. I tested the reports system using Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, and Safari 3+.

If you are using an older browser, it behooves you to upgrade, not just for this site, but for all sites across the web. There's a bunch of new technology coming out in the next few years that are exciting for web developers.
I had the same problem as Loneshark but it didn't last very long and was when you were making numerous changes to the system. I believe that problem has been resolved.

I had the problem using Firefox. But like I said the problem was short lived for me.
I dont know much about computers but never had a problem reading post before. Now when I try to read a fishing report I get ALL reports. What am I doing wrong??
Since the changes I haven't been able to navigate through the site at all. I click hutning reports and get fishing reports, I click on a forum topic and it brings me to the hutning reports. The only thing that seems to work (and it's only about 50% of the time) is the classifieds. It has become to difficult to navigate so I don't come here much anymore.
Glitches are being resolved, as I'm sure you have seen. We certainly appreciate all of your input, and we'll continue to work on the remaining issues with the site.

As always, if you see something amiss feel free to email the webmaster ( or me (

Thanks for the compliments on the new system and the patience as we get the kinks worked out.
Still haveing problems. I go to hunting reports and it directs me to the view all reports. I then click on a specific post and it brings me back to the top of the view all posts. No matter what I try to view: comments, hunting posts, or through the forum...It automatically brings me to the top of the view all every time.
Don't use the forum link for now. It isn't pointing to the correct place. Use the View All until I can perform optimizations on the new Forum style. Should be done with that by tomorrow afternoon.
Update: Most of the issues I have received via email from Andy will be resolved by end of day Wednesday. I need to optimize the Forum view and look into an issue with our categories, and then will be free to knock out all the little tweaks and bug fixes.