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I was wanting a little input on fishing from a kayak. I have been doing some research on several kayaks and before i purchase one i would like a little information about fishing the southeast louisiana area in one and is it worth it. First off, do the alligators ever bother people that fish out of a kayak? Next, i would like to know of several places that would be good to fish for specks or red in the northshore area. I don't mind driving a little bit to get to a nice spot. I am not looking to wear them out just to catch a few and have a little fun. Thanks for any input..
Kayak fishing
I have two kayaks both are Ocean Kayaks. I have had them about 3 years now. I highly recommend getting one absolutely the most fun way to catch redfish, PERIOD(my humble opinion) On the north shore you can easily paddle/fish at Bayou Lacombe, Tchefuncte and if the day is just right you can hit the bridges out east near Slidell. My best advise is get a comfortable life jacket that you'll wear all the time. Keep excess gear to a minimum--that will take a little getting used to but if you keep it simple you'll enjoy the day more. Also remember your fishing area is a lot smaller than you can fish in a motor boat try and plan your trips so that wind is at your advantage. The first couple of trips you'll be tired and if youve got to paddle into a stiff wind at the end of the day you'll regrett that. Get one and have some fun. PS I live on the northshore and if you want to make a trip with me I go fairly often. Be cool,
Kayak Fishing
I have 2 Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks and love them. Louisiana is perfect for fishing from a kayak as there is lots of fishable marsh close to launches. I mostly fish St. Bernard Parish. Places like Hopedale, Shell Beach, Delacroix and Reggio. Never had a problem with a gator but have come across a few while out on trips.
Like Chef said there I nothing like getting dragged around in a kayak by a Bull Red! If you ever want to get out and try it with me I go about twice a week, and your welcome to join. Plan on fishing tomorrow morning before the bad weather comes down on the weekend.
Kayak Info
Check out this site, they will be glad to help:
kayak fishin
It is a little drive but the area where the industrial canal empties into the lake is very accessible by kayak and offers a lot of fun getting pulled around by big drum. the trout will also show eventually...