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More kayak King photos

I participated in a small Kingfish tournament off of Navarre Beach on Saturday.

Although the kings were biting funny with almost everyone reporting multiple short-strikes and failed hook-ups, just about everyone got their two-fish limit of kings.

Kings are a blast in the yaks!

What the heck ya gonna do wit 'dem mackerel??!!

Dey ain't no good!--Dey ain't got no spaghetti woyms in 'em!

Where are the Birkenstocks, the Tilley hats and the peace signs?

Did y'all recruit real fishermen to pose with those silly little plastic boats? I thought kayaks were for tree hugging liberals. What gives?

(Just joshing. A throwback to Humberto's recent article.)

Well done Chris. I envy your opportunities. Give me a couple of years and I may join you. Nice pics!
Yak fishing is for real and anyone that hasn't done it cannot possibly understand.

In addition to tons of inshore areas, both fresh and salt, I have kayak fished in the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf catching Mahi, Kings, Sharks and many other species. Last year I missed my marlin chance, but a guy in our group had a nice striped marlin in Cabo.

I still have my power boat and fish it regularly, but it doesn't compare to catching anything in the yak.

The guy with the big king did have a rather funny hat, but rest assured all these guys are 'real' fishermen. Thanks for the comments.