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Posting format terrible

Someone in Louisiana Sportsman, please fix this website so that a whole post is shown. I want to be able to read more than two sentences and not have to keep clicking "read more." Its annoying, and just takes too long, especially if the internet is dragging.....
I agree
I am a IT Professional myself and this web server is slow. I am surfing on a T3, so it's not the internet speed, it's the LSM web server. I bet it is running on Microsoft IIS web services and/or it could be the bandwidth that LSM has in place, it's probably a T1 and a T3 would be better, but that cost$$$.
In the mean time
Learning to cope with a slow internet! Try this until this gets fixed. Whenever you come apon a message that you want to click on to read the comments or the entire post, hold the shift button down.

This will open the post in a new web browser. Then read a few more post in the original one. Then jump back to the NEW window and it will be loaded by then. Obviously not what La. Sportsman want you to do, but it might help alleviate the frustration until the problem is resolved.
Speed was a major issue I was working on before the Hurricane. I was near completion to a serious upgrade, but was unable to complete. The speed issue will remain for a while, probably never getting fixed. This is something that will just have to be dealt with.
I like it better this way
I actually like reading only the intro to the posts. This doesn't take up pages and pages on my computer that I do not care to read, i.e., I like saltwater, but not freshwater. I hunt ducks, not deer. This way, I can "preview" what is posted without having to scroll through several, and I MEAN SEVERAL, posts. Especially when it is some OPINION BLOG (**LOOTERS**) that I am sick of hearing about.

This is the reason I like LSM better that RNR. At RNR, you can't even attach a comment to a post, you must create a new post, forcing everyone to scroll through every response to every post, whether you are interested or not.

Keep up the good work LSM