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HELP - Need some tips for Spillway/Verrett

Hello gentlemen,

I live in Baton Rouge and my father is coming down this evening to pick me up and were going to spend a few days fishing down near Pierre Part. We were going to fish Verrett Wednesday and the Spillway Thursday.

I've been heading up to Alexandria, where dad lives, cuz the bream are bedding up in Saline Lake, and we've been catching 50-60 the last few trips, but really I want to catch BASS and SAC-A-LAIT, so I need some help.

I lived in Vacherie when I was younger and I enjoy canal and structure fishing much more than open water fishing that is the norm further north.

So, can anyone tell me where and what I should be fishing in the Spillway/Verrett to catch some nice Sac-a-lait and bass? I've been dying to catch some nice slabs and a few bass. Are they catching sac-a-lait on live bait or jigs, and what color? What are the bass biting on? How deep of water are they in?

Also, where is a good place to buy live bait in or near Pierre Part?

We're leaving tonight, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can offer some tips.