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Don't Lie

Why would LAS allow false and miss leading information to the public? As an oil executive I find your cover story a real slap to our industry. The commercial fisherman are not crippled by any means, BP will hire any commercial fisherman on the spot to help with the oil clean up. BP will also pay for any legit damages or loss of income to any one who makes a living on our coast and waters. Iím willing to bet that most commercial fisherman claim a loss on there end of the year taxes due to pocking lots of cash money. So there clams of a loss will not cost BP a lot of money compared to the big picture! As of today 2 birds were rescued and released, not one fish or mammal has been harmed at all by the oil spill. You will not find any evidence of a fish being killed by this oil spill. Ones that placed blame on the sea turtles dying due to oil was proven wrong, as all were proven killed by commercial shrimp trawls!
Thank you and please donít write false infomation to make the oil industry look bad!
Not crippled? What do you call having practically the whole state shut down for commercial and recreational fishing? I think everyone in La. recognizes the importance of the oil industry to this state. Is everything OK just because BP has given out a few jobs for clean-up? Is it OK that eleven good men lost their lives? Is it OK that most marinas, tackle shops and boat dealerships have not seen a customer for over 25 days. Is it OK that everyone connected to the seafood industry is almost out of product? Is it OK that the bait dealers are out-of-work. Is it all OK, just because BP has given out a few jobs to some folks with boats? I understand BP is doing what they can, however, it's not OK! Kinda reminds me of all the countless canals that were cut all thru the marsh that is now leading to a complete destruction of everything south La. stands for. Just a humble opinion. Thanks Louisiana Sportsman for the great coverage on this incident and allowing me to vent.
Not crippled???
No way would I think I am crippled being a Charter Company that books corporate trips and offers lodging, meals and fishing as a package while supplying 5 boats with premiere guides for those corporate customers. I just don't have any more calls for the rest of the YEAR, Have no way to support those sub-contracted guides, pay my housekeepers or keep the lodge running after adding 3 more additional rooms to accommodate 5 more people!!!!!!

I called the BP support line and as of yet, have not heard a word back from them, Oily! There is no way BP is going to even come close to my loss each day without customers staying here at my lodge. And I am certainly not the only operater like myself down here.
You, sir, are out of order with YOUR statements here. IMHO
This crude is not hurting one signal thing but the media egos. The Gulf of Mexico has 100,000s BBL of natural oil seepage a year. Youíre a fool to think that fish are harmed in any way here. WL&F said they closed it down for one aspect and that reputation. I think thatís just plan stupid and you can blame them for that call. The Gulf of Mexico has seen a hundred times more oil than this spill over the years. Rita and Katrina destroyed over 100 platforms and hundred of pipelines. It amazes me that the ignorance comes out due to the media making this a huge deal in LA. This is a normal oil spill that is 80% contained and the rest is spreading thin to evaporate off in the atmosphere. Call your WL&F and tell them oil is not hurting your pocket books they are! We donít close down for a spill, why should you? We are on going all our operations in the Gulf of Mexico as normal.
Thanks GH
Yes have no fear
Birds and fish and everything else are not hurt by oil. BP is gonna clean it all up and nothing bad will come out of it. Oh wait, they still cant stop the leak, much less clean it all up. You might wanna research the Exxon spill there in Alaska and see how much oil is still there after 20 years.

What a bunch of B.S. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will feel the effects of this for a long time. And B.P. sure aint gonna pay everybodies check until its over with.

Most of the people on this forum are from Louisiana and know what the oil and gas industry does for the Louisiana economy, but to say that this is not bad and is not already hurting people is just foolish.
Jedi mind trick
Yes. Its all rainbows and unicorn milk. Move along. Nothing to see here.
Shutup, you'll wake the neighbors....

Hey guys, don't engage the troll.
He's a lurker from another site that is stirring the pot. Not an oil executive.
oil4life, don't bother wasting your time. half of these guys either have their hand out, or have been trying to justify lawsuits since before the fire was out.
Every commercial fisherman I've talked with or heard interviewed said there is a very limited amount of work being offered in return for the contracts they sign. Three or four days here and there.

And the marinas and charter captains (many of whom have smaller bay boats) aren't reaping any of that benefit.

It would be sort of like you, as a well-paid oil executive, agreeing to cut back your schedule (and your pay) to a few days a week - on the promise that you'll get some money later.

I doubt you'd be all that excited about such a deal.