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Business is a Boomin in Delacroil !!


After being lade off by BP a few weeks ago got on the list to deploy boom in our area and after deploying in the areas given to us realized just how much this marsh means to me.
Running thru areas I haven’t been in for years brought back some great memories.
Left Delacroix and ran to Breton Sound Dock for the first day running out to Morgan Harbor, Fishing Smack, Lawson Bay, Bayou De Soto Tobacco Bayou and the Treasure Bay area reminded me of many trips as a youngster with my older brothers as I was as about as tall as the grass on the bank.
Point Chico was one of the hottest areas around unsurpassed by very few others for monster trout and reds till your arms fell off.
Our Camp was located on stump lagoon and seemed like an eternity away from Chico with the older slower rigs back in the day.
Stopped at the Star Lodge to organize the boom before setting it out and lo and behold Frank and the guys are doing a great job redoing the camp after Katrina destroyed it and left only the pilings to start over with.
Spent many of nights in that camp as a younger man and enjoyed reminiscing with Frank of old times with my friend , miles of smiles Billy Jiles before he passed away.
Takes a lot of work and love to do what them guys are doing.
Boomed out the Bay Eloi area and remembered plenty of trips around Dead Man and the White tanks that had me smiling as I was laying boom to protect what was left hopefully for future generations to enjoy.
Sadly if you ask someone today about a place called Point Chico they think your talking about a Home Depot parking lot !!!!
It was great to get a chance to see the area again and it kind of felt like visiting a relative you haven’t seen in years but missed dearly.
The area has changed quite a bit and the storms have battered her shores with no mercy but nothing like the devastation that will be dealt for years to come if this oil is allowed to penetrate to the interior bayous and bays.
As of now there is NO protective boom in the Delacroix area south to Pont A Lahache but the word is it is coming and hopefully politics won’t stop it from being deployed from Delacroix Docks to the south like Campo, Oak River , Bay Gardene and so on.

I believe using the many shallow ponds and lagoons that are located inside the outer islands as catch tanks and funneling the incoming oil into them with the boom instead of just bouncing the oil off of them to the next ones until it is at the front door would be a better idea.
The ponds and lagoons can be shut off on high tides keeping the oil inside of them till it is cleaned and continue the process keeping literally thousands of gallons from reaching further in.
These islands have the proper depths that would not allow the soft boom to get tore up no matter how strong the winds blew because they are protected by themselves.
Using hard boom in deep water to contain oil simply does not work because with least bit of wind the waves wash oil over and bellow the boom allowing penetration as to where channeling the oil along the boom in strategic areas that intercept the current and tide like a funnel will allow the oil to enter the ponds and lagoons and create an instant storage tank made by nature decreasing the amount that would otherwise penetrate into the marsh.
These are islands that are quickly disappearing and sacrificing them now is for the greater good of years to come.
Being shallow they could also be cleaned up using waders instead of boats making it even easier to reset or remove boom in them.

With luck the west winds will come and they will shut down the leak and all will become as normal again.
After attending today’s meeting all I could see was shear fear and depression on every bodies faces as they are worried about what lays ahead in their future.

There are plenty of areas still open in Louisiana for seafood and I ask for anybody that normally purchases our seafood to continue to do so because what is on the market is safe as ever and they are watching it closer now than they ever have before.
It is not only a matter of some fisherman losing their jobs but the collapse of entire infrastructures of parish after parish.
Besides if we loose St Bernard who ya’ll gonna make fun of dawlin !!!

Support the commercial fisherman and keep their product on your list as well as the many guides that could use your business right now even if they can’t fish the area they normally do.

They just opened the east side of the river as of now but no telling for how long so enjoy it while it lasts.

Capt Stan Cuquet
Castaway Charters
Delacroil La

That is a great post and I am not throwing that term around lightly.

You are somebody 'in the know' needs to get your ideas to the people that have the power to implement them.

Keep up the great work.
Capt. Stan,

Great ideas! Your ideas are not new and have been suggested by insiders working within the Incident Command structure. The booming strategies you are now implimenting were generated by St. Bernard Parish not the scientists working within the IC. We plan to come behind the activity and make the necessary modification to hopefully protect our finest assests. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.

Captain Jeff
Good to hear someone listens !
Glad to hear someone is listening.
From the first day I deployed boom I noticed we were being told to cover all access to the inner ponds and channels leading into the islands that align the outer bays.
Started giving my two cents to all the people that would listen to what I thought was wrong with the picture including President Craig Tafarro, Col. Dysart, Mark and any other council member that would give me two minutes of their time.
Was told to give my suggestions at the next meeting but couldn’t find out when that would be.
As busy as President Taffaro is he still would take time to listen to suggestions and I am sure he has heard thousands of them by now.
At the time we were still deploying boom across the entrances to the islands with no intentions of doing otherwise.
Hope we can combine efforts with Mr Nungessor and use our fleet to deploy boom in the northern region of Plaquemines from Mozambique Pt South from Delacroix which I was told is in progress.
We at Delacroix have quicker and easier access to these areas and fish them as much if not more than any where else.
Jeff, are there any sites where a water test is being done in the Black Bay area to keep us informed on the water quality levels that we can keep tract of on the internet?

Hope all goes well and hope to see you back on the water soon.
Capt. Stan,

The BP Deepwater Horizon site has some info and the EPA site has some as well. Call me for more info.