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Bank Fishing???

Does anyone know where I might go to catch some fish from the the bank.....Specks, Reds, Flounder, Sheepshead. A gentleman on another website said the seawall and canals into Lake Pontchartrain has been great, but I don\'t know where that is or how to get there. If you know of somewhere that I would be able, and likely, to catch some fish, please tell me about it.

I\'m not very familiar with the coastal/inland areas or saltwater fishing in general so if you could, please be quite detailed with directions and how to fish ( bait/lures/presentation ). Thanks so much!

no suggestions, huh?
That fella was prolly talking about the Mandeville area. A friend of mine caught some big, inedible Black Drum there the other day, they were 30-50lb fish. There is a pier in Mandeville that you can fish, just don't plan on bringing a beer. Them snobs in Mandeville don't want any pilgrims hanging out in their swanky corrupt little town. The former mayor drove around drunk all the time, but don't let a fella drain a few beers catching some fish.

I would tell ya to take a road trip down to Shell Beach. Right after you pass Campo's Marina, you can fish at the end of the road in the MRGO. Prolly a better chance of catching fish than the snobs pier in Mudville. Plus, Campos has live bait daily. And they're very nice people.
bank fishing
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