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Yo yo's

What are yo-yo's and how do they work???? Where can i buy them at???
Yo Yo's
yoYo's are spring loaded fishing reals that you tie on tree limbs. I fish with shinners about four inches under the water. When a fish hits the shinner, it trips the yoyo. The spring on the yoyo keeps the line tight preventing the fish from having enough slack to get unhooked. Yoyo's work very well. You can buy them at walmart , bass pro, fish net company on line. they come by the dozen
One thing to remember about yo-yo's, however, is that many lakes and areas have VERY specific rules about fishing with yo-yo's.....such as the number you are allowed to put out, your name/contact info/current date must be on all yo-yo's and changed daily, you can only use them from dusk till dawn, you MUST be within local area and be able to be contacted easily while running yo-yo's, etc.

Make sure that if you do intend to run some ( and it is a lot of fun ) that you are knowledgeable about the local regs.