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Looking for advice...trip at stake

Alright guys. I am actually in Ohio but we have been coming down to your great state every yr for several yrs. We pull a boat down and bowfish for 8-10 days each yr. This yr we had planned on going to Venice but that looks like it is out. Lafitte is usually a good choice but who knows how the closures are going to affect us when we would be down.( July 9th - 17th). The media up here useless for gauging the situation and although I can look at the closure maps all I want I have no idea what is actually goin on.
What would you do and where would you recommend we goto bowfish? We are already driving at least 15 hr so it really doesn't matter to us where we go. I would think delacroix is a good option but am not sure. Plus we could still trailer to Lafitte a few nights. I'd like to get into reds, sheepshead, garfish, and maybe a flounder or two. I don't mind bouncing around and fishing different areas each night. My boat is a 1872 flat witha 150 hp outboard and I have a 29 hp pusher fan for when we are actually bowfishing to get shallow and push thru weeds.
So thats it guys...I am really looking for some input from you all...Trying to decide whether to stick with our LA plans or scrap it and go to TX this yr.

Thanks for any advice
come down
Make the trip to Venice, there plenty place to fish that hasn't been closed. The media is hurting La more than the oil.
I'd like too but.....
I sure would like to still make to venice but I am worried that we will roll in down there and then they will end up closing more area. We still have a month I suppose to decide...We had reservations for one of the Cabins at Venice Marina but I have a feeling that wewe may not have a place to stay with all the cleanup crews down there. We had hoped to bowfish down river but that area is al closed and I would expect it to remain so unless something big changes.
You can bowfish the Bayou Bienvenue area between MRGO and Lake Borgne. Plenty of shallow ponds with Redfish all over. You could stay at the Marina Hotel about 1/2 mile away. No oil, plenty fish.
Thanks for the advice. Long as the closures stay far enough south I think we are gonna try the Delacroix area. We may try and trailer up toward Bayou Bienvenue and try that area also...If lafitte opens up more we will probably hit that area also.
tuff call
something to think of is that by July it is going to be a 'LOT' worst than it is now , I don't see it beeing any better than today , and I have read cases of not getting your deposit back until BP pays the guide for it , I think this is a very isolated incident but something to ponder or to get something in writing -------on the other hand I don't think room and board is going to be a problem as I heard they are setting up 1,000 Fema trailers in Houma for BP , Coast Guard and clean up workers with other ports to follow , the marina in Laffite has been contracted out to BP for 3 years to 10 years to act as a base station for the clean up ,and all commercial and recreational boats were asked to move out the sheds and slips and the marina will no longer service either ------------------ I guess I don't have a lot of faith in what July is going to bring as far as fishing is concerned
Any new opinions?
Just wondering if anyone has anything to add? I saw that mosta the east side is open now. If we come we will stay in the delacroix area or even chalumette depending on available lodging. We would be bowfishing up in the marsh areas anyways...Just looking to get into some reds, sheephead, garfish and flounder hopefully. Sure am glad we do all our bowfishing at night mainly..Looks like its been damn hot down there.
Our backup plan os to go to TX but I am really hoping we can still make our annual LA trip happen still. We are just gonna wait till the day before we hafta leave and decide then. Hopefully I will be able to find a place for us to stay if we decide on LA. Seems like lodging is hard to come by with all the crews working to save you alls marsh.
rudduck, la
There is a place in rudduck, la, off of hwy 51, you launch under i55. If you are coming from tx on i10 taKe the second La Place exit then take a left on to hwy 51 north. Pass up the on ramp for i55 and about 4 or 5 miles down there is a public launch. Come out of the launch go west under i55 and take a left and run beside 55 south about 3 miles and on the right there is a bayou that's pretty wide, its deep at the mouth and dead ends a short ways down, but about 300 yards it has a smaller bayou on the left that has quite a few log falls, but after you run it a few times you can pretty much run wide open, follows this bayou and a mile there a short cut to a well head on the right, but if you stay straight about another 150 yards it opens up to a huge bayou to the left and right at this t for 800 yards on either side by about 75 yards long. LOTS OF GRASS. I believe it may grow over in the summer. Saw some gigantic gar and carp fishing day and night. You should be able to see it good on Google Maps .

Good luck, whack n stackem.