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BP oil spill venting session

Couple things I read today that chapped my rear.
1: For the entire duration of the oil spill BP has claimed to be 'doing everything they can' to stop the spill and clean up the oil. Fox news and reported that BP is ramping up to speed up the clean up effort. How can you increase efforts if you are already doing everything possible already?
2: BP has a hotline set up for you to call if you have any ideas to help with the spill. They send you a form to fill out and once they review the idea, they respond. I submitted an idea a few weeks back and of course it got shot down. The idea 'cannot be applied under the challenging and specific working conditions we face'. Low and behold the same article reports that they are using the same tactic described in my email to BP to help contain the oil.
3: There have been so many estimates as to how much oil is actually spilling into the gulf it makes my head spin. I think the last one i read was somewhere in the 20k barrels/day range. BP reports today that by July they will be capturing 80k barrels/day with the contraption that they placed over the riser. Can someone please help me with the math here?

To sum it all up Bp cannot be trusted, someone is making money off my idea, and BP cannot be trusted.

Still waiting on charges to be filed for the murder of 11 people...
Estimates! The fact that they still do not know the flow rate tells and the fact that people not connected to BP can not agree on a figure tells me that it isn't as simple a matter as taking a snapshot applying a formula and have it spit out the correct number.

Do you trust BP to give you the correct amount? Obviously not and it would be foolish to rely on an estimate from BP. This is something that should be done independantly... and it is.

BP has never estimated the amount of oil. The 5000 barrels per day figure was not arrived at by BP! the 12-19K estimates and the 15-25K estimates done later were not done by BP. NONE of the estimates were done by BP.

BP has not said they will be capturing 80K barrels a day. BP is installing equipment (some in place other parts on the way) that will eventually have the CAPABILITY to capture about 50k barrels per day, possibly more. Obviously having the capability doesn't mean they need all of the capability. Hopefully not.

As far as the murder charges go! Well I think that might be a little strong. It may just be a technicality but murder to me implies intent. Negligent homicide is about as strong as this would probably go. But I'm not a lawyer.
The independent group Mike is speaking of is not actually so independent. It is headed up by Marcia McNutt the Director of USGS (Gov bcrat) and the recent update in the flow rate only came out after it was obvious to lay people like me that the cap was only capturing a fraction of the spill. But what is so funny is they publish these results from video's prior to the riser being cut, rather than recent data from Drillship Enterprise and the video from the cut riser. If you look at their original publication from May 25th they talk about how the riser kink is restricting flow by 70%.

Now that the riser is gone (since June 3rd) there have been no estimates even though it would be much easier to figure out the flow with the one source of spill at the clean cut. The National Incident Command's 'Flow Rate Technical Group' have been completely silent since the June 3rd riser removal. Funny huh.. That's 11 days to look at a video and make a preliminary analysis.

Also it you look at the report from the Team assigned to give estimates, they were told to give a 'true estimate' rather than a range and a worse case scenerio. They were forced to give an estimate which was basically the average of the worse case and best case. With this they gave a range of an 'average'. Most of the media picked this up as a range of worse and best case scenerio.

Also, there were 11 scientist members on the 'Plume modeling Team' which are the experts at analyzing the flow of oil at the ocean floor. Of these 11 members only 6 members data was included in the final estimate, the other members estimates were discarded and are not available to us. That's pretty convinient. They stated one of the guys 'Frank' gave an estimate based on worse case which was not the goal of the Team. The biggest kicker is this group was told by BP and only BP that the gas/oil ratio was 50%. This means that 50% of the stuff you see is gas not oil...Hummm.. Pretty nice, they should have told the scientists 80% as that would reduce the oil flow to almost nothing, problem solved. So if the scientist are saying 40,000 barrels/day before the riser was cut (this is the number all the media is using, even though it was stated the riser being cut off would increase by 20%) then 80,000 barrels/day are being spewed, but according to BP 50% is gas, so only 40,000.

Prior to the riser being cut, the official estimate was a 20% increase in oil would be expected after the cut. But after the cut they said well it looks like only a 5% increase.. What!!!! Are you fricking serious?? You are telling me you have no earthly idea how much oil is spewing, but now you can tell me with precision there is only 5% more oil??

The Gov. hired another Independent team to assess the flow rate. They are the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. These guys announced their finding the same day as the FRTG. They use a different science and came up with 50,000 barrels/day. This was swept under the rug. Once again this estimate was prior to the riser being cut.

Mike you are right BP has not given an estimate, why would they want to do that, they know what is going on.

What a mess.
Well BP said that they would have extra capacity to collect more oil by the middle of July then after being pushed by the administration they now claim they will be able to collect the 50K barrels by the end of the month. Why did it take the president and coast guard to get them to expedite this process? It shows they aren't doing everything they can.
BP was told in no uncertain terms to freaking speed things up. Their response was to write back with their time line with no changes in speed. People complain about why aren't these drill ships already there etc etc. When in fact the two drill ships enroute are not part of the critical timeline. Meaning if they go there earlier they would basically have been floating around doing nothing.

The time lines that I have seen have not been show to be advanced are sped up. The only timeline changes that I have seen have actually moved backward due to delays.
'Meaning if they go there earlier they would basically have been floating around doing nothing. '
That is exactly what they should have been doing. As you stated they weren't sure how much oil was leaking so why in the world did they only have the capacity in place to only collect 15K barrels a day when everyone thought that was the low end of the projected flow. They should have been had enough ships in the area to handle 80K a day at a minimum.
I think you misunderstand. If the drill rigs arrived today they would not be able to collect more oil yet. Other work has to be completed before they can be put into service.

I think the new riser is partially read right now. A lot of work has to happen before the drill ships and drill rigs can be used.

The Q4000 for example has had to be modified so that it can burn oil as well as just gas. These things take time.
Mike you sure are quick to correct people without doing research. This is the title of the article I read. It is on
'BP has increased its efforts to contain the oil '
So yes they are 'ramping up'
The second article said BP 'would be capturing' 80k/ day. Not have the capabilities.
Sorry, I'm no lawyer either. Where are the manslaughter charges?
Yes they need to send the rigs now. Why take the chance of having all the sub surface equipment in place and have the mob of the rig get delayed somehow? Seems like every time someone posts something about the oil spill, you already know about and and have a perfect understanding of it. Just block everyone from posting and you tell US what's going on. Who needs news? WE GOT MIKE!!!
Does anyone know what percentage of the clean-up guys are from Louisiana. I have heard stories of them having to hire only locals then hear that many union members from SEIU is down here earning 30 bucks an hr. With lots of folks down here out of work are they hiring us?
As for the boats, I know of tugs and other vessels that have been tied up in Ala and Fl waiting for something to do since this started all being paid by BP. Whats the real story??
I know for a fact they hired some out of towners to clean up. As far as unions I have no clue. Boats and barges are all over the place not being utilized. If BP would go to some of these oil field service companies and work out a deal for cheap rates to send everything they have to work things would not be as bad. The local economy would not be impacted as much and the oil would not reach land in large quantities. There are hundreds of rigs and boats that are stacked and could serve as barriers or housing if BP would just mobe them and give the owner a small fee. They aren't making money right now so why would the owner turn it down? Equip the rigs, boats, barges with anything that picks the oil up. If they only knew how much money they would save if the oil never got into the marsh they would throw everything they have at it. Replenishing the marsh once all the grass is dead and the fish, shrimp, oysters are at dangerously low numbers will be wayyy more expensive than hiring every boat in the gulf to help with cleanup.
I guess I will have to correct Reuters this time. I believe the mistake they are making is adding up all of the collection mechanism and coming up with a total of almost 80K. But the did not fully realize apparently that the current collection system and the Q4000 which will be used in a couple of days will be replaced by new systems and not have the new systems added to the current collection system.
I know lots of certified Hazmat workers that are at home that could be doing that job and have the experience to do it. The problem with today's companies is that when you apply you speak to a secretary or a HR person that knows nothing about what the job involves. Most HR people are handling the job of 2-3 people so the company can cut costs. I applied for a maintenance job that required an HVAC cert. but then only wanted to pay 8.00-10.00/hr. @ 40 hrs. If someone is HVAC cert. and works doing maintenance that requires anything but that is crazy. A good A/C man makes a lot more than that or their not any good. That's like wanting an electrician to work for $8.00/hr.