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Please DO NOT POST CLASSIFIEDS in the forum section. We have a Section for classifieds. If they are put in the forum section THEY WILL BE DELETED..

Thank you,
Louisiana Sportsman moderators
Classified issues
As Randy has stated, classified ads placed in the reports forums will be and have been deleted. They are not allowed, as the large, red, all-caps warning on the posting page makes clear.

As to non-outdoor-related items in the classified section, we do provide fairly wide latitude for one reason: Many hunters and anglers who are valued members of this site have other items they want to unload.

That being said, we are watching the section and taking measures to stop those who are using the classifieds to make a side living. If we see someone who is obviously running a side business, we take appropriate measures.

The great thing about the classifieds is that you can simply move past any item in which you have no interest.
Well how about deleting all the ones that are not sportsman related, like the ones I just saw for amoplifiers, motorcycles, ect.
I'm with you Coondog!