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Bank fishing for Bass ( Baton Rouge )

Hey guys,

I am desperate to go fishing tomorrow. I don't have a boat and my initial plans to go saltwater fishing with a friend fell through, then my secondary plans to freshwater fishing with another friend with a boat fell through, so I've decided that I'm going to go bank fishing.

Where is a good place close to Baton Rouge where I might catch some bass, and then maybe tightline for some cats. I know of a place IN Baton Rouge, but I generally only catch mud cats there and considering the pollution and the nasty water I wouldn't want to eat those unless I was starving.

So, any recommendations? I did call the Secret Fishing Hole, but they are booked up for tomorrow and besides the fact, its hard for me to stomach paying $65 to only be allowed to keep 5 fish under 15 inches. Might try it another time though.