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Hold my beer and Watch this

Got this via email yesterday...don't know any details other than what was in the email...

37' 2010 Contender

Check out this Contender that 'ran aground'. Boat was only 6 hours old.
Operator claimed he was doing 28 knots. Both people on board were 100%
sober. Cost him $10,000 to have Tow Boat US pull him back to the water.
4 tow lines parted in the process. MSRP on the boat ranges from $300,000 to
$400,000 depending on options.
NOT how to break in a new boat
keep your hands on the wheel
looks like the auto pilot wasn't QUITE dialed in yet.
he must have been haulin, hopefully he isn't a charter boat captain, just goes to show you can have money and no sense
Yeah man we were just testing out my new rig man tooling along at a mere 28 knots and fore a knew it a dadgum piece of land jumped out in front my boat. Jus like that!!!! You can do a lot of things but fixing stupid is not one of them!!!
James......james bond.....he must be a live and let live fan.

'what side are you on anyway?'
I'm thinking those ruts weren't made by the boat. The boat has three engines but only two ruts and the center motor would have been the lowest. That is also a long way to travel with a heavy boat and lots of friction.

Still an idoit that should never be able to purchase a boat ever again.
Amazing how far that boat went without flipping over...
Oil spill related?
He might have had oil from the leak on the bottom of the boat and couldn't turn.

Or maybe not just stupid!
Don't think so
I say this picture is a the previous guy said, the ruts don't match the boat. no way that boat slides that far without tumbling over and over.
You Got me
OK, now my curiosity is in overdrive. If you look at the ruts from the engines, aside from the rut from the middle engine being non-existent, the ruts are maybe 3 feet apart and the canes/vegetation is showing no signs of damage immediately outside of the ruts. This boat has a beam of 8 or 9 feet at the bare minimum but the damage path is only 4 foot wide at the most.
Those factors as well as a boat traveling 100+ yards on land and staying upright would lead me to believe this pic to be fake.
Real or not?
I got the email yesterday and don't know with 100% certinainty that the pictures are real or fake, however:

a. I don't think the boat would flip in a soft ground
b. the tide could have been higher when he ran aground
c. look at the picture of this prop, the starboard prop is clean, leading to me to beleive it was sliding listing to the port side.
It can happen
OK detectives, trust me it could happen. I was not going much faster and missed a turn and ended up skidding over the grass about as far. You would be surprised at how easily a glass boat skims over the marsh. As far as the middle engine, the boat operator may have been trimming up the whole sleigh ride (I did, while saying prayers). The chance that is a photoshop is real, a lot on the internet is bogus.
I've seen similar pics of these types of things. Anything could have gone wrong, from booze, frozen steering, etc.
Not bad
I say He gets rid of the Contender and purchases a nice a mud boat. That would do much better in this type of terrain. Ha! dont trim up so high next time you wont lose it.
Who knows
Sure looks more like a 4-wheeler trail
Boat came from the opposite direction
I think the boat ran aground from the opposite side of those tracks.Look at how close the bow of the boat is to the water on the other side of the bank.
Opposit direction
I don't think the photo was doctored just a little misrepresented. I am not calling the OP out either because he said he received the pics in an e-mail. I think the boat came from the opposite side like CPD said and the ruts were made by a four-Wheeler.
4 wheeler
Two lines, three motors on the boat. Deffanintly a 4wheeler
he needs a new radar. the one he has is broke.