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Late, Late, Late Weekend Report

Between having computer problems and just being a slacker I'm finally getting around to this post.

Last Friday set out with EASTOFMRGO to scout some of the deeper areas that we were fishing during the cold months. We loaded up on some live scrimps and were ready to put a few of the speckled species on the rocks. Did I mention a few? Well I meant very few. We got a couple of hits early on topwater and poppin corks but nothing to show. Switched to the live scrimps and could only find 1 or 2 throwbacks. The tide went flat and pretty much stayed flat so we made our way through the marsh and onto the Borgne shoreline. We managed 1 red in the marsh on a Hybrid Pink Lemonaide spinner and 1 speck and 2 whites (a few more throwbacks, very few) on scrimps in Borgne. This did not sway me in any way to start to like live bait fishing. And most of the live bait was still in the well.

Sunday - got back to my passion of the plastic for Father's Day and headed to the Causeway. Launched at noon and headed out to mid-lake. The heat had me seeing spots but in between the spots I was able to focus on a few specks. Ended up with 4 keepers (12-20 1/2'), 6 throwbacks, 5 flounders (thrown back), 2 croakers (thrown back), and quite a few missed opportunities...had a blast (and possible heat stroke)lol. A few caught on Gulp shrimp but most caught on Hybrid shrimp color. Picked the boat up and forgot that I had shrimp in the livewell, the only problem was that they were put in there on about rancid. One more thing that didn't sway me to the livebait fishing
It's all about personal preferences. There is NO doubt that live bait is the best option this time of year I just do not like fishing it, I enjoy fishing plastic. I do fish bait occasionally throughout the summer but it is not my passion. I fish year-round and give 75% of my fish away to friends or family so I am content with minimal catches on plastic right now.

- The croakers were not big enough to filet in my opinion.
- My wife loves baking whole flounders...I hate scaling fish =s throw back. If anyone ever wants them let me know and I will save them for you.

Nothing at all against bait fishing, I just don't care for it.
Lake P is a Beast!!!
Deer, I checked your post history but I'm not sure but I think you're a Hopedale guy or at least a Southshore guy. I fish Dularge, Delacroix, and Lake P. When I fish Dularge and Delacroix the limits on trout are there but Lake P is a different beast even with live bait. I think that is why you have fair weather fishermen in the Lake. But that is also the reason why you have some diehards like LSU1 that go for the challenge and are willing to have the lake kick their butts more times than not. There is something about trying to beat the Lake that is addicting. I originally tried the Lake when I first moved here and swore I wouldn't do it again but this year I decided to give it a go and found some success because I stuck with it but also had my failures. There seems to be more strategy involved with fishing the Lake especially when you fish plastics. Some guys (LSU1 and others) are analytical to an extreme and the Lake offers them this challenge to a point of addiction.
Crazy but true....
Drew, two out of the last three trips to Delacroix I have limited out with 75% of the specks being 2.5 to 4lbs. The size is crazy! Just hit Black Bay with good weather conditions and a good tide and it will happen (have to leave the birds alone tho). Most will say you need live bait but plastics worked for us.
tmiller is right about fishing Lake P. This lake keeps you wanting more, but she will put a hurting on you once in a while. I cut my teeth fishing Seabrook when I was a kid. If I had a dollar for every time that I put that skunk in the box I could retire now!!! Had my best solo trip on Father's Day. Came home with only 7 but they were solid fish. We 'die hards' that fish the Lake P area just cannot get enough of those famous 'yellow mouths' that this lake produces. We put our time in as far as figuring out these fish. LSU1 has it down to a science!! The lake is not to place to expect limits every time out but the quality of the fish is what its all about.
I hear yah Deer about being spoiled. I'm fortunate to be able to fish a lot so I don't mind taking the Lake P challenge. I have been fortunate to limit out in Lake P and it is more gratifying than any other limits. Now I love to slam the trout 2 at a time and have my limit in an hour but there is no challenge or skill involved in it. The Lake makes me think of going to battle. And as I'm getting older I appreciate the good battles and it isn't always about easy limits. It's just like losing fish at the boat, I hate to do it but I'm able to look at it as the fish beat me. I would recommend trying the Lake but I would fish it with someone who fishes it regularly so you can learn rather than not catch and just chalk it up to the lake SUCKS! Lol. I didn't understand the lake until I fished it more than a couple of times. I have brought friends from the south and most don't appreciate it. I guess it takes a certain breed!!!
The Big Picture
is do whatever you enjoy. Limits, big trout, limits of big trout, live bait, plastic...who cares. Just do it!
yeah you right
Just fish!!
I invite john all the time to hopedale
You ain't never getting John off Lake p. until he puts a log on the wall and bryce, when your addicted to P, their ain't no turning back,,,, ain't dat right John...
just asking
Just thought I might ask all of you guys......

I am new to saltwater fishing, but the addiction has already snagged me.Both of my trips have been to Lake P and I had a blast both times. ( I went with a guy I met here on LA Sportsman )For all of you guys who know the lake and enjoy fishing it.....if you ever want to take someone out and teach him the ropes of saltwater fishing and how to fish the lake, or for that matter anywhere else, I'd be happy to come along. I've got all my own gear, am pretty good company/helpful/laid back, love to fish more than anything, and am happy to help pay for expenses.

I'm a 31 y/o combat veteran, LSU graduate who lives in Baton Rouge and works in marketing. My schedule is flexible right now so I can fish pretty much any day of the week. I don't have a boat of my own, so I kinda have to bank fish or rely on the kindnesses of others, but I love fishing more than anything and would rather be out on the water than anywhere else. If any of you guys would be willing to let me head out with you it would really be appreciated. I can drive to pretty much anywhere to meet you at any hour of the morning. Just let me know.

My name is Wilks and my e-mail address is


Steve nails it
Century I will join you one day for a Hopedale trip but man you know how I am about the Ponchartrain. Just keep that invite open for me and one day I'm gonna take you up on it.

Take care
Easy catchin
i'll pick the pilins with ya John(any bridge). More fun than long trip to anywhere, cept when Byu Biloxi lights up in the fall.(30 min. boat ride from the rigolets)I'm addicted to that also.