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Cypremort Point

I am heading to the point to try and find some reds and specks with the wife and a buddy in the morn... Any suggestions/comments to help us on our first trip there would be much appreciated...
We will be in a 17.5 ft bass boat so keep it in mind,


cyp point
when you come out of the canal from the launch there is a string of rocks to your left. Those are good if its calm. If you follow the bank to the left till you round the point that area is called the saddle. Its cool too. If it's rough, right when you get out of the main canal you can go right. About 1/2 mile along the shore is a bayou. It's called aligator bayou I think. All along pockets of that canal is good. Follow that canal also till it spills out into a bay. That area is known as the trash pile. Got some good spots there too. It's very well protected from the wind also. I can't promise you fish, but thats my tips. I am a Galliano fisherman usually, but I've got a lot of friends from Lafayette that force me to fish there often.
Re Names
Behind the rocks in the cove is great early in the morning for reds. Other than that I wouldn't waste too much time in the cove. It is Shark Bayou and it empties into Weeks Bay. The trash pile is not at the 'end' of Shark Bayou. The bank to the right after you get our of shark bayou and into weeks bay is good for reds. Usually the cleanest water around. Those GULP shrimp w the claws in the glow/chart on a 1/4 jighead on the bottom. Be prepared to have tiny croakers and white trout pecking at the claws all damn day. Ha it's easy to tell when ole bronzy comes to eat though. Good luck.
sharks bayou
Oh yeah, Shark's bayou. I forget. I just fish there when my too lazy to drive to Lafourche Parish friends want to fish that live in Lafayette. I will say though, that in May when the trout are on, we make the run to South Marsh Island block at night and murder the trout. I know that the trash pile is not right at the mouth of the other end of Sharks bayou, but isn't it the next bay from the little bay that you come out of Sharks bayou in to? Here's a google earth screenshot. Do I have the trash pile icon in approximately the right place? Its in this bay right? Just a ways off the mouth of Shark's bayou right?
You can try Princes Ditch.Put over at Patou landing and run out of the Ivanhoe and when you get out the Ivanhoe run to the West along the bank and look for the first little canal and fish the sides of the opening on a moving tide.I limited out last week there.Or you can fish the End of the Avery Canal on the west bank also very good.
Try north shore line of Weeks Bay for reds. Artificial with spinners. Let us know how you do.
Red fish
Well I appreciate everyone's comments... We went yesterday and ended up being there until about 330 pm... By this time I had caught my limit and we were 3 into my buddies limit. So 8 total Reds caught for the day with our biggest being 21 inches and our smallest being 17 inches, all great eating!!! Grilled 2 last night on the half shell! Wife couldn't make it or I am sure I would have been outfished for sure. Thanks again for all the help and I will keep in mind what everyone says...
Red Fish Caught
So where did you catch at?
caught at...
Well we had headed all the way right, down Shark's Bayou I think and fished those pockets along it. Had one huge swirl at a cocohoe minnow plastic bait. After we stopped having any action we decided to head further into shark's bayou to try and locate the trash pile. We had never been here before so we never did find anything that resembled what would be the trash pile. Once done catching nothing here we decided to move on...

We arrived at the string of rocks on the left from the launch canal at the State park and we finally tied into redfish, we doubled up on our first two fish with both being keepers...

A few more small reds later we decided to go explore a bit. We headed further left from the launch canal and went all the way to a rocky point where the big camps are. Being avid bass fishermen we decided to give this point a try and finally we had found a spot... This is where I caught 4 more reds that were over 16' and my buddy caught 2 more over the limit. It seemed we were working really hard to catch our fish but all in all it turned out to be a good day with lots of croakers and sheep heads and drum caught also
Great. Glad ya'll had fun. Oh and FYI, the 'trash pile' is actually a submerged feature. If you go into the bay passed sharks bayou, you may see a couple of boats out near it. I don't have the exact coordinates for it. Just don't put your anchor down near it.LOL
'confus'n 'da fish'
...if some of 'ya run in a group, might want to use a bright color ribbon on 'da bow's great for distant idenity...'da Desert Fox used it...but only on the back of his 'CEO' Tigers !!!...cheers