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Hey everyone I was thinking about deer season only being about 60 days out for most of us and I still have alot of deer in my freezer I didn't utilize this year. Thinking about starting a little Sportsman deer drive. Lets see if we can get names of people who are severely impacted by oil spill but aren't working for BP and could use a hand until they get back on their feet. IF anyone knows someone in need or personally could use some deer meat please post a comment with your name and number. I have some deer meat and I'm sure others have some they can donate to a good cause. Lots of guys and gals catch way more fish than they actually need and may have some they can donate also. Thx everyone.
Good intentions I'm sure, but I would suggest that people do not post their phone numbers. It probably would be a better idea if they could contact you through the email link on the bottom of the post.
i have plenty trout from the past season and can catch catfish all week at work if it helps i am willing to donate
great idea... but possibly illegal
That's is a fantastic idea, but the only problem is that if they do not have a hunting license they cannot legallly possess the meat from any animals considered game in LA. If they don't have a fishing license they can't legally accept and possess the filets.

That's a ticket iwould have to take, but thats my own humble opinion.
If you go to Ted Nugent's website, he has a charity, Hunters for the Hungry I think is the name. They do pretty much what you want to do.
Big Country
As long as you leave a possession tag with whom you leave the meat or fish with, everything will be ok. The receiver does not have to have a lic. I give deer and fish to alot of friends and family all the time.
Possession tags are only required until the game is rendered into food - meaning when it's butchered, packed and frozen for consumption.

So should be no legal problem with giving deer or other game away. In fact, it happens every year during feed-the-hungry campaigns.
Good Idea

Can you guys coordinate a 'meat drive' once a year for us guys with more than we need?

Fish, deer, etc?

You guys are in a good position to execute this, arent ya?