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Overnight Tuna Trip

Had the pleasure of taking Brooks Forsyth on his last fishing trip as a single man. He had a great crew with him and they wanted Tuna no matter how far the run. We left the dock around 1:00 pm and made our way south, WAY SOUTH!. Small live bait was difficult to come by out there but between the jigs and chunking we were able to put together a good box of fish consisting of 7 Yellowfins, 16 of the biggest blackfin of the trip, 3 Mahi Mahi and 2 nice Almocos (see Josh, I haven't forgot about you). The Yellows were finicky and on the small side with 4 of them just legal, a 40 pounder, and a 30 pounder. We did manage one real nice fish that weighed 155lbs. What a great first tuna especially for the summertime. I want to thank the crew for making it a great trip even with the ridiculously long ride. Also Capt. Ryan Perry, enjoyed the company. Let me know when you are headed back offshore.

Capt. Gray Long
Go Long Charters
(225) 252-5315

I see that you thought about me! Looks like you must have been paying attention the last time that we fished together, you were able to catch a nice pile of fish!! Well - maybe you didnt watch close enough though because Aaron and I always catch bait! ha ha! (nice CFL dawg!!)

I am proud of your catch! I hope one day to be able to catch fish of my own , we cant let you have all of the fun!

Keep up the good work ! The 'Gray Goose' is keeping the action going!
Did yall catch that slob chunkin? Chunkin blackfins or what? We have been getting the typical summer yellows in the 40-90 lb range on blackfin chunks but the slobs have eluded us. Well we did get spooled on an 80W, had about a hundred feet of line on the reel left when we locked the drag and the hook pulled. Took FOREVER to reel all that slack in. I'm thinking it was a bluefin.
Capt. Gray Long Go Long Charters
Actually it was caught on a jig.