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Gas List Update & New Blogs

Hello fishermen and boaters. Just wanted to let everyone know that the August 15th update of the ethanol free gas station list was posted today. We now have 170 stations on the list and growing. I added another 10+ since this post. I've been contacting the gas distributors a month or so ago. When I learn which distributor a station uses, I contact them and ask them to e-mail me their list of ethanol free stations they supply. I usually get 10-15 or more stations that way, and the addresses are more accurate, plus I get their phone numbers also.

So, whenever anyone spots a new ethanol free station for the list, or even if you go into an existing ethanol free station you've been patronizing, PLEASE ask who their gas distributor is. Then, e-mail me the distributors name and phone number at By doing this, I hope to have over 250 stations on the list by the end of November.

ALSO, Andy just posted two new 'Blogs' in my Blog section below the 'Ethanol Free' home page. One updates everyone of my 'failed legislative' efforts this spring. I spend several hours in Baton Rouge before Agriculture Commissioner Strain and his staff, plus his Legislative attorneys, my St. John Parish State Representative and the Lobbyist for the National Marine Manufacturers Association. They would not approve a bill to require stations to carry at least one ethanol free pump, nor would they approve an additional pump label warning of risk of damage to marine engines and gas powered yard and garden tools. We then tried to get them to authorize a bill to cap the ethanol at 10% when 15% ethanol is approved by the EPA. The attorneys said they had looked into that also, but since the EPA Fuel regulations did not have an 'opt out' clause, it would be illegal. May try again next session in 2011.

There is also a new blog updating everyone on the 15% ethanol issue. It's GOING TO HAPPEN guys! EPA is expected to announce it's approval later this month or in September. That will CREATE CHOAS! Read my blog to see why.

Tight lines everyone........
pete, you are doing a great job!!! of course, some people don't understand what you are doing!!! i really don't care about them, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
I always try to have at least one (preferably only one) civic duty which I can work on which I truly believe is in the best interest of our community. Ever since getting involved in the ethanol issue ( brought to my attention by mostly Pete) it has become apparent corn ethanol is bad stuff and is an easy target as one of the most corrupt areas of government waste. Granted Pete's approach is a little different as he is geared toward the harm of ethanol to engines not designed for it's use and my approach is corn ethanol makes absolutely no sense and is unsustainable.

But, Pete had a voice with the legislature, which is phenomenal, as I tried to penetrate the legislature and was struck down without even an answer by Landrieu or Melancon. Vitter gave me lip service, but never gave any concrete support. Pete, if you have any energy left in you to deal with these stone brains stuck feeding at the trough let me know what I can do to help. You need to realize there are no economist or environmentalist who are for corn ethanol, so you may want to look their way.

Unfortunately, the general public is so incredibly stupid, even though they are putting this stuff in their cars every day, they have absolutely no idea the politics behind corn ethanol and even if you explained it they would not care or even understand it. So it is very obvious why the politicians continue to soak up billions of our tax dollars to secure votes and pad their pockets, they know how incredibly stupid most of the public is.

Thanks 'daberry' and 'abeastandasavage' for your complimentary comments. I plan to work on the issues you brought up agressively with our new US Congressman after the November 2nd elections, and with Senator Landrieu and Vitter (believe he will beat Melancon) and after the Conservatives take back Congress after the 'Mid term' elections. I plan to work on the facts of the huge subsidies taxpayers are paying for ethanol plants, the growing 'red algae or hypoxia' zone in the Gulf which may be a greater risk to destroying Gulf fisheries than BP did, and the continuing increases in prices of food products made from corn since ethanol production for gasoline has begun.

My worse concern short term, however, is 15% ethanol. In addition to the problems this will cause boaters and homeowners, this will be a major political issue for those companies who choose to sell 100% of their gasoline (ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron and maybe others) when the Federal EPA only requires them to sell 8.25% in 2010. If they sold only what is required by EPA regulations, we would not be having a problem finding ethanol free gasoline. When boaters learn they cannot use 15% ethanol without destroying their engines, and homeowners burn up their lawnmower, weedeater or other gas powered lawn and garden equipment and learn that 15% ethanol is to blame, it will get ugly. And, when they all learn that Exxon, Shell and Chevron are hurting them, it'll be interesting to see how these companies will handle the negative press they will get. They won't be able to blame EPA either since it was THEIR choice to sell 100% of their gasoline as ethanol gas instead of the 8.25% EPA requires.

Meanwhile, I'm getting more aggressive in increasing the number of ethanol free list stations. I am contacting gas distributors directly and picking up many, many more stations that way. And, the data is more accurate regarding address/locations, plus I am getting phone numbers for the stations. The list will be over 200 on my next update.
Pete good jkob now where can i find the list thx
   Teddy J
Not going to go into all the problems I've had with my 95 Merc since Ethanol in gas was initiated, but thanks Pete for sharing the information about where we can go to get Ethanol free gas for motors that don't run every day....and that is the key...if you don't run it frequently, it will eventually cause's not rocket science.

You are appreciated,

Thanks for the compliments Teddy J and Pete1021. If you MUST use ethanol gasoline, I strongly recommend you add Sta-Bil, the new 'Marine Blue Formula'. Not only does it have 5 times more 'stabilizer' than the red formula, but it also has a corrosion inhibitor, which is important since an ethanol/water layer is corrosive to aluminun fuel tanks and engine components. Can find it at 'Wally World', Academy Sports and boat dealer shops. It costs $19.95 for a 32 oz bottle, but it only requires 1 oz/10 gallons of gas.

Pete1021, you can find the link to my 'Ethanol Page' by scrolling down on the Louisiana Sportsman 'home page', and look on the left hand side of the page until you get below the paid ads. There you'll see a red section with links. The 'Ethanol Free Info' link is in that group. When you get to my ethanol page, there is a link to the list. On the bottom are 10 technical papers about ethanol, including an update on upcoming 15% ethanol.