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Commission plans to take action on fishing closures

A motion has just been made to immediately reopen ALL state waters to recreational finfish fishing. This would not cover recreational shrimping and crabbing.

Commissioners are taking public comment right now.
The Commission has reopened all state waters to recreational finfishing. The story is now on the front page, or just go to to read the details.
keep the updates rollin in! THANKS!
New development
Commercial fishing representatives have come out against the current proposal.

In light of that, commissioner Mike Voisin just made a motion that delay the reopening of recreational fishing until Sept. 1, but the motion failed.

Discussions are ongoing with an immediate reopening on the table.
Wonderful News
I'm really happy. I gotta say though........

this has been a long struggle for the Recreational Fisherman. We've had to Fight - First Daryl Carpenter and the Charter Boat Assn. Then we had to fight the Louisiana Seafood Board and many Seafood Merchants. Now (and I lost the feed so I didn't hear everything) but it sounds like Commercial Fishing was opposed to the reopening as well.

PLEASE, PLEASE, Recreational Fisherman........ remember who has opposed you in this struggle.

Recreational shrimping/crabbing is only closed in areas closed to commercial fishing, according to commissioner Ann Taylor. That was a compromise to try and appease commercial fishermen - which didn't work, by the way.
Get your Facts Straight!
Once again Valvguy1 you are misquoting the facts! Do not generalize your statements unless you are actually going to take the time and do the research! Some captains who may be members of the Charter Boat Association spoke out against the reopening but the entire Association did not.

Capt. Gray Long
Go Long Charters
(225) 252-5315
Response to Capt. Gray
Capt. Gray - we've had this discussion before. I realize that there were some Captains that did not agree. I've actually singled you, Phil Robicheau's Group, Dudley and Eric Dumas out as Captains that did not agree with what the LCBA President said.

BUT...... when LCBA Members as a group have a voted President that gets up and speaks on behalf of the organization. - whether you like it or not He speaks for you. If you'll remember - I urged the LCBA members to request an Emergency Special Election and vote yourselves a new President.

Afterall....... isn't that what we just saw the LDWF Board do. They didn't like the decision LDWF made so they had an Emergency Meeting - and overruled it. They have oversight of the LDWF. I would submit to you Capt that you and the other Members of LCBA have oversight of the LCBA's Public Stance.

I would guess there are advantages of being a member of LCBA. That said....... you have to take the good with the bad. I would suggest trying to mitigate the BAD. Get rid of your Loose Cannon President.

I've rid myself of him. When he comes on in the morning on WWL - I'll turn it off unitl he's done like I have for the last few weeks.

What's the latest?
Daryl Carpenter

What was Daryl's beef? I'm surprised at his
opposition to re-opening rec. fishing.
Someone please enlighten me.
i think darryl is getting rich off bp and now that all the recreational areas are open he will have to go back to work. he's been fighting the openings from the beginning.the charter boat association needs a new president bad because he sure is giving them a bad name.
Capt. Gray Long Go Long Charters
In any organization, you are not going to have all members agreeing on every topic. With that said, Capt. Daryl Carpenter has spent countless hours trying to fight against regulations and proposed changes that would not only hurt the charter boat captains but everyone that fishes in the Gulf of Mexico. What have you done? To those complaining about the stance he took by firing off unsupported comments, I ask, 'were you in Pensacola the past couple of days fighting for Amberjack, Red Snapper, The LUMP, separation zones, etc....?' If not, then quietly sit back and pray that Daryl and other members of the Charter Boat Association can get some of these trends reversed. If not, typing about fishing maybe the only thing you have left to do!
So which is it. What the organization FOR or AGAINST the re-opening.

No position at all might as well been against re-opening...

Be aware this may not be true it is the opinion of commissioner Voisin: He said at the meeting that it was his understanding that the LCBA was opposed to the reopening but was not present to state their position. I heard that at the meeting so if you want to be mad at someone be mad at him not me. My questions to the LCBA are : Is this true? And if so, why?
whats really gonna get under your skin is that they get taxpayer money to 'promote' fishing.