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Digital Game Cameras

I have been shopping for a digital game camera and can't seem to make up my mind on which one I like. I would like to hear what you guys are using and why.

I have the 2.1 dig by stealhcam so for i've got some great pics. Cost me 200 batteries and all,i posted a pic the other day check it out
Cuddeback 3.0
I bought a Moultrie and a Cuddeback and the Cuddeback wins hands down. I've already replaced the battery in the Moultrie three times and still don't have a decent picutre to show for it. The Cuddeback is placed in the same area and I have over 500 pictures in a month and I'm on my second set of batteries. The Cuddeback is going to cost you more in the beginning but will produce more in the long run. Sometimes the deer are not close to the camera and you want to zoom in to take a better look - with the 1.3 Megapixel Mounltrie you can't zoom much without the picture becoming distorted. But with 3.0 megapixels you can. Just my opinion. If fact, if anyone wants to buy my Moultrie from me with the card included, I'll take the best offer.
Swamp Ghost
Ok here is the one I use. And I don't get a penny if he makes a sale. Not cheap but everything you could ask far. You will save money in the long run with this one because of batteries and film and all the little things that this one comes with that most (if not all) do not come with.

Here are some of what you get!
Delays between pictures from 10 seconds to 15 minutes!
Double or Single picture Mode!
Video Mode (10 or 15 second Clips)!
Day, Night or 24 Hour Operation!
Picture editing software!
Rechargable batteries for the camera!
Battery charger!
Memory Stick for the camera will hold 240+ pics!
USB cables to connect the camera to your computer!
A/V Cable to View Pictures on TV Simple Setup Instructions!
Python Cable Lock Included!
Dip switch setting printed inside the case!
Camera will take 300+ pics on Two AA batteries (supplied)!!
Sensor runs one one 9v Battery for up to 9 Months

Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee! Because once you get one of these you will never go back... willingly anyway.

When you compare prices don't forget to compare all the little things that you will add to the setup. Like cable lock, batteries etc.

Check them out at:

If you have any skills at all, a few tools, an Ebay account you can build your own like Swamp goast sells for about a third less. His stuff is good, looks good, and there is no risk of a mess up on your end. I took the plunge and made my own and it was easy. The only tricky part is "hacking" the cam. But "" helped me with that and you can order all the parts to build your own from the site. If you follow the instuctions you won't be dissapointed. You will have a top of the line cam that like Leaf River sells for almost 700 bucks for between 250-300 bucks. The unknown price is the camara off ebay if you choose that route. You should be able to get a refurbished one for 150-175. Sony p41. 4 megapixel is one the most sought after, also the Sony P32 is another, but you void the warrentee when you hack it. If you don't want the challenge and pride of making your own buy one from Swamp Goast, I think he sells them for around $450. Hope this helps
Tried the link that you left and it comes to a "this page has just been registered for one of our customers". I would like to be able to get everything to build my own camera, that way I could save $$$$.

Thanks for all the replies.
Cuddeback is definately the way to go. Good clear pics, excellent battery life, and a good anti- theft system. It also has an excellent sensor to shooter time, which is important if you want to capture a pic of a deer moving past your camera at a fast pace. An empty picture is useless. Remember, you get what you pay for.
digi cam
I have the 1.3 megapixel moultrie from wal mart. Cost about 100 bucks, 15 bucks for a memory card and it just recently took 265 nice pics in 4 days. If you would rather get off cheap then this is it.
I agree with Cory.
That is the best way to go. The pics that I post all come from a 99 dollar Moultrie. Easy to set up. The warranty is awesome. The one I'm using is my buddy's, some how it got broken from transporting it around to different spots. He sent it the Moultrie and they sent him back a brand new one like it and another 35mm one also for free. Now that is a good deal.
Web site
Marshrat, goggle "Nature Qwest deer cam" and you ought to get there. Now I believe those cheaper cams do work to some degree and moultree does have a good return policy. But if you want to develop some picture you might take of a giant or a buck that you later kill, you won't be able to get a large say 8x10 of it. The Cuddlebacks are good. I almost got one, But building your own with a higher resolution camara like the Sony P41, is like a racecar, You can buy it already made, but if you build the engine yourself you get a few little extras, it is more satisfying!! Good Luck.
deer cam
I would definately stay away from anything made by stealthcam. I am on my 5th camera from them. I finally gave it away this week. I am having one made for me. They are easy to make and are extremely better than the cameras on the market today. My brother built his first one a few weeks ago and it is working better than the Cuddeback another member owns. We have anothe member in our club that has the new moultrie digital and his camera is giving him problems now.
game camera
If you want to get a good camera there is a Penn Woods 4.1 mega pixel for $699.00 wow ( thats what I said) but if you go that is a game camera forum where you can get info to build your own or there a re guys on there from louisiana that build them the same as the Penn woods ( 4.1 sony boards everything) for half the price (well about $350.00) thats the way I'm going. I went on ebay to get a camera also, I am going to buld me one for next season. anyway hope this helps you.