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I'm shooting a 50 caliber CVA Optima muzzleloader. 245gr powerbelt hollow pt bullets, with 100gr triple 7 pellets. I cannot get this gun to shoot a group to save my live. Does anyone else shoot this rifle and if so what (bullets, powder)do you use to get the best results.

Thanks is advance!
Do you clean the gun after every shot when siting in?
Yes, I'm cleaning it after every shot. I'm getting bullets hitting 8 inches low, bulls eye, 4 inches high and left, etc.....and yes the rifle is secure on sand bags not moving.

Any help anyone?
I have the .50 cal optima pro. I shoot 100 grains of pyrodex and the 295 powerbelts. This load works great. Make sure that when you seat the first load to mark the ramrod to insure on the next load the bullet is seated in the same place. Also I also always tap the side of the gun lighly after loading the powder to level it out before I load the bullet. If the bullet is seated in a different level it will never shoot the same. good luck
I have a T/C black diamond and I have tried powerbelts for a 50cal. and I can't get the group either. I went back to Barnes 300gr. all brass hollow point and it groups GOOOOd.
powerbelts are not so good
read this article at

this site reviews, shoots, tests etc... all guns and powders and accessories for black powder guns. they are not biased and write really well, it makes for good reading. check it out. There is also a article about the best bullet for deer hunting.
I shoot a CVA Kodiack 50 caliber. I use the Thomson Center balistic tip bullets in 200 grain. I don't remember the exact name of these bullets but they group well with two triple 7 pellets.

Buy a good gun, like the TC Omega.
Try the Powerbelt Aero Tip
I have an Optima pro and my son has an Optima. We shoot the 295gr Aero Tips, they group very well. My son uses 100grs triple 7 and I use 150grs. Just to let you and everyone else know, this is a great muzzleloader and I would match it up against any muzzleloader on the market today. A friend of mine had a TC Omega and hated it, after sending it back to the factory twice, just months after purchasing it he got rid of it and bought a CVA Optima pro and has not had any problems with it.
Optima Pro
I also shoot a 50cal Optima Pro. I am NOT having trouble with grouping at all. I shoot 245 grain powerbelt hollow point bullets with 150 grain Tripple 7 pellets. You may want to step it up to 150 and see what that gets you. Ensure that all the scope mounts are tight, and make sure that you make the ramrod after you load the first powder and bullet charge. The second charge needs to be at the same mark.
If your cleaning good and loading consistently, you should do better than that. I shoot 245 grain powerbelts with 100 grain, and get about 3-4" group at 100 yds, with an occasional flyer.

Each gun may prefer a different bullet type, wt, and powder to perform best.

Are you loading the pellets with the black side down?
Change bullets
I shoot the .50 cal CVA Optima Pro and could not get the powerbelts to group either. I switched to the 250gr Hornady SST sabot. Excellent groups with 100gr Triple 7.