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Small boat

I own a 14 foot boat. Am I stuck to freshwater fishing or is there anywhere for me to go to find reds and specks? Thanks for the help.
u can go down to chauvin and fish lake boudreaux and lake robinson....or u can go to montegut and fish the madison bay or wonder lake area.....or u can go to pointe aux chene and fish all kinds of marsh and canals, etc.....
what wrong with delocroix that what i use the most down there when i fish 1 or 2 people
There are more places than you can cover in a lifetime down along La1 between fourchon and grand isle. Spots you can launch off the road side.
Just look at a map and take a ride down there
try everywhere
a 14ft flat can go anywhere and you just want to avoid open areas of water because of the waves.

as long as you fish the marsh there is no limit to the areas you can fish and fill the boat with reds and specks.

i would caution you to avoid lake ponchartrain (but if you have a motor on the boat you can still fish it in calm weather)

you never mentioned a motor or if the boat is on a trailer but even without a motor or trailer you can put in along the side of the road along hwy 1 and have miles and miles of marsh to fish within paddle distance. just make sure you have a safe area to park so you arent a hazard to traffic.

if you have a small outboard then you can fish the whole marsh between grand isle and leeville areas. even if all you have is a trolling motor and battery then you can still find endless great fishing in and around the boat launches everywhere, most people launch and take off running but very often the areas within a mile of the boat launch hold great fishing but nobody tries there because of the boat traffic or they just believe they have to travel to find fish.

i dont know who gave you the idea you werent able to fish salt water but you are only limited in the distance you can travel by boat not by the fish you catch. lots of areas are close to roads and you literally have so many choices its hard to pick where to go. hell even without a boat there are lots of places you can catch limits fishing while standing on the bank
Basson's in Galliano. Perfect for 14 ft. Espeacially with the low water right now.

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