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2 fighting does at Mineral Lick site in Issaquena County,Mississippi.

This is a 4.5 yr old main frame 8pt with a kicker on his left g2 that I've had pics of for 3 yrs in a row. He is definately on my hit list this yr!

Cam pictures taken in September on private property near Big Lake WMA


Not as big as some but the biggest i have seen on my property.

An 8 point pawing at a 4 point

This guy is wondering what the hell is going on!

New buck showed up on property

That is a nice freaking deer.


never seen this on a cam before

We have a lease located near Zwolle an our first trail cam pis we got this! We had threw out some cob corn an bran an the fog rolled in an this is what we got!!!! This ole boy looks like he's smoking a corn cob in our foodplot!

He is still out there

This curious little buck is a real camera hog.

Coyote problem at McElroy Hunting Club

This picture was taken about 2 minutes before my son shot him. 10 point

This deer has been hanging around a good bit. Most of the pictures I have are right after dark.


Only God can create something this beautiful

Just a beautiful picture

This big guy is known as the ghost buck in greensburg Louisiana. Got pics from sept til opening day of primitive then not again til after deer season is over

caught these two going after it

My daughter Macey shot this young doe during youth season with me. I couldn't beleave my eyes when I checked cam later. The cam took pic soon as bullet hit and caught the blood flyin in mid air. I've never even heard of this happening before. The cam flash makes it look dark but she still had 10…
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that is awesome shot, super cool picture, top candidate in the trail cam contest if you ask me, but i don't pic the winners


Night Rider!

Bachelor group at the buffet.

can't figure out what kind of animals are fighting but what i do know is their going pretty hard
I think I can make out a bobcat on the left. Not sure what's on the right but there may be 3 critters in that fight. Cool picture and I can't wait to read what others see!