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OPEN for GROUP up to 4!!!!! The PHENOMENAL fishing continues in Delacroix and has been absolutely off the charts the last 2 months and its only going to get better with fall just around the corner! I've just had a cancellation for THIS SATURDAY for anyone who wants it, you wont be disappointed! CALL NOW 504-427-4973 CHECK OUT OUR LATEST CATCHES ON FACEBOOK at 'Cast & Blast Charters'. Please visit our website at

September 05 at 6:54pm

This weekend has just become AVAILABLE! I have Saturday AND Sunday open for up to 4 anglers to fish out of Delacroix with everything included! You couldn't ask for a better week of fishing with both limits of TROUT and REDFISH this week. The Trout have made their appearance, and they are BIG and HUNGRY, and honestly it has been one of the most verocious bites I've seen in a long time, The Redfish has continued to be absolutely off the charts INSANE with quick limits and LOTS of catching and releasing making for a true ONCE IN A LIFETIME Redfish trip! The weather this weekend is going to be absolutely PERFECT as we have a 'cold' front pushing through our area which will drop the humidity and make it down right bearable! PLEASE CALL ASAP 5044274973 and check out our website at! Also, check out our daily reports on Facebook at 'Cast & Blast Charters llc'.

August 28 at 8:33pm

Tomorrow AVAILABLE for up to 4 anglers! The Trout have FINALLY made an appearance and we have a GREAT incoming tide the next few days! I have TOMORROW and SUNDAY available for a trip, DONT DELAY! CALL NOW 5044274973

August 06 at 6:46pm

Sunday is NOW available for up to 4 anglers for some INSANE Redfish action, I promise you will not be disappointed! Call/Text 5044274973

July 05 at 8:59pm

Here's YOUR chance! The last 3 weeks has been absolutely some of the BEST Redfishing I've ever seen in 16 years of guiding in Delacroix! Our fish are in LARGE schools and limits have been coming extremely quickly each day and the fish are the perfect eating size! They are schooled up deep in our marshes and seem to have NEVER seen a boat much less a bait before, and absolutely the most golden pretty fish you could ask for! I have THIS WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY open and I would love to have you and your guests for some true WORLD CLASS Redfishing! I also have this SUNDAY through next Wednesday available, but I'm sure it wont last long, and the time to come is NOW!!! PLEASE CALL/TEXT 5044274973 ASAP!!!!! Check out my website at and be sure to check out our Facebook posts as I've been posting the CRAZY action at 'Cast and Blast Charters LLC' SPECIAL PRICE THIS WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY!!!!!

July 01 at 8:47pm

PLEASE DONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! I have tomorrow morning available for up to 4 fisherman for anyone who wants to experience a true WORLD CLASS Redfish trip, the last week or so have been some of the fastest and most incredible Redfishing I've seen in 16 years of guiding! I hate to have anyone who likes to fish miss out on this incredible fishing, please don't miss out! Give me a Call/Text if youd like to hop on board and I'll give you a great deal on a last minute trip! 504-427-4973

June 27 at 5:04pm

Fishing is on FIRE!! This Friday has just become available for up to 4 anglers in Delacroix and the forecast couldn't be better, great tide, perfect weather, and the fish are hungry! We've had a phenomenal last few weeks and the action continues to shine even for Delacroix. I'm offering this trip to whoever wants it at a discounted rate, but CALL ASAP! 5044274973

May 16 at 7:45am

I just had an opening become available for THIS FRIDAY, and DONT MISS THE BOAT! The fishing has been absolutely STELLAR the last few days in Delacroix, pick your poison, Trout, Redfish, or Drum! We have some great weather for the next few days and THIS is the time to come to Delacroix! I will offer a one time price if you jump on this rare Friday opening! Call/Text 504-427-4973 Check out our website at or Facebook at 'Cast and Blast Charters' and get on the boat NOW!

May 07 at 8:14pm

Tomorrow Morning AVAILABLE!!!! The 'CATCHING' right now is exactly that the last few days for my clients and I, pick a direction, and you're on fish! I just had an opening for the morning become available, don't miss out!!! Call/Text 5044274973

May 04 at 6:52pm

Opening for up to 4 fisherman THIS Friday in Delacroix!!! Don't miss out guys and girls, the fishing has been PHENOMENAL the past few weeks in the marshes around Delacroix, and what better way to have fish for GOOD FRIDAY then to catch your own? We've been enjoying some fantastic weather the last few days and Friday looks to be another great Springtime day with a good tide range and PLENTY hungry fish! Give us a call ASAP, and ask for the GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL! 504-427-4973

April 16 at 7:44pm

Trout are HERE, TROUT are HERE!!!! The last 2 weeks have been the best trout fishing we’ve seen in Delacroix in a long time as far as marsh fishing is concerned. I’ve been able to put a lot of limits in the boat the last 2-3 and the size of the Trout have been absolutely incredible with a solid 14” average fish with many 2-3lb fish mixed in! I’d suspect this pattern to continue another 1-2 weeks before the Trout start moving out to stage for spawning so please don’t delay! I have a very rare opening for this SATURDAY or SUNDAY and it won’t last long! Call me ASAP at 5044274973 Mention this ad and I’ll take $100 off!!!!!!

March 28 at 7:50pm

We have openings on Friday and Sunday for some GREAT CATCHING!!!
The Redfish have been pretty unbelievable this winter down here in Delacroix, and the colder it is, THE BETTER! The cold front that just passed really dropped our water temperature and has congregated the Redfish in BIG numbers, but you definitely need to know where to look, the water levels are low and they aren't widespread, they are in only a handful of spots but they are big schools that are packed close together in small areas. I have availability this Friday and Sunday if anyone would like to fill their freezers and get a good workout reeling in some nice Redfish! The weather looks to be great both days, maybe some rain late Sunday eve but we will be done in plenty time to beat the rain!

Please check out our website at, CALL ASAP at 504-427-4973, mention this add and get $100 off either Friday or Sunday!

January 30 at 3:32pm

Opening for TOMORROW morning!!!!
The Redfishing has been about the BEST you could imagine, with EASY limits daily and TONS of catch and releasing afterwards! I have tomorrow morning available for a few fisherman wanting a TRUE Redfish extravaganza! Call me ASAP at 5044274973 or check out my website at

January 25 at 12:18pm

Opening Day is THIS Saturday!!!
Our Second Split for the 2018/2019 Duck Season opens THIS Saturday and the birds are here waiting on us! We ended the first split last weekend with an absolute hunt of a lifetime on Sunday with limits in all blinds in under 45 minutes and absolute constant action with flocks of 10-30 Teal and Gadwall decoying the WHOLE hunt. We put an absolute TON of work in during the first split to keep our clients on good hunts but it definitely was a struggle with just not many birds, but they are HERE NOW! The last 3 days we've been out fishing and looking around for birds at the same time, and we haven't had to look far, they are exactly everywhere they should be and with PLENTY feed in the area they will definitely stick around a while. The second split is our BEST hunts of the year, please don't let anyone tell you its not, the birds just move a little further out, but theres no where near the pressure as early season, the birds are in higher numbers by far, and the quality is better! We hunt a lot of bigger open water grass flats during the second split with lower water conditions and its a lot more work for us but this is the time that we've made a lot of clients experience the greatest hunt of their lives! NOW is the time to come enjoy some truly world class waterfowl hunting with my guides and I who will always put in however much work is needed to ensure you a GREAT hunt!

Please check out our website at and BOOK YOUR TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Christmas Gift Certificates available! Call/text us at 5044274973 and be sure to stay updated daily on our Facebook page at 'Cast and Blast Charters'.

December 10, 2018 at 7:42pm

The Ducks FINALLY made their appearance today! We had a GREAT morning of action today, but not even close to the impression I got as I ran in looking at our other leases! We had a HUGE push of birds that must’ve arrived overnight, we saw more just now than the whole season so far combined! Unfortunately there’s only 3 days left until the split closes on Sunday but I have room left for the next 3 days! CALL NOW if you’d like to get in a good hunt while the birds are HERE!

November 29, 2018 at 9:16am

***********Opening the next 2 Days************
The cold front we had last night has definitely pushed a MUCH needed influx of birds into our marsh, FINALLY! The last 5 days has been some extremely tough hunting for us as we just haven't gotten a good push of birds yet, but they are here now! As of right now I have an opening for tomorrow, Wednesday, and Saturday, and Sunday! Today we saw mainly a lot of Gadwall, of course there were plenty Teal, and other species we normally get, but the Greys definitely outnumbered the others in the amount of large and high flocks that were coming from the north. The season closes this Sunday and doesn't re-open until December 15th so heres your chance, CALL NOW!!!!

On the fishing front, the fishing has been absolutely off the charts! We've been absolutely smacking the Redfish, limits in under an hour easily without moving the boat, they are as thick as you could ever imagine! When the weather allows us we have had some decent catches of Trout and this cold front for sure will group them up for us and send them into their winter pattern which will make them a lot more consistent and accessible! NOW is the absolute PERFECT time for our famous 'Cast and Blast' as this is the time of year we wait for all year! Don't miss out on this last week of the season of the first split especially with the new birds that have showed up! Mention this ad to book tomorrow or Wednesday for a duck hunt and I'll knock off 25$/person!!!!!

Check us out at, on Facebook at 'Cast and Blast Charters', or CALL/TEXT NOW at 504-427-4973!

November 26, 2018 at 1:48pm

3 Days until Opening Day!!!!

Our 2018/2019 Duck Season opens up this weekend November 10, and the weather couldn't be better with a hard front approaching tonight which will load up our marshes with some additional birds for this weekend! We are looking forward to a phenomenal year in the marshes of Delacroix/Canaervon and with duck numbers in great shape and plenty feed for them all the necessary pieces are in place! We still have ONE blind open for a few hunters for this weekend and a handful of openings left for the first split! This is our favorite time of the year, we can offer our 'Cast and Blast' special, and theres no better time to come to Delacroix, whether you just want to do a marsh fishing trip for speckled Trout and Redfish, a morning duck hunt in one of the most consistent hunting areas in the south, or you want to do a 'Cast and Blast', NOW is the TIME! We have waterfront lodging that is only footsteps from our boats and hunt all privately leased areas that consistently hold ducks year in and year out. If you'd like to take advantage of opening weekend, please CALL NOW!

Check us out at, or on Facebook at 'Cast and Blast Charters', or Call/Text us at 5044274973

November 07, 2018 at 5:39pm

Cast and Blast Charters is gearing up for the upcoming Teal season starting on September 15! We’ve been seeing a few here and there but this morning we took a ride and saw quite a few that must’ve showed up overnight. Teal season is ALWAYS a great warm up session for our regular season and a great time to take some new hunters or kids on a fun hunt. We are beginning to fill alot of our dates so if you’re interested in a duck hunt or Teal hunt, CALL SOON!

Check us out at or on Facebook at Cast and Blast Charters or by calling 5044274973!

August 22, 2018 at 11:21am

Don't miss out, I have this Saturday and Sunday available for up to 4 anglers! We've been having some phenomenal trips the last few weeks down here in Delacroix and with weekends hard to come by usually without booking in advance, this is YOUR perfect opportunity. With school starting across the state I'm willing to drop my prices if you bring a child with you as a GREAT send off present to their new school year. Please come down and take advantage of the great fishing and this one time deal I'm offering!

Check us out at or Call/Text at 5044274973, CALL NOW before its too late!!!

August 08, 2018 at 2:54pm

Friday morning OPEN!!!!
I have an opening for up to 4 anglers for this Friday morning to get in on some of the incredible Redfish action we've been having down here in Delacroix! The past few weeks have been some of the BEST redfishing I've seen in all my years of guiding, there are ALOT of fish in our marshes right now, but you definitely need to know where to look, they aren't widespread where anyone can launch a boat and go find them, but if you know where they are they are THICK! We've been very fortunate this summer so far with not too much bad weather except the typical evening thunderstorms, so PLEASE don't let the weatherman discourage you, a 40-50% chance of rain is normal, it happens everyday in south Louisiana, all that means is that 40-50% of south Lousiana will witness some rain, it doesn't mean a washout! Come on down and get on some of these hard fighting Redfish in the BEST area to fish in Louisiana!

Check us out at, or Call/Text us at 5044274973 for pricing. Keep up with us daily on our Facebook page at 'Cast and Blast Charters LLC'.

July 16, 2018 at 5:05pm
A comment titled: Re: Fishing guide for me and the kids in response to a report titled: Fishing guide for me and the kids

Call me ASAP, IM open tomorrow and will put yall on a once in a lifetime redfish trip, its been absolutely insane! Cast and Blast Charters 5044274973

June 27 at 5:06pm
A comment titled: Pictures soon in response to a report titled: Great Fishing Continues!!!!!!!!

I have some great pictures of these fish, but left my camera in my boat, will post soon.

May 23, 2011 at 9:20pm
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