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I have my all around light mounted on top of my mud motor and it is way too bright!!! Any suggestions on legally reducing the brightness?? What about tapping the front of the light cover??


December 08, 2015 at 11:45am

Over the past 5 years I have seen severe changes in our hunting. While populations of waterfowl have increased thet are here today gone tomorrow. Why is this happening??? It is occurring due to pressure!! What do I mean by pressure??
We have pursued the ducks to the farthest reaches of their habitat. We are going places only a select few have gone before. I remember pushing across water and mud where I left a trail behind me to get to better hunting. Working so hard that I would be down to just a sweatshirt in 30 degree temps due to the amount of body heat I was generating. My hunting partners back then would have nothing to do with this type of hunting. During the later part of the season in the 2nd split when we had very little water many would stay home. It was too hard!
What I learned was we did not pressure the ducks in their sanctuary and they did not leave.
The birds no longer have sanctuaries( places to not be disturbed) to get away from the hunters. They are constantly pressured from human interaction. I have hunted from pirogues since I was 10. I have pushed thro mud to try and get to ducks in the past just like many others on here. I have also in the past said \'those ducks are safe there and no one can bf of these in particular I heard for 10 minutes as it passed by. It at one point had to be 2 miles away from me and was still very noticeable.
Maybe we are past the point of returning to the older ways of hunting? To believe that the noise from these air cooled engines and the ability to get to tidal flats are not scaring the ducks is turning a deaf ear..
I am all for ease of hunting now at age 56 but I am willing to go back to hunting from a pirogue if it is for the betterment of duck hunting. Surface drives should be held to noise standards and an emphasis should be made to reduce the noise levels. Outboards do not produce 1/5 of the noise of air cooled engines. I thoroughly enjoy my duck hunting and have definitely noticed how the noise affects ducks. The areas of open water in Delacroix and Hopedale where no one would venture in an outboard during winter tides no longer exist as a haven for ducks..
So think seriously about reducing noise rather than increasing your horsepower and speed. How fast does one have to go if it is harm full to our sport??
I would love to hear from others on this subject.

November 11, 2013 at 7:46am

What is the verdict on the eatability of diving ducks? I have had plenty opportunities to shoot Bufflehead, dosgris, ringnecks and a few others. Please respond on the eadable status of ducks other than Mallards, greys, widgeon , teal and Pintail.
If you have a good recipe for the divers please let me know. Could have filled limits with the divers but do not like to shoot something I am not going to eat.

January 07, 2013 at 9:17am

I would like to start a post in regards to the just expired Teal Season. I personally had my worst teal season ever. I do think it was entirely due to Issac. I had a similar season after Katrina in 2005. I did not hunt near as much as in previous seasons but there just were not many birds in the Southeast part of the state.
I hunted anywhere from private leases to WMAs. I had one hunt where 3 of us limited ouit to my last hunt where I did not shoot my gun( I even stayed in the blind till 8:30 which I never have to do).
I would expect the comments for SE Louisiana to be consistent with bad and the further west to be much better.
I am looking forward to our big duck season and making a youth hunt with my son in early November.

How was your Teal season?

October 01, 2012 at 8:56am

Looking for a good duck hunting video game. Please reply with your thoughts on a game you have and any pros or cons about it. Looking preferrably for something associated with Wii and that also includes a shooting gun of some sort.

August 21, 2012 at 9:36am

The 1st split was very good to us. Limited out 6 out of the 8 trips with at least a 2 person limit. Our bag consisted of 85% greys and the rest GW Teal. We are mostly in a salt water marsh and we see mostly greys.

December 09, 2011 at 12:18pm

I am looking for feedback on the Escort shotgun line + or -. I looked at a 12 gauge 3' auto yesterday and for the price it seems like a great deal. Would prefer to hear from people that own one. I have had every shotgun I used malfunction at some point and time. Just want to see if there were any things to be concerned with.

Thanks in advance

December 06, 2011 at 9:33am

Looking for a place to hunt doves on a regular basis or not. I live in New Orleans and would have 2-3 adults plus boys age 11-15. All have hunted before. Please contact me with locations and costs.


October 03, 2011 at 8:52am

Need some help from the experts oput there. Having limited success with the Mangrove Snapper. What is the best technique to fish them? Bait? Gear and set up? What is the best position of the boat? Should you get up current and chum into the rig? I have my drag as tight as it will go and still can not stop the fish from pulling into the rig. I am using 50lb power pro an 50lb flourocarbon leader.

Thanks for any help

July 13, 2011 at 9:22am

Great day on the water with David Discon, Barry Dennis and David Landrieu. David wanted to break in the new boat and smear it with a little blood.
The plan was to head offshore out of Hopedale and go after some Snapper and Cobia. At 2:30 Saturday morning it was blowing 15 knots out of the WSW but was forecast to drop later in the morning. This has been the weather pattern for most of the summer due to these high pressure systems moving in from the west.
We arrived at the launch for the prescribed time of 4 AM launched the boat and made our final plans for the day. We picked up some live croakers for the Mangroves and secured everything for the bumpy ride. We had planned to stop on the way out to catch a few trout and ladyfish for bait and chum. The winds were not blowing at the launch but were still showing to be stiff according to the sea buoy reports. We headed out thru the spoil canal and did not have a breeze until we hit the sound. The further out we went the harder it blew. By the time we stopped to catch our bait it was blowing 15 knots or more. The wind was whistling as it blew around the stretched lines of the poles in the rod holders on the t-top. We positioned ourselves on the lee shore and dropped anchor. Before the anchor line was taught big trout were jumping in the boat. They were chasing pogies all around the boat. In a matter of 15 minutes we had 25 nice fish in the boat along with a few ladyfish which we had decided to use for snapper bait.
It was now 6:30 AM and the wind seemed to be picking up. The discussion know was to call the offshore part of the trip and to be happy with the great trout bite we had. By 8 we had our 4 man limit of fish and noticed the wind had slacked up a bit. We decided to sit back and enjoy the morning and eat a little breakfast.
By 9am there were 10 boats around us and a few were catching fish and some were not. We then got what we were looking for, a break in the winds. That quickly they died down to a slight breeze. We fired up the motors and headed southeast. The first 5 rigs produced nothing except for 1 trigger fish. The water was very dirty with plenty of seed on top so we decide to head away from the river. After about 10 miles we found some nice water and what looked like an older rig. The baits were dropped and immediately the poles were in action. The first fish up was a nice trigger fish and then the snapper got in on the action. My son David had hooked up with something that had the pole bent over and the 60 lb mono pushed to the max. 10 minutes later he threw a 11 lb Mangrove in the boat. On the next drop he was hooked up again and 10 minutes later a 20lb Red Snapper hit the deck. Not bad for his first Mangrove and Red Snapper, both bigger than any I had ever caught. In no time the limit was done and our focus turned to getting on the Mangroves that were present. The bad news was our croakers had died and we had no other bait. Just then 2 big Cobia decided to give us some entertainment. We hooked both of them but somehow threw the hooks after a brief battle.
It was now getting late in the afternoon and we had a 63 mile ride back to the dock and plenty of fish to clean. What a great day on the water with my youngest son and 2 good friends.

Have a great day

July 11, 2011 at 1:49am

We sometimes take for granite what the fishing is all about. It is not always about limits and size of the fish that we catch. It is about the memories from a trip that it is really about.
This past Sunday I made a late afternoon trip with my good friend Mike McMahon and his 3 boys Michael, Matthew and Christopher(Shark bite). My son David was not able to make the trip due to a prior commitment with his mom.
We saw Glenn at the launch by Breton Sound Marina and he made the observation that the wind was blowing. Glen was right as we already knew the conditions were not great this past Sunday afternoon. Winds were steady out the SE 12-20 MPH and wave heights were 2-3 feet in the sound. The normal places to fish were going to be very difficult to handle in such conditions. Wind blowing one direction and tide moving the opposite way make for very tough conditions. We tried a few of the normal spots at a few rigs but we were able to produce only a few fish. The wind seemed to be picking up even more. We then made a decision to hide behind some of the barrier islands to elude the wind and get a break from the bouncing and slamming of the boat.
The water was nice and green and there were signs of fish everywhere. Slicks were starting to pop up so we made the decision to get in the water and see what we could find. This was the first time these boys had ever surf fished but there was no hesitation to jump in the water. No net, 1 stringer and 3 newbie's all hit the water in seconds. From that point on it was slow but fairly steady of catching nice trout. We lost almost half of what we hooked due to the net issue(someone decided to leave the surf net in the back of the Suburban).
We fished for about 2 hours steadily adding fish to the lone stringer. The sun was now getting low in the horizon and it was time to start heading back. Reluctantly the boys started getting out of the water and we made our way back to the launch. On the way home in the car one of the boys asked me this question,' while we were in the water did you see anything(sharks) that you did not tell us about?'. My reply then as it still is now was no.
I wish my son could have been there with us for a great evening on the water. The pictures attached need no explanation just look at the faces.

June 01, 2011 at 2:26pm

Fished early Saturday morning in Lake Pontchatrain with a couple of friends. Very little tide and just a little wind out of the North.
Started the morning throwing topwater in search of big trout. The area we fished has been showing the conditions for this bite. More tide would have made the situation better.
We stuck at it for an hour before the first blowup happened around 7am. The trout missed but it was a big one. 2 casts later another big one engulfs the top dog and does a fierce head shake across the water trying to shake the lure. The fish is successful and breaks off and continues to try and shake the lure that is stuck in its mouth. The trout looked to be in the 6lb range. We are now throwing with alot more energy and working the baits hard.
Another half hour and no luck so we try some different baits. I tie on a catch 5 that looks like a pogey and on my 3rd cast I got a vicious strike. The fish immediately surfaces and tries to shake the lure. He is not able to shake it and submerges and starts pulling drag like a red. He surfaces 2 more times before we get the net under him. What a beautiful fish to add to my top ten biggest trout. The fish measured 26.5 inches and was starting to show a little belly.
Ended the morning with 2 fish and a couple of misses on a day with just okay conditions.
Come on full moon and east winds.

April 04, 2011 at 12:08pm
A comment titled: Re: 6 Boxes - Burning Gunpowder in response to a report titled: 6 Boxes - Burning Gunpowder

I would consider a better shell. I have used those federal waterfowl loads in the past. You could by 3 inch shells for $11 a box at Academy. The things I noticed after shooting them were the following;
1. left the gun extremely dirty from gun powder residue
2. did not have good results with killing ducks with these shells
3. were subject to rusting quickly if they were damp.

I use a go pro also and can attest to the camera not being able to show the actual distance of the shots.
I would try a few different brands of shells for a few $ more.

I know use black cloud, rios and heavy steel all 3 inch and 2 3/4 inch and I am extremely pleased with all of them. My gun likes them better also.

January 18, 2017 at 3:01pm
A comment titled: Re: Thank goodness for teal in response to a report titled: Thank goodness for teal

Snails. They love snails. More predominant in the saltier waters around Delacroix and Hopedale.

November 29, 2016 at 8:13am
A comment titled: Go bigger in response to a report titled: Chapman Canebreak

I own both of the 14 ft models, cottonmouth and copperhead. I love the cottonmouth because of the higher sides. Better than most in high winds and will carry a load. You can pick it up by itself.

January 23, 2014 at 11:11am
A comment titled: Delacroix in response to a report titled: Bad year

We experienced the same thing. 1st split was good except for the last weekend. 2nd split was a struggle for every hunt. Plenty feed and I hunted every front. Just no birds to be seen.
Spotty hunting by everyone down this way. Had 1 or 2 friends did extremely well on teal till the last 2 weekends.

January 23, 2014 at 10:55am
A comment titled: Need to read the rules in response to a report titled: More Mud Boats. . . . LESS DUCKS

In LAA areas you are not allowed to use your ICC engine. It must be raised out of the water and not in use. So unless you push poled in, paddled in or used a trolling motor how did you get to your spot???
I hope you did not think it meant you could use your ICC engine a little bit????
Please follow the law and or rules as stated. You do not want to go before a federal judge and explain you did not understand?
Please tell us how you got to your spot??? We are all curious!!!!

January 07, 2014 at 8:45am
A comment titled: Do not fold in response to a report titled: Hip Boots

When not in use you should hank them up from the boot, do not lay them down or fold them over. Same thing with waders.

January 06, 2014 at 9:59am
A comment titled: Jimmy W in response to a report titled: More Mud Boats. . . . LESS DUCKS

Needs to grow up and accept the facts instead of making stupid kiddie comments. The motors are a problem and will be a big problem going forward.

January 01, 2014 at 6:00pm
A comment titled: ??? in response to a report titled: New Browning A5 Ejection Issue

What do you mean by stove pipping????

January 01, 2014 at 7:17am
A comment titled: ??? in response to a report titled: New Browning A5 Ejection Issue

What do you mean by stove pipping????

January 01, 2014 at 7:14am
A comment titled: Yes in response to a report titled: Arkansas duck season dates.

Thanks Larry. Please get us on your mailing list. 46 years of duck hunting.

November 26, 2013 at 1:42pm
A comment titled: SW la in response to a report titled: Arkansas duck season dates.

SW la has always had more birds than SE la which is evident in the annual surveys. Maybe we should be divided east and west with no coastal. We should not be in the same zone with SW la. Even in the past east/west zones SE la below hwy 90 has always ibeen in the west zone.
Look at the latest aerial survey for the northern part of la posted on la sportsman this week. They are loaded with birds! They did not make it to the southern part of the state yet. This tells me we should not be open in early November.

November 26, 2013 at 6:19am
A comment titled: That was my thread on harassment of waterfowl in response to a report titled: Arkansas duck season dates.

I have been duck hunting for 46 years and consider myself very knowledgeable of the sport and season. I have hunted every year except for 1 or 2 in the 80s.
The coastal zone opens way too early. When there were two zones the west always opened a week before the east. This year the coastal opened before the west and 2 weeks before the east.
There is no doubt the ducks are not here as they were 2 years ago. There are reasons for the lesser amounts of birds that we can not control. This has all happened to appease a few of the hunters that are in the pipeline and have been asked their opinions. In 46 years of hunting I have never received an email or letter asking if I would like to participate with my thoughts. I understand you have been on don dubucs radio show on sat morning. If like many sportsmen in Louisiana I am usually hunting or fishing on those mornings and am not listening to a radio show. Seems to me you are entertaining the thoughts of some part time outdoorsman and not the ones there on a weekly basis.
I do and have always made good hunts on my leases and on public land. I make it a habit of hunting where the birds are! I put in more scouting than most people. The concensus of opinion from myself and many of my hunting friends are the season should not open this early. We are going to get the low tides in dec and Jan regardless of the later dates. Why open the season early to appease a SELECT FEW. PLEASE TELL ME KNOW WHEN THIS NEXT MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE SO I CAN GIVE MY THOUGHTS!!! Ever year the aerial surveys reflect the same things. The birds are at the mouth of the river and in SW LOUISIANA with very few in SE Louisiana.
The season needs to open later than the 1st week of November . We need the cold fronts up north to push the birds south more now than ever before.
LARRY please tell us when we can meet to get the opinions of the serious sportsmen that want to see the best for everyone.


November 25, 2013 at 9:53am
A comment titled: Pricing is out of line in response to a report titled: Flooded Timber Hunts! Duck & Buck Combo!

I made a 5 day hunt in Missouri for 1500 with a 125 minimum. Buck and doe with accommodations.

November 21, 2013 at 7:24am
A comment titled: No use in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

It is evident that there are people with mud boats do not think they and their boats do not harass the waterfowl. They are entitled to their thoughts and you will not be able to change them. The real reason they use those boats are to get to where the ducks are easily. They are not willing to think that the noise combined with people do not disturb the birds.
I hunted an area in Delacroix where we had a large open very shallow lake that held a couple of thousand birds very single day during the season. They were there and not harassed by a mud boat running them up. Why did I say mud boat ?? Because back in 1977 there were no long tails or surface drives around to disturb them. I hunted an area on the opposite side of he lake that you had to push pole across thru mud to get to. It would take 30 minutes of tough pulling to get there. You might scare up a few birds that were very close to you. Most stayed right where they were. By having these large concentration of birds sitting there we were able to hunt the edges all season. If I would have had a mud boat to do what I did I would have spooked the birds off. Believe me if I had one I most probably would have used it. I do know I would not have had the good hunts on a daily basis the entire season.
Keep believing these boats have not stressed the birds. You may still kill some ducks on the fronts but it will suffer. It is complete ignorance to think they do not. The majority of mud boat owners are not doing things intentionally but as long as they keep scaring up birds from major distances there will be harm. AND yes there are some motors that are significantly louder than others due to alterations.
The days of seeing large bodies of ducks( many thousands) are gone due to the infiltration of hunters and noise . Hunters+ noise+ infiltration = harassment . The only places I see these large bodies of birds today are on management areas that are not easily accessible to and do not allow air cooled engines.
I started this post and I stated I do own a SD. It has made my hunting easier in the past but I too have seen the degregation to the sport of duck hunting. If you make it to easy it is no longer a sport. I gave up deer hunting with a rifle because it had become to easy. Shame on you if you do not kill a deer with a good gun at 100 yards. The advancements to our sports are hurting us.
I am for the lessening of noise to the areas where ducks habitat. How this is accomplished I do not know. Seems like they could build a better muffler for these boats. So what if you go a little slower??? Or do not go thru the birds??? And be courteous about running thru someone else's lease ???

November 20, 2013 at 2:12pm
A comment titled: Ignorance in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

Those of you thinking the advent of surface drives have not had a negative impact on ducks need to fess up. It has been stated by many that it does impact the birds negatively.
I own one but I do not hunt out of it. I still pirogue to my spot everyday. I have witnessed what the noise does to resting birds from long distances. Do not believe the bs that noise does not scare the birds. If they would find a way to decrease the noise with better mufflers would help things a little. They are just toooo dam loud. Not counting the fact you are invading their sanctuaries.
If they banned the mud motors it would not upset me. The better WMA's do not allow them . What I mean by better is I KILL MORE DUCKS AND SEE MORE DUCKS!

November 13, 2013 at 10:59am
A comment titled: Thanks Larry in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

Can you make it colder?? What are the major reasons you see for the fewer birds this year. I have read your posts about a late hatch. Has this happened before and if so when???

November 13, 2013 at 6:51am
A comment titled: Reply to duckhunter_89 in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

Very good post. Why do they open the coastal zone before the northern zonr(east)? Maybe the zones should be north and south?? The east zone will have plenty birds in 2 weeks. Yes, it does not make any sense. Anyone from Wildlife and fisheries care to post a response ???

November 13, 2013 at 6:47am
A comment titled: It is not exactly warm outside in response to a report titled: Waterfowl Season, where's the Quack?

I guess it is not cold outside today?

November 13, 2013 at 6:38am
A comment titled: Some are missing the point in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

If the ducks have no where to hide( escape pressure) they will vacate an area regardless of the food source. I am not a sound expert but I have both air cooled and regular outboard motors. There is a considerable decibel increase with the air cooled vs the outboard. I can go anywhere In an inch of water just like a duck. Those of you that believe their mud boats are not capable of going where no man has gone before to hunt are mistaken. I kill more birds on management land with no access by air cooled engines vs my lease in Delacroix . The management area I hunt maintains birds during the entire season and it is due to a lack of pressure ( no mud boats and their operators

November 11, 2013 at 7:54pm
A comment titled: Wrong in response to a report titled: Harassment of our waterfowl

I had a very good opening weekend. I have 2 leases and hunted one on each day. You are on the wrong subject! We are talking about noise and disturbance!!
Please explain to me where new habitat was created either here in Louisiana or elsewhere? We are losing habitat in Louisiana. Do you not know this?? The coastal marshes everywhere have receded and internally eroded.
While DU has helped farmers to keep some of their lands open for waterfowl there is now no more land then before. We are not talking about land habitat and the creation of it??? We are talking about why the birds do not stick around longer as they use to.
We had population problems with ducks from time to time over its history but the levels currently are at very good numbers. Yes we know the recent surveys said we are at a low level currently but that will improve. I am talking about the idiots with the souped up exhaust systems and carburetors trying to squeeze out 2 more mphs. They do not realize what they inadvertently do!! I do have a surface drive that I use when I hunt on private land. I do hunt on public land that is not accessible by air cooled engines and they hold more ducks for longer periods than the private lands today. They have hard to reach areas where the birds get a break. That does not exist on private land today unless the owners create a sanctuary.
Please state where the new habitat has been created here in Louisiana???? And also what that had to do with harassment??
You should not assume that I had a poor hunt!! Why do you think there are refuges and why on management areas that are inaccessible by mud motors have limited days of hunting???
It is to give the ducks a break!!!

November 11, 2013 at 9:23am
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