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Hit the trestles today. Live shrimp and plastics. Fished from 7:30 till noon. With 6 guys fishing we ended up with (2) trout. Waves were like on the Bearing Sea. Saw lots of boats moving looking for the bite. I hope somebody caught some. It was a bad one for my group.

May 15, 2015 at 2:29pm

Said it would be May. I go to the Rigolets and buy mine and drive back to Bienvenue. It's a pain but they always have live shrimp. Good lively shrimp too.

March 08, 2015 at 7:02pm
A comment titled: Dockside is open in response to a report titled: Dockside Boat Launch

They should have live shrimp by now too.
Call Hunter-985-297-3158

November 16, 2014 at 1:50pm
A comment titled: Hog calls in response to a report titled: HOG CALLS

Hey Chris,
I have used various calls and none seem to really work. If you are seeing them try to ambush them by trying to find out what trails they are using and get ahead of them. As far as animal problems while walking thru in the dark, you will be fine. I have hunted all my life and never had any issues. But, if it is warm just watch the ground good with your light so you don't step on a snake. That will be your biggest concern,

October 18, 2011 at 8:00pm
Boutte, LA

Brand new put together Costway 500 lb. Game Hauler.
Paid $75.00
Selling $60.00

Call or text Mark (985)-867-0700
Located near Madisonville.

November 17 at 12:29pm
Boutte, LA


-Condor Frontier-$81.00. $40.00

-Cutco 5717 Gut Hook-$90.00. $75.00

-Cold Steel SRK-$50.00. $25.00-----(SOLD)

-Swiss Army 'Red'-$60.00. $30.00

-Case Sod Buster-$24.00. $15.00

-Scharade 194T-$55.00. $25.00

-Victorinox 1st Responder-$50.00. $25.00

-Ontario Rat 7-$80.00. $40.00

-Condor Matt Graham-$80.00. $40.00

-BK7 Leather & Nylon Sheaths-$50.00. $50.00

-BK 17 W/Custom Kydex Sheath and Tan & Black Handles-$70.00. $40.00

-Leathernan Surge-$45.00. $25.00-----(SOLD)

-Scharade WR 1 Dive Knife 1/2 Serrated-$40.00. $20.00

-Scharade 150T-$50.00. $25.00

-Halibus Knife-$100.00. $50.00------(Sold)

-Condor Bushlore-$51.00. $30.00-----(Sold)

-Dan Qwynn Montana Folder-$50.00. $25.00

-Large Bowie-$50.00. $20.00

-Halibus Bush Tool-$170.00. $80.00

-Orange Handle Parang-$10.00. $10.00-----(Sold)

-Condor Parang-$81.00. $40.00------(SOLD)

-Ontario Air Force Survival-$41.00. $20.00

-Scharade PHW Rosewood Handles-$30.00. $15.00

-Old Timer 1600T-$20.00. $10.00

-Scharade SCHF 13-$36.00. $18.00

-Scharade SCHF 11-$34.00. $17.00

-Scharade SCHF 14-$33.00. $15.00

-Scharade SCHF 42 Tanto-$41.00. $20.00

-Camellius Leather Wrap Handle-$60.00. $20.00

-Ontario Bushcraft with Maple Handle-$65.00. $30.00

All knives are 50% off of original price and include sheaths. Have realized I just can't use them all so they have to go. I'm sticking with (5) knives only in my collection which are the ones I use mostly. I figured someone could use these and save a lot of money as well. Whatever don't sell I will just bring to a pawn shop. I really can't go down on the prices because I'm selling them so cheap. If interested in any I can text you a close up picture.

*If you don't know exactly what some of these knives look like / specs. Look them up on Ebay.

The (2) Halibus knives you will need to look up on the Self Reliance Outfitters website by David Cantenbury.

No travel or short distances only.

Text or call Mark (985)-867-0700

Located off I-12 close to Hammond.

September 12 at 9:15am
Boutte, LA

Lil Creek Hunting Club located in Independence Louisiana off I-55 is looking for a few good members. Approximately 4,000 acres of cutovers, creek bottoms, pine and hardwoods. Plenty of deer, squirrel, turkey and hogs. Each member gets (2) private stands the 1st year and (3) private stands starting their 2nd year. 1 work day per year. Great road access. 4 wheel drive is not needed or 4 wheelers.

Family membership-$1,050.00

Lots of fun with cookouts on Saturday nights. Family atmosphere. Good group of guys with 'NO' drama. Campsites with water and electricity available at $400.00 per year.

Contact George Cooper (985)-634-4072 to view property, or Anthony at (504)-421-5334

April 25 at 6:43am