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I was reviewing my public-land game cam pictures from this weekend and came across this gobbler following this nice buck!!! This has gotta be the neatest set of photos I ever had.

July 21, 2015 at 9:49am

For anyone who was interested in knowing more about the bear that had ran up on my dogs and I in the article I posted last month here is the concluding result.

The bear that attacked my dogs and I was indeed a momma protecting two babies. I guess we got lucky she didn't turn us into CUB FOOD, lol. The bears left the area 2 hours after I had set my cams which was about 300 yards away from where we saw her. Then two other bears passed one night. One was BIG.

July 21, 2015 at 9:43am

Well yesterday evening I was longbow hunting for does ready to unleash the 100lb beast while I was watching a beautiful sunset on the mighty Mississippi reading a book when I heard something behind me. A racked buck was a ways off feeding slowly. I decided, why not see how close I can get expecting to get busted in the dry crackling leaves, but I climbed down anyways and approached with ninja stealth hopping from one downed tree limb to another. I was hoping a doe was with him. However, he was alone, so I laid down the bow and crept closer. Somehow I got within 35yds before he even noticed something was nearby. I was able to get great video with my camcorder in the fading light. He was walking off 30yds broadside when I blew my extinguisher twice. He looked up and was wondering why I didn't have horns coming off my head. Wow, what an amazing experience for sure. Even though I'm tagged out of bucks, to me this was just as fun as harvesting deer and the reason why I'm still in the woods every chance I can get. But next year I hope our paths cross, once again, in bow range!

The pic is not great quality because I snapped it from the camcorder screen.

I have many cool stories to post of this year's adventures with some really neat tactics that I used and a whole lotta' luck, lol, but I need to find some time to write 'em up and edit all my footage.

January 17, 2015 at 8:14am

antlered doe

saw this link: cool story

January 13, 2015 at 3:11pm

Earlier this summer my friend invited me to go hog hunting at his place in Alabama to get a head start on filling the freezer, but after reading the new regulations I passed and waited for September. Here is my article on the new rule changes. Good luck to everyone this hunting season!

September 10, 2013 at 8:40pm

I got plenty of emails and messages about where to find the net and lights from my frogging article that released last week on my column.

The 16 foot aluminum pole for the net can be purchased at any Ace Hardware. The net's wire frame and mesh netting can be bought at the Pierre Part Store. My headlight was bought brand new for $25 on At Cabelas it is $60. The Black n Decker light was bought at Walmart for $20. They have the rechargeable and AA batteried ones that all last long. They also make a more costly water proof one and water resistant one, so you can pick for what best suites your needs. Sorry I didn't mention all the details in the article. Hope everyone out there can come across the gear they need.

Here's the article:

Also been busy as could be so haven't posted many of my fishing stories on here like I usually do. Took my wife out shark fishing Saturday in Lake Pelto instead of going after big trout like usual since she wanted to sleep in. We caught and released about a dozen nice sharks. With our chum we had action every 5 minutes. We caught mostly blacktips and a few bulls sharks. My first one of the day was HUGE! Had more fun on that trip than all dozen of my trout trips this summer put together, but I love battling giant fish more than anything.

Here are my other two fishing articles from this summer incase anyone didn't see and wanted to read. I got several emails with ppl needing info or advice about the Keys. Anyone feel free to message me, I love to help.

The Bachelor Fishing Trip Reboot:

The Florida Keys vs Louisiana's coast:

July 15, 2013 at 7:58am

Well here is my results and stories from my last month of hunting including the 4 deer and 3 hogs I shot on the trip. I've haven't been posting because I was away from the computer on my long camp vacation hunting everyday. Now have a freezer full of meat but still finishing off the season bow hunting at St. Catherine's Creek NWR in Mississippi this weekend and next thursday. Had an almost big enough 6 point at 12 yard this past weekend and saw countless does. Hoping a shooter will walk by.

My brother's first Louisiana buck with video:

And Here's my broken bridge buck:

January 23, 2013 at 1:17pm

Here's my latest article on my hunts from Thanksgiving through this past weekend where I hunted Bayou Cocodrie on the gun lottery hunt. Hope yall like the video. It isn't the best footage, but i'll be trying harder to improve on videoing hunts. We had hunted Wallace Lake and the biologist said only one 8 point was killed on Wallace Lake. Did anyone else hunt Bayou Cocodrie and have any luck or hear about any big ones being killed on other units? Not many shots were fired from the amount of trucks I saw on Wallace lake unit and many hunters I spoke with said few animals were moving. I did finally see some fresh rubs along with smell some bucks looking to rut in my area.

December 04, 2012 at 12:29pm

Last weekend was a success. I had a two does come up directly behind me on bayou cocodrie one morning at 8 yards, but I was unable to get drawn in time for a shot as they skipped through. The next morning my finacee went hunting at a lease hunting in the stand with her maid of honor who was having her birthday party that weekend. Laura missed a doe on a long over 100 yard shot on her first ever shot at an animal with the rifle. Then a few hours later at 11:30 AM I had 8 deer, a 4 point, spike, 5 does and yearling come through while at red river but was unable to capitalize with 16 eyes watching me. Later that day I stalked close to a 200lb boar but wasn't given a shot opportunity. It wasn't looking good and I was frustrated, but Sunday it came together. She was able to get her first deer with my .270 dropping her instantly with a heart shot on the lease hunting with Jan again. Minutes after getting her text I had 3 medium size hogs come through giving me a perfect 20 yard shot. Twack, the spotted boar only ran 15 yards and died within minutes with my new striker magnum 1.5' diameter broad heads clipping the heart and smashing the lungs with an easy passthrough. It was my first ever spotted hog and I'm keeping the pelt. Not wanting to drag it out and mess up the hide, I decided to jog the piggy out the 1.6 miles. What a fun way to end the weekend. She was able to see over 7 deer each hunt while on the lease and even got to see a big doe get on her hind legs and fight off a spike. Still she said she rathers the long walks and rush of just hearing something walk by on public land to getting dropped off by a vehicle in a box then watching deer feed next to her dead deer for the entire hunt, but it was good practice for future hunts on public land where its hard enough just to see a deer much less kill one. Her pics were taking back at the their camp. For Thanksgiving i'm cooking the hog whole instead of a turkey!

November 21, 2012 at 4:59pm

My friend got these bear pics from a buddy who hunts near big lake wma. He says the bears are loaded over there. Here's my latest sportsmans article,'Not Enough Arrows, Just Enough Shells.' After 29 bowhunts this season I have no meat to show, yet after 1 hunt with the shotgun I got 2 hogs. Also i'll be switching to new broadheads this coming weekend. The striker magnum 125 grain which has a 1.5' cutting diameter. Its the biggest fixed blade I could find and I want the same broadhead to use for my x-bow, compound and recurve so I can switch them out easily. I got 2 packs in the mail today, but my broadhead target is at the camp. Is there a big drop off in distance when switching from a 100 to 125 grain head with x-bows and compounds? Just wondering if anyone has experience switching to heavier heads and performance. I'm eager to get more massive blood trails. Anyone uses the striker magnums? I've killed many animals with my montec g5's and they fly perfectly, but rarely will I have solid blood trails even with many well placed shots. A few shots I had no blood at all though I recovered the animal as they fell within 100 yards. Next year I'll be getting a blood tracking dog, so i'm eager to get my new dog to start training.

November 07, 2012 at 12:32pm

A buddy at the gym sent me this link and thought some of yall out there would be glad to see someone get caught. A friend of his had his stuff stolen a few years back and they were able to recover the trailer and 4 wheelers, but were in very poor condition. Glad this guy is caught. Unfortunately, when my vehicle was broken into this summer I got no justice and the police never looked into my case to my knowledge. I called several times on a weekly basis for a month and every time they said they'd call back later that day. I never received any calls and every time they said they haven't looked into anything yet. I went to the office and done as much research as I could on my own with bank statements and called all cards for every detail of information I could find to help out, but who knows if they looked at any of the information I gave them. Guess only way to get justice in my over 12K in stolen goods is to hope my thief steals a dozen 4 wheelers and tractors too, then gets busted. Not trying to bash any of the great job our law enforcement workers due, just saying its the first time I ever had to deal with anything with the law and feel let down. Here's the link to this theif from Mississippi in case anyone out there is missing stuff from a camp in Mississippi.

October 23, 2012 at 10:16pm

Here's my results from last weekend and some rules on primative weapons which many hunters I chatted with didn't know. I eager to see what kind of thumpin my new gun with these big bullets will due on some animals latter this year. Also, I got pics of this bear and never seen one so plump. I know they have cubs in early winter and wonderig if this bear is pregnant. I hope so. The picture that shows how long this massive snake was is in the article.

October 17, 2012 at 11:23am

Here's my results from Laura and I's first week of hunting. I hope I can learn to hit the animal next time, lol. Bowhunting can be so rewarding, but usually its just frustration! At least i've been in the action.

Also i'm very impressed with the new groundblind, the ameristep penthouse, i bought for Laura for her b-day. Its absolutely amazing and 8 feet tall inside and $130. She can set it up and pick it up herself in seconds. I'll write an article about it soon.

And before I catch any flack for having a loaded weapon in a pic as I did with my big buck a while back. I was stalking on the way out with the weapon and handed it to her for a quick pic to remember the moment. Just crossing my t's and dotting my i's for the critics!

October 09, 2012 at 1:42pm

Here's my new article. I plan on watching this video before my hunts this year to get amped, hope it inspires some of yall to give public land a chance. I went scouting this past Sunday. First stop was Tunica Hills WMA. I went over there more so for hiking purposes, as I love running the trails and trying to climb the steepest hills. I did see some good deer sign at a spot I hunted before, but unsure if I’ll have enough time to hunt there this year much. Then, i scooted across the river to 3 Rivers. I found some awesome sign near some of the edges of the woods and jumped a nice buck. Also, saw some of the thickest hog sign I’ve come across yet. I can't wait for the season to start. I hope to scout Cat Island then Bayou Cocodrie next weekend.

My buddies went up to the public land and hammered the teal. Here's a pic of all the birds they smoked on opening day. Wish I had time to duck hunt some, but I'm too excited about bow season at the moment scouting every free second I have.

Also my friend who works at the gym I train at went to Dularge with her Uncle to a spot I fish at and she caught this big Alligator gar on a shrimp on the bottom. What a cool looking fish. I’m jealous and been trying to catch one all year with no luck though I rarely fish for them too often.

September 18, 2012 at 3:56pm

Here’s my snapper, Mr. T, like the actor. He’s mean and feisty and the coolest! I hand feed him fish or deer everynight. I found him just hatched the size of a quarter on the track 2 years ago in the midday sun about to dry out. Anyways its 2 years later and I just got a 4 foot long 75 gallon aquarium. I’ve been adding in fish from the bayou, which my turtle scarfs up when he can, but the tank starts to get dirty. I tried scum suckers from the stores but he ate those within one night. The perch do well with keeping the scum at bay. I read about that trick and it worked better than scum suckers, but they don’t clean the bottom of the tank. The small socalait I put in after Issac is too quick for my turtle and doing well. I scoop grass shrimp regularly and the fish go nuts eating those. I was thinking small catfish would be just as good for keeping the waste in the tank cleaned, but I don’t know where or how to catch a small 2-3” catfish. They cost 7 dollars at the store so that’s out of the question since they’ll get eaten. I called the game wardens and they told me using a minnow cage for a few baby catfish is legal. Anyone has any ideas or where to scoop or set a minnow cage to catch them? I asked all my friends and none had a clue either so i'll try on here. I tried in bayou Lafourche with no luck yet. I can catch millions of catfish in the bayou but I can’t recall catching babies. I’m puzzled.

September 17, 2012 at 2:08pm

Scouted all weekend for deer @ 3 Rivers and Red River taking advantage of the cold front. With perfect temperatures in the 50’s Sunday morning I walked 8 hours. I jumped 3 deer, 2 rabbits and startled some hogs which allowed me to creep into the 15 yard danger range. All of the deer sign was near temporarily unpressured field edges and water sources as usually in September. The woods are back to being very dry. Found a few key persimmon trees about to drop which I’ll focus my hunts soon. Unfortunately I didn’t have any big buck pictures on my cameras, just small spikes, though I have several spots with a bunch of daylight action on the does and hogs. My cameras saved me from hunting my usual turf which I planned come October. I had 3 cameras in one area which didn’t have any deer pictures after sitting nearly a month. Previous years had that spot loaded with bucks in September. That section is overrun with hogs. Speaking of hogs, I heard a loud grunting noise in the woods followed by pig squeals. I’ve only heard a pig with a grunt so ferocious a few times before in my life and I knew it was a big boy. Luckily after checking my camera in the area I got pics of this gianormous bore. Anyone wants to guess what that thing weighs? I can’t wait to go stalk him and add those tusks to my collection. That big boy should be easy to spot. Got him fighting another hog in the picture. I love hearing those hogs tussle while hunting. Got a bear at that cam too. Just 3 more weeks…..I can’t take it.

On a good note from the robbery from last week, I received an envelope in the mail this weekend with only my license in it which someone apparently found while cleaning their yard. It’s not much but a start in the right direction and saving a long wait at the dmv is always a plus!

September 10, 2012 at 1:48pm

Went look in the bayou Lafourche in the backyard yesterday and the fish were at the surface sucking air. I rescued one small socalait by hand and put in my 75 gallon bayou style freshwater aquarium. Beautiful addition. Today i put in the pirogue and went for a paddle. I saw big bass everywhere bearly hanging on. The water started smelling and turned to that blackish color. I notice all the socalait were dead and floating. The bass and perch were still hovering the surface. I hope some of those bass can make it. Beaks my heart to see the fish suffering like this. Anyone know how long it takes for the water to return to normal or if it'll get worse? Huricannes suck.

September 04, 2012 at 2:59pm

Well with all the good news I heard from Dularge I drove down to Cocodrie yesterday afternoon to fish the last two days of the Star tourney for labor day if everything was ok. I called to check if the roads were open and if was ok for fishing and got the okay. The place looked pretty flawless for being a hurricane came through. I saw several people fishing and others using the Harbor light launch so I put in and took off to see how the Island looked. Weather was nice, though a bit breezy for topwater. Some of the Island was washed away and the beach looked nonexistent as the waves were just feet from the grass bank, but the tide was high so I couldn’t make an accurate assessment. I was surprised to not see a single piece of trash or floating debris in the water the whole trip.

I tried fishing artificial and live bait from the surf but was only catching hardheads. I was hoping the full moon would have a few big trout on the beach but I’m guessing all the beach action is done and the hurricane messed the water up. It was a tad too rough to try further out rigs where I’m guessing the bigger trout were with cleaner water. I decided to wait and see if the trout would bite under the lights at some rigs in Pelto after enjoying the sunset from the beach. All they had were small trout and not many at that so I called it a night. When I got back someone smashed the glass of my window and stole my gear. They had glass everywhere in my vehicle. It took me several hours today to vacuum that out but it’s like glass dust everywhere, almost impossible to clean. They took my sound system, 3 roger fed tennis rackets around 8 pairs of running shoes, some expensive jewelry which I forget to take out when making Laura’s ring, credit cards, nearly a thousand from my client’s checks, work gear, tools, my hunting bag with loads of gear, etc. Luckily the alarm system made them move quick and leave some stuff. The cop was really nice and said 90% of the time they get caught as they have a crew of 20 officers assigned to robberies. I’m hoping they catch them. They tried using my cards at walmart so I hope they can be caught on video. I’ve never been robbed before, so I never think about taking all my gear out of my vehicle or where I park. I’ll think twice from now on. Its around 10K in lost gear, but I’m still healthy and happy and it takes more than losing a few material possessions to bring me down. Only thing that really upsets me is that I couldn't go fishing today as planned :(

September 03, 2012 at 3:58pm

In case anyone doesn't know the best site I found to check the water levels at pretty much anywhere is

I wasn't able to make it to my hunting camp this weekend which is on cross bayou in Concordia parish so I just hit the Bayou cocodrie @ deer park link which shows the water heights. Luckily for me the water is still low there, but i'm watching it closely. You can see the water levels along the coast as well. The weekly link and yearly links are quick and easy. Just hit the plot buttom. If interested you can look at the long term history of water levels in your area which is interesting for fishing information. Since i hunt along the Mississippi river checking this site is very important to which areas I can hunt.

September 01, 2012 at 8:28pm

Didn’t bother fishing with the wind this weekend. Made a trip to three rivers to set trail cameras and scout. I was seeing plenty of good sign and fresh deer tracks. Sure enough while standing at one of my favorite spots I ground hunt from I heard a big creature in the tangle. This was the same spot I doubled up on two years ago when I killed a doe a quarter mile away. Then stalked and grunted up a 4 pointer an hour later with my Mathews. I was standing directly where I shot him, reliving the moment of one of my favorite hunts, and planning where I’ll set my ground blind with the summer growth for October when I heard the hogs. I turned on my video and proceeded to stalk getting in bow range. I was looking at another hog in the thickness when I saw this one, but couldn't get good footage with all the bushes. Still it’s enough to excite me for bow season. Walking out I walked up on a rabbit to ten yards in a clearing. My girl wanted to come for the trip too. While I was setting cameras she went on her weekly long run getting in over 8 miles. I dropped her off at the end of the road by the Red River and took off with my vehicle, jokingly saying good luck finding me! She was going to go scouting for doves while running but the trail I like was overgrown so I’ll check it out next time. Then she read a book while waiting for me to finish in the woods. It surely beat driving up there alone like I used to. We saw a family of baby coons and one deer, a doe. Also, when leaving, a giant pack of hogs was in the campground next to the road. The whole heard of around 30 took off just a few yards from the vehicle. It was quite the site. I hopped out the vehicle, kicked off the crocs and started running after them through the campground like a pitbull on the chase…oh the things I consider fun! Laura was upset she couldn't hunt them yet.

I told my buddy not to bother with saltwater with the wind, but he went anyways yesterday only catching 3 sailcats and a few undersized specks. I hope the storm isn’t too bad so I can go fishing for the coming holiday.

August 27, 2012 at 3:28pm

any rig just outside of last island on the gulf side will hold them. Out of fourchron is your best best though because the close rigs will be loaded and there will be lemonfish and mangroves too. Out of whiskey pass is a bunch of rigs 3-5 miles out that are loaded too! Good luck. Post your catch.

Best lure in the book is a 3' silver or blue/chrome braid runner but they cost like $15 but I've caught 100s of blues/Spanish on one lure. Totally worth it. If they busting on the surface try a cheap suspensing or floating chrome jerkbait

wanna fill up the boat, toss out an Alabama rig, rigged with small spoons or plastics (but the rip up plastics quick)'ll catch 5 fish every cast unless one or two fall off when lifting them in the boat.

August 19, 2015 at 1:14pm

throw a chrome rattle trap or silver spoon with 20-30lb steel leader and a swivel on top for mackerel and bluefish. If you are at a rig use split shots to get in suspended or a holographic or silver jigging spoon 2-4oz and hang on!

Those small blues make great fish patties if you cut out the red meat and keep them in cold ice water, but the one you had is very small.

August 19, 2015 at 10:39am

the final two photos. The turkey is following behind.

July 21, 2015 at 9:51am
A comment titled: Re: The bear verdict in response to a report titled: The bear verdict

a picture showing me for size reference and the timing of the bear leaving the scene two hours after we encountered it. And a picture of a baby fawn I walked by this weekend checking cameras.

The bear charge article and video can be found here if you haven't seen it:

July 21, 2015 at 9:46am
A comment titled: Re: Still unbelievable in response to a report titled: Still unbelievable

It's definitely more cool to see fish and game taken on public water/land which is the only way I do it myself, so everybody has a fair chance at the same game that I take. Nothing wrong with a lease though imo, and I enjoy all reports but especially those that include some valuable information to help others; but it isn't always the same ballpark of a challenge, though of course there are always exceptions. However, the fishing and hunting I did in expensive leases as a kid...made me want to quit going because it was like taking candy from a baby, lol. So when I got old enough to go by myself I opted for the real harder experiences and they've been much more rewarding to me.

You are correct those back legs are the best part!

January 13, 2015 at 11:33am
A comment titled: Re: Unbelievable in response to a report titled: Unbelievable

I enjoyed the article and it's informative imo, I keep the legs and gizzards too though but to each their own, but it sucks when other ppl waste game meat, but I don't think about what others do. I definitely don't like plucking ducks all day though. Time is valuable, and I clean the ducks quick then get in the woods asap to hunt something else.

January 13, 2015 at 11:02am
A comment titled: Re: WMA Richard K Yancey Buck in response to a report titled: WMA Richard K Yancey Buck

Great buck, congrats, been hunting hard at yancey for over 12 years now and never got one that big yet.

January 13, 2015 at 10:54am
A comment titled: congrats in response to a report titled: Lake Ophelia NWR Youth Deer Hunt

Nice double up!

December 21, 2014 at 8:35am
A comment titled: scale in response to a report titled: Hogzilla

He should stand next to the scale its weighed on to answer your question, lol. If someone wants me to believe a pig is nearly 600lbs I want to see some proof is all. My estimated 350lber from last year looked that big and I weighed it on two scales, but a picture never showed justice of how big a pig really was. My 350lber was unreal of how big it looked in person and appeared smaller in the pictures so maybe this pig is bigger than it looks in the picture and actually is 595. But my 350lb seemed a lot bigger as I drug him out alone 2/3 of a mile through bayou cocodrie which took 4 hours but he bottomed out both our 300lb scales and it finally ticked up to 275lbs after we gutted and devitaled the hog so we estimated 350ish, but it was freezing cold and I forgot to snap a picture of the scale so I wouldn't fault anyone for not believing my claim on the weight. I'm not saying exactly what this pig weighs....but if someone wants me to believe a number over 500 I would like to see It on a scale. I've been lied to too many times to blindly believe things anymore. But either way very cool picture and giant hog, congrats to the hunter.

December 19, 2014 at 8:35am
A comment titled: real deal in response to a report titled: Broke the Ice in Thistlewaite Finally

yes that place is tough to hunt, congrats on a great public land harvest over there!

December 02, 2014 at 2:27pm
A comment titled: congrats in response to a report titled: public land smack down

really cool photo with all four bucks!!!

November 10, 2014 at 1:29pm
A comment titled: congrats in response to a report titled: Tensas NWR Deer

great story and post!!! Yes the public land hunting can be great. our group saw nearly 20 deer and racked up 4 deer kills on our Thanksgiving public land weekend in RK Yancey and Sicily Island.

December 02, 2013 at 12:31pm
A comment titled: 400 in response to a report titled: Huge hog

Looks like around 400 to me. I asked the warden who kills a bunch of pigs in Richard K. Yancey this weekend how big they get out here on this public land. The answer I got shocked me. He told me he killed a 600lb boar that had most likely killed 3 hog dogs. His 550lb scale had bottomed out. When he showed us the picture of that beast my brother and I were stunned. He said he has killed a few over 400. I know I shot and lost a giant a couple years back, that went over 400 according to my taxidermist friend who later saw the wounded hog at 15yds. Those big pigs around out there indeed! Congrats on that monster!

December 02, 2013 at 12:24pm
A comment titled: high prices in response to a report titled: King Obama affordable health care

Wow that's crazy, when I got out of college for the same deductible mines was at $71 for the cheapest for just emergencies, every year it climbed nearly 20 a month and was soon 140 even though I never used it and got healthier each year,definitely could afford 310 when I was in college, I could hardly afford 71, darn system is wacked. My wife is a doctor and complains everyday about the new health laws which cost more and don't allow use of the most optimal medications in many cases, yes get cancer and you may not be able to get the stuff that works which used to be covered.

October 26, 2013 at 9:15am
A comment titled: opposite side in response to a report titled: Come on Glynn Harris

well while I agree in this instance that it was unnecessary since it was a tough track and with a wounded animal it may not be the best spot to say which brand, but there are two sides to listing that information which I see first hand all the time. After I post blogs I get plenty of emails about which equipment, brands and where to buy it from many readers when I don\'t post enough information. I don\'t mind spending time responding to others, but when I put brands and more information where to buy I get less questions that I have to keep repeatedly typing the same thing over and over again to different people. Some days I spend hours just emailing ppl info that I should of put in my article. I\'m posting my blogs to help other hunters out, so I try to give them whatever information may be very useful to some and of course not useful at all to others. Its impossible to please everyone no matter how hard one tries. So yes some people can care less about the brands and just want the story, but many like to know what brands people or using and details on their performance which can save a lot of time with the trial and error on your own part. So I on the other hand like the commercialized aspect of some post, but that\'s just me. No matter how good or what product I use I know there will probably be better, so I kept an open mind. Now of course bragging ain\'t always the coolest thing to read to some, but it surely lets people know about a product as long as it's a fair and honest review. Then again if its a paid sponsor giving off one sided baloney on a product that is no good. I don't make money or get anything for free so my reviews are fair. Guess its all a matter of opinion to the reader

October 15, 2013 at 12:10pm
A comment titled: never seen any in response to a report titled: Maurepas hogs?

never seen any hogs or sign on the parts of marapaeux I ventured on, good luck getting you some meat. Had wild hog last night, stuff is my favorite.

February 15, 2013 at 8:00am
A comment titled: congrats in response to a report titled: Big boy

congrats, thats a nice 1

February 15, 2013 at 7:58am
A comment titled: wow in response to a report titled: Rig Demolition--Dead Snapper

wow, hope they can stop them, thanks for posting though its sad to watch.

February 15, 2013 at 7:56am
A comment titled: Compromise in response to a report titled: Basin Bass

I can't understand why they have to do all or nothing. Both the size limit and no limit has their positives and negatives. The size limit was studied and came up wrong with the aging but it allows more fish to live. Why can't they compromise between the two ideas and just lower the size limit to 12 or 13 so meat fisherman can catch a few more fish and more fish will live for the trophy angler. I'm perfectly ok with the 7 limit part though.

I quit fishing the basin because of this. Too far of a drive to catch a bunch of small ones I couldn't keep. I could catch bigger fisher when fishing for trophys elsewhere and still put enough meat on the table to make it worth my effort and gas $. I usually try fishing for big bass only to release those big girls and enjoy getting enough medium sized ones 12-14' to eat in the process. Some sensible regs like lower the mininum limit would get me back going so I could eat some of those fat 13.5 inchers i've been tossing back. Now with no regs if the fish population gets low I won't bother going for lack of fish, instead of for throwing back hundreds a day. And when I fish all day and can only keep 2 or 3 of the 50 bass I caught with this 14' limit I keep that big 4lb girl I'd usually release because i'm hungry so I agree the 14' rule needs to be modified imo.

February 14, 2013 at 7:17am
A comment titled: Can't wait for the results in response to a report titled: Hunting season changes in the wind

I'm looking forward to hearing about the changes. Hopefully more deer survive in the future with some good management. The states with good management have more older bucks and a higher deer population. I’ll sacrifice some meat and hunting days to see more deer while hunting for a change. No solution will be correct for everyone, but as long as they are trying to get a better deer herd it is better than doing nothing imo.

February 13, 2013 at 7:51am
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