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I'm kinda new on this site, but have been reading it for a couple of years and don't quite understand what gets pulled off and what is left to be commented on. I sat with my husband last night and read over the many comments that my post had generated and could not believe the nerve of some of those people that made comments. Saying that Capt.John made a seriously wrong decision by shooting a deer with a pistol makes no sense when others shoot deer with bows and arrows!
Not only that, but have none of those other so called hunters ever had to track a wounded deer with dogs that THEY shot with a RIFLE? I just don't understand what all goes on here and would kind of like an explanation if not here publicly, then on my email, please. Dinnia

Also, why does my post get sent back 7 or 8 pages overnight?

December 12, 2006 at 7:47am

Just got a call from my hubby who just got off the phone with Capt. John L. Taylor who is at the Simmsboro Buck Club in Simmsboro, La. with an unbelieveable story.

Seems Capt. John came up Friday evening to the Deer Club to hunt with the other members on opening day of dog season but did not bring a rifle and none of the other members had a spare he could use. If you know Capt. John as we do, you can appreciate that he told them he didn't need a rifle as the deer jump across the road ahead of the dogs anyway and they are too fast to shoot at. He told them he'd just take his Glock 9mm and have 15 rounds to sling at one if he/she came out close to where he was a stander.

Well, if I got it all straight, Sunday morning on the first 'let out', the dogs jumped quickly and Mr. Joe Collins who Capt. John was riding with, decided to make a move and get ahead of the dogs at a straight-away road that he thought the deer would cross. As he pulled his truck over to the side of the road, they heard the dogs turn and go away from them. As Mr. Collins was getting back into the truck, a deer jumped out into the road at 130(later ranger findered)yards and looked at them. Capt. John was already standing in the ditch and drew his 9mm from his holster and fired one shot knocking down the deer to the amazement of both him and Mr. Collins. The other club members, hearing the pistol shot go off, immediately called on the CB radios wanting to know if that was "that crazy fishing guide with that 9 shooting?" Mr. Collins answered with, "Yes it was and he knocked down a deer and we need some tracking dogs over here". An extensive 1 hour serch proved productive and they found the deer, a 135lb. spike, bellowing his last breaths.

As incredible as this sounds, I was assured that there were a couple of witnesses to the shot and 20 more that helped retrieve the dead/dying spike for the Captain and it is totally true. He also got some picture of the deer and I will try to post them later when I get them.

A TRUE STORY: buck---130 yards---1 shot standing free-handed with a 9mm automatic pistol!! Still hard to believe, but there were many witnesses.

December 11, 2006 at 8:28am
A comment titled: man your right she is good in response to a report titled: This 10 year old gal is incredible!

good job jade your are good maybe i can catch me something like that,i hpe!!!!!!!wll good job for you and i bet you were very happy to.well good job.hope you catch another one.!!!!!!!

January 12, 2007 at 7:19pm
A comment titled: The First Hand Story---tonight at 7:30 in response to a report titled: You all ain't gonna believe this!!

Mr. LongGun, my husband told John about your initial comment here on the sportsman site and he is all fired up to meet you and thank you for your comment. He'll be in tonight around 7 or 8 and will be posting under my screename. Don't miss the "First Hand Story".

December 15, 2006 at 9:54am
A comment titled: Capt. John comes in today! in response to a report titled: What was the reason?

Just got off the phone with Capt. John. He is coming in today from the hunt in Arkansas to attend a wedding here in Shreveport and he is very anxious to read what all has been going on here and to give you all his actual factual report as to what happened Sunday at the deer camp. Hope you can all have your questions ready for him. He will surely post on our computer here in Springridge and I guess he will have to post under my name unless he can figure out how to post under his.. Get ready 'cause we surely are!!

December 15, 2006 at 9:24am
A comment titled: New Challenger in the works in Bossier City in response to a report titled: What was the reason?

I just left Clark's Guns on old Hiway 80 going out of Bossier City after talking to the great folks there that DO know what they are talking about. I asked them what they thought of someone shooting a deer with a 9mm Pisto. They gave a "Ho Hum" remark as it happens all the time and they sell and furnish ammunition to quite a few of hunters that hunt with pistols.
NOT only that, but as I was telling them about the huge debate over the internet on the LSM site, the whole lot of them offered this for me to let you all know. They said for any of you that thinks that you cannot group a 9mm from a bench at 130 yards, to go by your bank and make a cash withdrawl and come on up to Bossier where they would set up a 14" diameter target at 130yards and have MRS(yes MRS.) John Clark sit down and put ALL 15 rounds in that plate!

They also said that they just could not understand what the big deal was, as they are probably the formost trick and competition pistol dealers in the Nation.

Mrs. Clark told me a little story about her day years back when he was guiding an Elk hunt in Colorado. They had a nice bull elk spotted at 250yards on the side of a hill. The "sport" fired off a round with his 300 Weatherby Mag only to take the front leg off the Bull at the knee. He then proceeded to fire the rest of his magazine of 4 rounds to no avail and was out of ammo. Her father at that point, not wanting to lose the elk to predators, unholstered his 45 revolver and fired 3 times killing the elk AT THE SAME 250 yards!

All skeptics can call or come by Clark's Guns, Hiway 80 East, Bossier City, La. 318-742-7230. Remember: Bring lots of money so a LADY can show you how to shoot!

December 14, 2006 at 6:29pm
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