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A comment titled: Young Game warrant in response to a report titled: Game Warden's

You hit it on the spot. When I was ticketed in MS for spending $80.00 on a wrong fishing license, there were 2 officer, an older gentleman and a younger, stuck up, UN-friendly, rookie that wrote me 4 tickets. They always seem to have an attitude, and treat you like a criminal. Now the older fella was nice as he can be. I think that if it was just the older warrant, he would have let me go with a warning consider that I did try to buy a fishing license.

July 25, 2013 at 3:31pm
A comment titled: Game Warrent in response to a report titled: Game Warden's

Couple of week ago, My family from Louisiana and I decided to take our's boat to Ship Island in Biloxi Mississippi . Prior to going we all got online and purchase our's fishing liscence from the Mississippi Wifelife and fisheries. For years we would go early in the morning and couldn't find a place to purchase license, and unfortunately I got caught years ago fishing in Biloxi without and license and the fine was $500.00 Dollars. I felt like that I was RAPE without lube.So this time I was told by the Mississippi WL&F Dept that I can purchase the license online which we did. The website is a little tricky, their are no fine line to tell u what type of license to purchase. So all of us purchase a 3 days saltwater pass. Sure enough a few hours down the water and we were approached by the Mississippi W L & Fisheries
We was happy to present the 3 days saltwater pass to them. After that they decided to check for life jacket, which we have, fire extinguisher
which we have, horn,and flare. Unfortunately I do have a horn but didnt know which button to push and I couldnt find the flare.
Now Give it that we did spend $80.00 to buy all fishing lisense, they still wrote me 4 tickets for not having a fresh water license with the saltwater license that we had purchase, and a ticket for no horn and flare. Now I was nice and polite and ask if we could have just a warning due to the fact that the website didnt said anything about having a freshwater fishing license to fish in the oceans. His comment was ' talk to your legislature they make us pay for both and we fish in Louisiana so We making yal have both. I feel like if someone did make an attempt to buy a license so they dont break any law. should be giving a warning and chance to learn from his mistake. These dude was a money hungry A-Hold with no heart. Now it will cost me thousand for something that I didnt know, even though I have the intention to do the right thing by purchasing the fishing license. How do these idiot sleep at night knowing they just cost someone thousand to take their family out for a nice fishing trip. There are criminal out there that doesnt pay 1/4 of the fine that i will be paying for a family fun.

July 23, 2013 at 8:05pm
Boutte, LA

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January 20 at 10:23am
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December 12, 2018 at 1:21pm
Boutte, LA

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August 12, 2018 at 9:49am
Boutte, LA

This is a great setup. I'm the second owner and the first only used once. I've never taken it out, but it's come with the custom trailer, New tire, Trolling Motor, Paddle, Anchor, New Battery, and Battery box. This boat is solid and stable. Looking to sell for $1300.00 or trade for a few guns or a 4 wheeler... Text me @ 225-241-4588....

July 11, 2018 at 11:54pm