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Saturday and Sunday it was the battle for the coveted belt. I helped out Capt. Marty with a big group of Marines from all over the country. The guys had their sites on the biggest red. Both days the guys stuck a bunch of big reds and drum. A lot of guys were in the hunt for the belt with numerous reds running 29-31lbs. Congrats to Mcglamery for holding your fellow brothers off. Thanks Capt. Marty for setting up the trip and all our military service members for the sacrifice you all make to keep us free and allow us to do what we do. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

September 02 at 9:57am

I was back at it Friday on the Bluewave with Joey, Daniel, and Lee after a little vacation. The trout are on the move which is a great sign for the fall run. We started with the trout and had to have caught a few hundred of them. It was pretty close to every cast for a couple hours. Plenty of 11 in trout caught but the guys put a nice pile of keepers using Matrix Shad. We decided to leave the trout for some reds. We found a couple before taking it in. Thanks Capt. Marty for setting up the trip. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

September 02 at 9:54am

After cancelling Saturday due to the weather Sunday Joey Billiot’s family jumped on the Bluewave. Capt. Kevin ran the second boat with Bill and his family. We had a storm early keeping us at the Reel Inn but once it passed we headed south and stayed mostly dry for the rest of the morning. The plan was to take the kids out for a couple hours and catch some fish. It worked out great as the drags were screaming quickly so the kids didn’t have a lot of down time. We had a storm push us off our first stop but it worked out because the kids were ready for a change of scenery. We made another stop and caught a few more bulls and with the kids and parents tired we headed to the dock. Thanks Capt. Kevin for helping me out with the second boat. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

August 19 at 4:07pm

After a few days of rescheduling due to customers not wanting to deal with the high percentage of rain I was back in action on Friday with Jeff Winston’s crew. The original plan was to chase trout but the Gulf was lit up like the 4th of July so we chose plan B. Turned out to be a great decision as the guys put a hurt on the reds and added some lagniappe before it got to hot. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

August 19 at 3:55pm

Friday and Saturday the Inolect crew were down at the Reel Inn. Donnie, Jared, and Chris joined the crew and jumped on the Bluewave for the 2 days. Friday we found an great trout bite with shrimp flying everywhere early. Double rigged Matrix did the trick. Saturday was similar in conditions but no shrimp so we had to do more searching for the trout but found a great pile. We ended up finishing the day with a pile of reds before it got too hot. Thanks Capt. Marty for setting up the trip. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

August 14 at 4:15pm

Thursday, Donnie Fisher came down with his boys Chris and Jared. Winds were up and Donnie loves reds so that was the target. We started out searching for bull reds only finding big drum so we switched gears to slots. Took a few stops but we found them using bait shrimp under a cork. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

August 14 at 7:58am

I’ve been busy and pretty much trying to tie in around 10 days of fishing into 1 report. We are winding down the summer and for a good week and a half after Hurricane Barry the trout bite was phenomenal. We ran into a hiccup last Thursday and Friday where the morning thunderstorms brought on tough fishing and even thru today we have been running from storms. It almost seemed as the summer trout bite was over but after today there is still a few out there. Double rigged Matrix Shad have done the damage for the trout. I did have 1 bull red trip on Sunday and although storms made us leave late it was an epic trip with Mike Pennington and the Amigos. Big thanks to Capts. Marty, Kevin, and Lonnie for helping me out with a few of these trips and Capt. Marty for setting up Coach’s trips and Gaiennie trip. Big thanks to Gaiennie Lumber, BJ, Dave Benton, George Marretta, Aaron Lawler, Coach Guin, Corey Summers, Jody Falcon, Mike Pennington, and Joey Billiot for trusting me to put your crews on a good time. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

August 07 at 6:57pm

Dularge took a good hit from Barry and the clean up was a pain but we are back at it. Thursday I had a cancellation because my customer wanted more of a guarantee than I could give due to me having to clean up the camp rather than being on the water so we decided to reschedule. So Capts. Kevin and Shawn hopped on the Bluewave to go check things out and it didn’t take long to find the motherload. Double rigged Matrix Shad did the trick. Got to go to know! Friday I helped out Capt. Marty with the Gaiennie crew. Took us a few moves and some patience to make it but at the end of the day we had a pile. Double rigged Matrix did the trick. Thanks Capt. for the trip. Saturday Dave Benton’s crew were down and it was a day of patience because the only way we were getting a bite the bait had to be sitting on the bottoms. Thanks Capt. Marty for running the second boat. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

July 21 at 7:25am

Just realized I haven’t posted a report in a while. I do a much better job on Facebook. I took a few days off to spend with the family on the 4th. Did some things different starting with some bass fishing and then got my lil girl on a few reds in between swimming out at Last Island. Got back to work on Sunday with Aaron Lawler’s crew. They put a great mess of trout together but the bite was definitely an early one with the heat. I want to say surface water temps got to 92.2 degrees. Followed that up with helping Capt. Marty out with Gaiennie crew. Winds were up and we got a late start but the Ken and his son put together a nice box. Tuesday, Kelly Mayuex crew came in and the trash talking started early. Winds were up but trout didn’t seem to mind. We were chased in by storms so we put a nice pile of trout together and topped it off with some reds. Double rigged Matrix in Avocado and Shrimp Creole worked real slow was the ticket all 3 days. I’ve cancelled trips til later this week so hopefully Barry doesn’t hurt us too bad. Stay safe! Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

July 13 at 4:28am

Brian Williams crew came in Oklahoma for 3 days starting on Tuesday and with the winds up the first 2 days we focused on bull and slot reds using everything in the bag from cracked crab to gold spoons to shrimp under a cork. Day 3 we finally had low winds and headed south not sure what the water would look like but it was worth the gamble and we found hungry trout using Double rigged Matrix Shad. Friday and Saturday it was Mark Benard’s crew from Texas. The guys got perfect weather and beat up on the trout the first day then we hit the trout early on Saturday then as the tide quit we went after the bull reds. Sunday Josh Cockfield’s crew were back and just as the previous days the trout were hungry for the double rigged Matrix Shad. Big Thanks to Capts Lonnie and Kevin for putting Shawn Mosely and Brad Eschete’s crew on the trout. I finished up on a long stretch yesterday with Brad Davis’s family. The kids had almost as much fun as me watching them catch trout in the morning then some big reds and drum late morning before the heat got us. Best technique for the trout was a slow retrieval with a twitch almost like bass fishing. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

July 02 at 8:08am

On Monday I had Frank and Mike back down. We had high winds to deal with but the head scratcher was the front that came down. With calling for 15% chance of rain I didn’t think anything of it but before getting on the boat I decided to check the radar. Saw a massive front heading south yet the said we were good. Not sure about the weather we stayed close and the guys got into some bull reds and drum. In no time the temp dropped 10 plus degrees and the colder winds started to pump. The guys chose to take it to the dock rather than hide out til the garbages passed. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

June 28 at 4:54pm

After a few cancellations due to weather I was back for 2 tough days with winds pumping. Thursday it was Doggett’s crew and Friday it was Gaiennie’s crew. Both wanted trout so we had to put our big girl panties on and head south. No shortage of catching with so many 11 inch trout. we have a great crop coming. Finding the keepers were a challenge but with the wind and where we were forced to fish everyone was happy. Thanks Capts Austin and Shawn P for helping me out with the Doggett crew and thanks Capt. Marty for setting up today’s trip with Gaiennie. Good times on the Bluewave Saturday with Trey Smith’s crew. The winds were up again and the bite started off slow but the guys hung tough and we were able to find them piled up. Thanks Capt. Lonnie Barr for taking care of DJ’s crew. Capt. Travis Miller

June 23 at 9:22am

The weather is starting to swing all over the place and last week we had some high winds early in the week creating some dirty water. But last Thursday and Friday the weather was nice and we took our shot on Thursday with Larry Schultz and his wife Jenny. We had had to fish thru the slack tide which made catching in spurts and patience being very important. Very solid sized trout early but they shrunk as the morning went on. Double rigged Matrix did the trick. On Friday Gaiennie Lumber’s crew was back and we got on a great bite early and the trout wanted it dead slow on the bottom. A lot of school trout but also a lot of boat traffic. With a good pile on ice the guys wanted to see if we could get B on his first red. We picked up 4 real quick on gold spoons then lock jaw set in and after an hour my crew threw in the towel. Thanks Capt. Marty for setting up the trip. Saturday we had high winds for Lonnie’s crew. So we loaded up with live shrimp and headed behind the island. A bunch of small fish with only a dozen keepers after 3 stops. Kids wanted to go swim and look for shells so I powerpole down and they cooled off in the water. We finished the day in the pass with a little drag pulling. Thanks Capt. Marty for setting up the trip. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

June 17 at 4:27pm

With the bad storms blowing thru Thursday with winds 25-35mph we stuck with redfishing the last 3 trips. Friday and Saturday we had Mike Braud’s big crew down. Friday’s nite was a bit tough although we watch plenty of reds just smile at our gold spoons. Saturday we started on bull reds and it was lights out. Once the guys were tired of them we went looking for slots and they were schooled up making for a very easy day on the water. Thanks Capts. Marty and Kevin for running the other boats. I took Sunday off but was back at it with Mario Vice’s crew. Winds were up and thinking the water south would be dirty we chose to pound the banks with gold spoons. We had a slow start but after a move we found the reds playing in the grass. At times the grass didn’t help as we had plenty of reds strip drag only to get wrapped up in the grass and spit the hook. We finished the day sight casting to big schools of reds which is always a great time. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

June 11 at 7:48pm

Yesterday morning Jim Moulin and his wife Debbie were with me for the first time. They definitely got spoiled early with the trout flying into the K2 using double rigged Matrix in Avocado and Shrimp Creole. We headed north for some reds and after 2 stops we found them in schools running a bank. Throwing spoons at them the reds couldn’t resist. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

June 05 at 8:02am

I just wrapped up 12 days in a row and just like the temp has been hot so has the fishing. Basic run down, I haven’t been playing too much with the reds because of the beautiful weather but gold spoons in grassy areas and bait shrimp under a cork on points for slots and the bulls are showing up good in all the passes using half and full bait crabs. The trout bite has been great! On the real windy days we’ve had to hide a bit and use live shrimp but the last handful of days the wind has laid down and all we’ve been using is double rigged Matrix in Shrimp Creole, Avocado, and the Shrimp Cocktail Vortex Shad. Big thanks to Derrick Glover’s crew, John Dickinson’s crew, Durel Matherne’s crew, MPH crew, Matt Dossman’s crew, Corey Summer and Ryan Valentine’s crew, Oil States crew, and Byron Lemoine’s crew for trusting that myself and the group of guides I work with will make your trip a good one. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

June 03 at 7:57am

The winds have been a pain and have dictated what we can and cannot do. Tuesday and Wednesday Bobby Dixon’s crew from Texas came in. High winds had us redfishing Tuesday but winds laid down a bit for Wednesday so we chased the trout. The guys did real well using gold spoons and green Hornet Matrix under a cork for the reds and double rigged Matrix and live shrimp for the trout. Thursday afternoon and Friday Rick Chappuis and the Home Bank crew were in. Winds were slightly up but guys wanted trout so we took a shot at it. Thursday afternoon was slower than Friday morning but my crew put a nice lick on the trout and a bunch of Sheepshead together for the afternoon trip while mainly all trout for the morning trip. Thanks Capts. Kevin and Marty for helping me out. Double rigged Matrix and live shrimp was the ticket. Saturday and Sunday Tracy Hilburn came down from North Louisiana and were greeted with really high winds. Saturday went off without a snag as we put slots and bulls together. Sunday didn’t pan out as well because the big storms chased us in early but we were able to put together a little pile of slots and a few drum before all hell broke loose. Gold spoons and Matrix under a cork worked on the slots while the bigger reds and drum wanted the cracked crabs. Thanks Capt. Marty for running the second boat. Monday we actually had low winds and Jerry Blouin’s family slimed up the Bluewave nicely using double rigged Matrix and live shrimp. Sure felt good not dealing with the high winds. Capt. Travis Miller

May 21 at 9:42am

It’s been a busy week and haven’t been able to keep up with the reports so here is from last Sunday to yesterday (Saturday). I’ve been letting the weather dictate what we fish for. Got to trout fish a few days then it turned to redfishing due to all the high winds. Thanks to the crews of Shannon Bertrand, Aaron Lawler, Josh Jarreau, Chet Brown, and 2 days of Inolect for coming down and trusting us to put you on fish. Thanks Capts. Rd and Labat for helping out with the extra boats and Capt. Marty for setting up the 2 day trip with the Inolect crew. Redfish have been on windy points and in duck ponds using Green Hornet Matrix tipped with shrimp under a cork while the trout are falling for live shrimp and shrimp Creole Matrix under a cork. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

May 12 at 9:00pm

Tuesday and Wednesday I had Duane Ramon’s crew down at the Reel Inn. Day 1 the wind blew really hard so we grinded on the reds. Day 2 Duane added 2 more boats so Capts. Marty and Kevin helped me out while Capt. Lloyd took care of Dan McNeil’s crew. The guys wanted to take a shot at trout so that’s what we did and it was a mix bag with some of the guys finishing their days fishing for reds. My guys stuck it out in the trout and round up with a good box. Thanks Capts for all your help! Thursday was really windy but Brett Stokes crew wanted to take a shot on the trout. We started real slow but as the winds calmed the bite got better. Trout were running small and about half were throwbacks but at the end of the day the guys had a nice catch. Friday Brian Puls and Jeff made the maiden voyage on the new Bluewave. We had an interesting start but the guys got on a good run of bigger trout and it made our day. Brian took big trout honors with a 3.4lbs trout. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

May 04 at 10:34am

Friday - Jeff Beatty brought a crew down and with the wind blowing like they seem to be everyday lately we redfishes. It was a slow start catching a few we finally landed on a good bank. Green Hornet Matrix under a cork tipped with shrimp was the ticket. Saturday- I took out Josh Cockfield’s crew while Capts. Lonnie, Rob, Hook, Casey, and Too Hot Labat took care of the Craine Electric and Drywall crew. Thanks Capts for taking care of Robert and crew. My guys like trout so we took a peak at a few stops finding 10 trout before moving to reds. Many moves later we finally found a bank holding some reds. Green Hornet Matrix under a cork tipped with shrimp was the ticket. Sunday - Craine Electric was on day 2 and with perfect conditions we all went trout fishing. The guys smacked the trout before having to he’s back to Arkansas. Reefs and current lines held the trout. Double rigged matrix and live shrimp under a cork was the ticket. Thanks Capts. Marty, Rob, Lonnie, Marty, and Labat for helping me out with the big crew. Monday- Dan Ulrich and crew came in from Oklahoma. The guys wanted to trout fish so after a failure to secure live shrimp we headed out with Matrix Shad. A few here and there before we finally found a school over a reef. We worked them over until mid morning then headed to the ponds for some lagniappe fish. Capt. Travis Miller 985-981-6434

April 29 at 8:02pm
A comment titled: Re: Solid trout bite in response to a report titled: Solid trout bite

Posted it yesterday (Saturday) saying it was trip from yesterday (Friday).

April 14 at 7:00am
A comment titled: Re: Beautiful sight! in response to a report titled: Beautiful sight!

March is a transition month for trout so try to think of the highways they travel into the marsh because they are working their way out into the lakes and toward the Gulf to spawn. Crazy thing is right now trout are being caught in the marsh, in the lakes, and offshore but you have to be willing to move around and find them. Weather typically dictates where you can fish in March. Hard south winds you fish south ends of all the lakes, north winds you fish the north sides and so on. Hope that helps.

March 04 at 7:00am
A comment titled: Re: Catching but can’t be picky in response to a report titled: Catching but can’t be picky

Sheepshead definitely get a bad name. Most clients either tell me they haven’t had them before or like them but don’t like cleaning them. But when you have me cleaning them I always say load the box 😂

January 14 at 7:04pm
A comment titled: Re: Super surprised Friday in response to a report titled: Super surprised Friday


December 16, 2018 at 4:31pm
A comment titled: Re: Showing signs of life in response to a report titled: Showing signs of life

I typically fish about 2ft under a cork for trout.

October 13, 2018 at 7:27pm
A comment titled: Re: 5 day trout report in response to a report titled: 5 day trout report

$15 at Tractor Supply Store

July 17, 2018 at 2:46pm
A comment titled: Re: Redfish Weather in response to a report titled: Redfish Weather

Redfishing was really easy up to about 2 weeks and then it got inconsistent. As it gets warmer I typically do both, hit points and cuts and deeper water ways. I will usually make a circle and depending on where I’m at is what I will throw. One thing I do find is as it gets warmer the larger reds will go deeper while the 16-20inch reds will offer stay in the shallows.

June 25, 2018 at 8:07pm
A comment titled: Re: Weekly Report in response to a report titled: Weekly Report

I’m not sure if this makes me somebody but I’m glad I’m not one of the nobody’s. Lol I took Sunday off but Saturday I had Brian Puls crew and this is what they caught. I did here good catches on Sunday from 3 of my guide buddies.

May 21, 2018 at 5:16pm
A comment titled: Re: Similar 2 days in response to a report titled: Similar 2 days

It was hot 😂

May 13, 2018 at 11:53am
A comment titled: Re: Dularge live shrimp in response to a report titled: Dularge live shrimp

No clue since I rarely ever buy it unless I plan to head toward Cocodrie. Typically double rigged Matrix work.

May 10, 2018 at 5:08pm
A comment titled: Re: Dularge live shrimp in response to a report titled: Dularge live shrimp

They have a house boat just passed mud lake pass on the left selling some.

May 10, 2018 at 4:19pm
A comment titled: Re: HB 391 in response to a report titled: HB 391

The water is publicly owned so the difference between other animals is that the fish wouldn’t be able to go onto/over a person’s land if the land owner cared for his/her property and didn’t allow something publicly owned to go onto its property. A deer travels on land so it can move. Hope that makes sense. Lol They did add amendments to the bill to protect duck hunters.
1. No access during duck season
2. Gates that were properly permitted prior to March 2, 2018 are allowed to stay.
3. No destruction to surface vegetation

#3 addresses the air boat and mud boats tearing up a grassing duck pond.

April 11, 2018 at 1:52pm
A comment titled: Re: HB 391 in response to a report titled: HB 391

The water is owned by the public. If a landowner didn’t allow it to come onto his/her property there would be no issue. With erosion, property owners haven’t lost their land because they still own it but what they have done is taken ownership of publicly owned water.

April 10, 2018 at 3:19pm

Pick any of the lakes and get on the leeward side and start drifting. We did catch the best when we ran into pockets of mullet. When you catch one put the Powerpole down and give it a few catch. Might find a little pile especially with the drum.

March 01, 2018 at 12:31pm
A comment titled: Re: Northshore fishing in response to a report titled: Northshore fishing

I used to fish it years ago so I don’t have current info but it’s a cold temp area. I always used 3/8oz or 1/4oz jigheads with a Matrix in either Lemonhead or Shrimp creole and have done really well on a blueback Tsunamis. All worked extremely slow on the bottom. Not sure if anyone with current info will comment but figured I’d chime in.

December 30, 2017 at 5:18pm
A comment titled: Re: Northshore fishing in response to a report titled: Northshore fishing

It’s going to be real cold all next week. Easy place to fish especially with a small boat is Geoghegan Canal right out of Rigolet’s Marina.

December 30, 2017 at 2:45pm

They are in the lakes but you will need to weed thru a bunch of undersized

September 28, 2017 at 9:44am
A comment titled: Re: 6 Days of fun in response to a report titled: 6 Days of fun

I use my iPhone with an app call Snapseed

August 22, 2017 at 4:31pm
A comment titled: Re: 6 Days of fun in response to a report titled: 6 Days of fun

I use my iPhone with an app call Snapseed

August 22, 2017 at 4:20pm
A comment titled: Re: Kids and bulls in response to a report titled: Kids and bulls

Hey Lane, I can only speak about my area I fish but I do find the closer to the coast the reds are bigger on average. I wish I knew exactly why but if I had to guess it has to do with their breeding pattern.

July 07, 2017 at 2:40pm
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